Creating social media content ideas for your photography business month after month can be challenging, right?

Let me guess. You’re active on various social channels – perhaps Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and more besides. You probably also have a blog on your website, and they all demand fresh, engaging content regularly.

I get it! One of the toughest aspects of marketing your photography business through content is the sheer volume you need to produce. But don’t worry, in this article I have you covered. 

Photography content ideas

Whether you need Instagram post ideas for photographers or tips for Facebook photography posts though, I can help! I am sharing lots of social media content ideas for photographers in this article.

You know that creating engaging social media posts regularly is crucial for building your online presence. So, use the tips and prompts that follow. They will help to stop the struggle and make photography social media content creation more enjoyable! 

Photography social media post ideas

With the 33 social media content ideas for photographers I’m sharing below, you can easily create a whole month’s worth of content. Perhaps even in one sitting!

What’s even better is that you don’t need to stop there! Keep reusing these ideas every month, and you’ll soon have a full content calendar for the year. However, do make sure to mix these photography content ideas up a bit. Otherwise, it could become dull and repetitive for both you and your audience.

I suggest that you incorporate other content types, experiment with new tools, and stay updated with trends. Also, review what works well (and do more of that) and what doesn’t (and do less of that).

Remember, this list of social media content ideas for photographers is not a strict formula you need to follow verbatim. Instead, think of it as a resource to inspire you—something that will help you stop staring at a blank screen wondering what to post. I hope it helps to get the ideas flowing and helps motivate you to take action. 

These ideas should help you create social media posts more quickly and easily. They include post ideas to inspire, educate, and connect with your perfect photography clients.

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Social media post ideas for photographers

Now, without further ado, here are the 33 photography social media content ideas I promised you. I hope you find them useful!

Whether you’re seeking engaging Instagram post ideas for photographers, Facebook post ideas, or content inspiration for other social platforms or your blog, these tips will help you create compelling content that captures your audience’s attention.

  1. Personal introduction or reminder of who you are

It’s easy to assume that your social media followers know who you are and what you do. But the truth is, people join your social media community at different times, and they may not be familiar with you or your work.

Regularly sharing information about yourself and your services is therefore essential. Even your most loyal, long-term followers will benefit from occasional reminders, especially if your offerings have evolved over time.

So, don’t hesitate to introduce or reintroduce yourself regularly in your social media content. Share a photo or video of yourself with these posts. That way, your audience can connect a face to the name behind your brand.

  1. Give value: Share something your audience will find useful

When creating marketing content and posting on social media, it’s crucial to add value rather than just promoting your photography services. A pushy sales approach can quickly turn people off. It will also increase the chances of them hitting the ‘unfollow’ button.

Your social media channels are an excellent place to offer value through tips and advice. Educational content is highly engaging. By sharing what you know, you can establish yourself as an authority in your photography niche or locality.

Share insights into your expertise and demonstrate that you truly are the expert you claim to be. Oh, and don’t hesitate to provide your very best tips for free. Be generous with your content and helpful to others.

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  1. Challenge a myth in the photography industry

There are several myths in the photography industry that you could debunk in your content. This will not only inform but perhaps surprise your followers.

Share something they don’t already know or might have misunderstood about your industry or niche. Remember, they don’t know everything that you do!

This type of content positions you as an expert and authority. It also gives an insight into how you think and operate differently from other photographers.

While it might feel daunting to post something controversial or contrary to what other photographers in your genre are saying, this will make you stand out all the more. In such as competitive industry, that’s not a bad thing!

  1. Behind the scenes – share what you’re working on

Behind-the-scenes content fascinates people! So, give your audience a glimpse into your creative process. Your most ardent fans on social media are keen to see how you do what you do. Chances are that they would love an insight into your current projects.

A great idea for social media content is to indulge them with photos or videos that give them a flavour of your ongoing work. This type of photography social media post can humanise your brand and engage your followers.

Consider sharing what you’re working on right now as content. For example:

  • Prepping for a session: Share your setup process or any unique preparations
  • Downtime during a shoot: Capture candid moments or your environment
  • Booking in clients: Show your scheduling process or interactions
  • Photo editing: Share before and after images or snippets of your editing workflow
  • Packaging client orders: Display your packaging process or personalised touches

While you could think of these as mundane day-to-day activities, in fact, all of this can be fascinating content for your audience!

Behind-the-scenes content from your photoshoots also helps to show the effort and creativity that goes into your photos. Revealing this will help to make your audience feel more connected to your work, and help them to see the value you offer.

Instagram Stories are an ideal platform for sharing brief behind-the-scenes images and videos.

  1. Answer a frequently asked question

Another great starting point for content is to consider what questions your ideal clients have about your products or services. Answer a commonly asked question in a social media post (or blog post) and you’ll inform and educate your audience on that particular topic. This is well worth doing! 

There are so many different types of questions you could answer in your photography social media content. For example, you could answer questions about your services. Here are some examples: 

  • “How much does a photoshoot cost?”
  • “How many images are included in package XX”
  • or, “Will you make us pose for photos?”.

These types of questions are useful to answer in your website and social media content because your response to them will help potential clients to pre-qualify themselves as a good fit, or not, for your photography business. 

Some other examples of the types of questions you might want to answer in your social media content:

  • Family photographers might answer the question, “When is the best time during the year to book an outdoor family photo session?”
  • Wedding photographers…”What happens if it rains on our wedding day?” 
  • Personal brand photographers…”What should I wear to my personal branding shoot?”
  • Newborn baby photographers…”Can I bring along my partner/parent/friend to my baby’s newborn shoot?” etc. 

Chances are, if you think about it, you’re asked lots of questions each day by your clients and potential clients. So, make a list each time you’re asked one. Then, plan to create a piece of content around it whenever you next get the chance. 

Social media content ideas for photographers

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  1. Share an example of work and tell the story behind it

Your photography should be upfront and centre on your social media platforms, but resist the urge to just drop a photo and add a few hashtags! Do more than that.

Share more details, set the scene and tell a story. Storytelling is incredibly powerful, and as a photographer you have so many stories you could share! For example: 

  • Tell your followers about the circumstances that led to this photograph being taken.
  • How did it come about?
  • What was interesting about this shoot?
  • What funny thing happened behind the scenes?
  • What challenges (if any) did you face?
  • How did you overcome them?

The more information you can give along with your photographs, the more your social media followers can get a flavour of what you are like as a person, your unique perspective and approach, and what it’s like to work with you. If they find your words and the stories you tell appealing, they’ll likely be keen to see more from you. 

  1. Link out to your latest photography blog post

Hopefully, you’re blogging regularly. If done well, blog articles (like this one) help generate traffic to your website by appearing in Google search engine results pages. If you do blog, be sure to promote your blog posts on social media as you publish them.

Include a short introduction which helps entice people to click through and read it. Or entice them with a pull-out quote from the blog or a key takeaway that tantalises them to find out more.

Don’t only do this when the blog post is newly published though. Also share your photography blog content regularly and repeatedly over time. Create mostly ‘evergreen’ blog content. That is content that will not date and that will still be relevant in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. The beauty of this approach is that it’s relevant all year round, so you can keep sharing it!

Even if you haven’t blogged recently, you can re-use what blog content you’ve already got. Don’t overthink this. Remember, the only person who has seen all of your content is YOU! 

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  1. Reveal a surprising fact about you

Revealing your personality on your social media channels is a proven way to boost engagement on social media. People buy from people and conveying your true self online is important as a way of standing out on social media.

One way to do this could be to reveal a surprising fact about you – photography related or otherwise. In doing so, you’re opening yourself up to connect with your followers on a deeper level.

It needn’t be super-revealing or serious what you share. Perhaps you have a love of tattoos, could eat your weight in dark chocolate or have cycled around Europe? Have fun with this! 

How could you connect more deeply with your audience, by revealing a bit of your personality, on social media today? 

  1. Share a client testimonial

I bet you have some amazing testimonials from photography clients, yes? Then share them on social media! It’s easy to create good-looking social media graphics and videos using Photoshop or free tools like Canva.

With the client’s permission, use social media to show off the praise they have given you. Don’t keep it to yourself or hidden on a testimonials page on your website.

A testimonial is a powerful way of building trust and will be appreciated by those who are considering working with you. It may just be the final push they need to be convinced to give you a call!

  1. Share your favourite motivational quote

Social media is flooded with motivational quotes, and you may feel these are overdone. But while it’s easy to slap up a famous quote on social media to make a point, this kind of content still consistently gets engagement. Many people want to be inspired and enjoy consuming this type of content on social media. 

The key is to share something that will resonate with your ideal clients. I also suggest that, along with the quote, you share why this quote is so powerful for you. Or, better still, create original soundbites of your own and share these to build your brand.

  1. Ask for opinions

Feel like you’re talking to no one on social media? Yep, it happens! But, social media should ideally be a place to have two-way conversations. So, encourage dialogue in your social media content. 

  • Ask for feedback on your work. For example, “Do you like this best in colour or black and white?”
  • Before you plan a new service, see how interested your audience is…”Would you be more likely to buy xx or y”?”

People love to give their thoughts, so this kind of post often generates lots of engagement. The added bonus is that you are getting valuable insights into your audience’s preferences. 

  1. Mention a book you’re reading

If, like me, you love reading and all things self-development, then why not create a social media post once a month sharing an insight you’ve gained from a book?

Whether it’s a social media post about a book you’re currently reading or one that you have read in the past, these posts could be really valuable for your audience. Again, they also give an insight into who you are and what you are into outside of your role as a professional photographer.

Perhaps you and an ideal client will bond over a shared love of a particular book. You won’t know until you post about it!

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  1. Share something you’ve learnt from an event you’ve attended

Similarly, do you attend photography industry events, conferences, workshops and seminars? If you’re actively involved in any professional development training, chances are you are learning a lot in the process. So, share any tips you’ve picked up with your audience that could potentially benefit them too.

Whether it’s a business or personal learning point, your audience will likely be interested in hearing what you have to share. 

  1. Shout out to a new business contact or other local business

I’m a big believer in #collaborationovercompetition. The world is a big enough place for everyone to have a slice of the action! If you feel the same, why not use your social media channels to promote other like-minded local businesses. Or, recommend that your social media followers check out other photographers you admire?

Spreading the love helps your business to grow too since most people will reciprocate, or at the very least like, comment and share. And, it just makes the world feel a slightly better place, right?

  1. Direct followers to your other social media channels

Are you regularly cross-promoting your social media channels? If not, it’s a good idea to ensure that your fans know they can follow you on other social platforms. Share your links so they can follow along easily.

This could literally be as simple as “Are you also following me on xx?” (insert the social media channel here, along with your username or unique URL). 

  1. Share your WHY

Why are you in business? How did you become a photographer? What led to you specialising in your style of photography?

Your personal and business journey is fascinating to those who appreciate your work, so don’t be afraid to share it on your social media channels. Tell a story about the origin of your business and how you came to be doing the work that you love, or about what success looks like to you. 

  1. Mention an award nomination or win

If you’re entering photography awards or business awards and are achieving great things, social media is a great place to share that news with the world. It’s another chance to share your best images and highlight your expertise in your field. Your social media audience will love that!

Photographer working on a laptop

That’s half the list done! Keep reading for more social media post ideas for photographers…

18. Reveal what you do outside of work

Another way to build know-like-and-trust is to talk about your life outside of your photography. If you have a family you may or may not want to talk about them – that’s a highly personal decision – but, hobbies, pets and holiday locations are all good fodder for social media content if you don’t want to get too personal.

You needn’t reveal private details or announce things you’d rather not. A balance can be struck between sharing personal content and that which helps you promote yourself and your photography business. Share only what feels right to you. 

  1. Share a productivity tool or app you can’t live without

Chances are you use many apps and tools in your everyday personal and working life as a photographer. Why not share your favourites? 

It may help your followers and open up a conversation that sparks valuable engagement between you and your audience.

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Photography content ideas for social media marketing
  1. My favourite thing or place to photograph is…

Thinking beyond the everyday is a great tactic for social media. Sharing a dream or vision for the future is a way of building an even stronger connection with your audience.

Tell them what you’d love to photograph if money, time or circumstances were no object, and see what response you get!

  1. Ask for clients to post you a Google Review

We all know that Google Reviews are really important in helping potential clients not only discover your photography services but also in being convinced to hire you.

But, too often even the happiest and most satisfied of clients forget or don’t get around to leaving a positive review. Don’t be afraid to remind them on social media that it would really help you!

(If you have worked with me or appreciate my free content, please feel free to leave me a positive Google Review here. Alternatively, buy me a coffee. 🙂 Thanks!) 

  1. Share a photography tip your audience can try

As a professional photographer, you have so much knowledge about photography that you could pass on to your followers. A simple tip that could transform their photos will be well received.

So, be generous with your advice and strike up a conversation about what makes a great image. Don’t forget that what may seem like basic information to you could be revolutionary for your audience!

  1. Mention any press coverage you’ve achieved (new or old)

Getting featured in the media is big news! So, share it far and wide! Your clients will be happy to see you in the press and will likely cheer you on if you talk about it proudly on social media. 

Sharing press wins is also a great way to build trust among those who aren’t so familiar with you yet, and it highlights you as an expert in your industry.

Were you mentioned in the media a while back? This is still great content to share again and again. Check that old links still work first though! You could also talk about how it came about or why this was a significant moment for you in your photography business.

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  1. Reveal a photographer you admire and why

You have your favourite photographers, so why not tell others about them? Your social media followers may want to follow them too. 

What is it about their work that you love? Why are you their biggest fan, and how have they influenced your photography in a positive way? These may be celebrity photographers, photographers from the past or present, or even a fellow photographer who you consider a friend. 

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  1. Mention your favourite podcast

There are thousands of brilliant podcasts now, on every subject under the sun. Chances are you have a few favourites.

Tell your audience what you love listening to and ask for recommendations from them. I love discovering new podcasts. Let me know yours in the comments, please.

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  1. If I could photograph anyone or anything it would be…

Share with your followers what you would do and where you would go with your camera if there were no barriers, and make it fun!

This will provide them with a fascinating insight into what makes you tick as a person and as a photographer.

  1. Behind the scenes – where you work

Do you run your business from a photography studio? If so, share pictures and stories about your place of work and why you find yourself there.

What are the things in your workplace that you couldn’t live without? Talk about your morning rituals before you start work in the morning, and how you manage your working day. Do you have a resident pet? Have you refurbished your studio recently? Show and tell your audience. 

If you don’t work from a studio, show a behind-the-scenes of you out and about, at clients’ homes or premises (with their permission) or on the road on an assignment. This is all fascinating content for your followers!

  1. Reveal a before and after image

Digital editing is an important aspect of your work and a highly skilled task that you likely perform day in and day out (unless you outsource). So, why not show how it’s done? By doing so, you can reinforce your expertise and provide a glimpse into your world, which your audience will love.

For example, if you’re a newborn photographer, you could share a composite image and show how it was created in order to demonstrate your safe practices. What could you show your audience?

  1. Tell a joke or share a funny gif/meme

Social media is the ideal place to have fun and convey your personality. Jokes and memes are abundant online. Find and share something that makes a point or captures a feeling that will resonate with your audience. Hit the right note and watch the likes and shares roll in!

  1. Offer a sneak peek of something coming soon

Keep your social media audience itching to know more about your new and upcoming projects by revealing a sneak peek. A hint of what’s to come will build anticipation and potentially get people talking.

  1. Share a useful article from another website

Read something interesting online or seen it shared in a Facebook group? Share it with your audience.

Start conversations by asking questions or for people’s opinions on it. Just be careful to ensure that you don’t share anything controversial or overly political without thinking it through fully first!

(Psst! Join my Facebook group for photographers here.)

  1. Mention a relevant awareness day

National awareness days are brilliant conversation starters. They’re topical campaigns that are already being discussed online and in the media.

You can access free lists of national awareness days here on my blog – I have created a monthly awareness days series, listing out hundreds of key dates, events and campaigns. All of these could inspire your photography marketing content.  

Awareness days often have their own hashtag, so join the conversation by using this alongside relevant images, videos or thoughts of the day.

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  1. Thank your followers for their support

Finally, a bit of gratitude goes a long way. Take some time out each month to find an opportunity to thank your social media followers for their support.

Tell them why you appreciate them and how their interaction with your content means so much. They’ll love you for it!

Social media content ideas for photographers

So, I hope you now see? Photography content writing needn’t feel so hard! With content prompts like these at your disposal, your social media marketing has suddenly gotten a lot easier. 

These photography content ideas should help you stay inspired and keep your social media feeds fresh. Remember, consistent posting and engaging social media content for photographers are key to building a strong online presence. 

Don’t forget that I’ve created a downloadable and printable checklist of these 33 social media content ideas for photographers. Grab your copy here. You’ll never be short of photography content ideas again!

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