Tom and Lizzie Redman are the founders of Redshoot Photography, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, U.K.

They are professional wedding and commercial photographer, and recently participated in my group mentoring programme, The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint.

They have very kindly given me the following testimonial based on their experience of working with me.

Review of The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint

Feedback from Tom and Lizzie Redman of Redshoot Photography

We are genuinely so happy, grateful and relieved to have found Zoe and invested in her expertise. Her insight into marketing and PR has been invaluable and she has exceeded our hopes in working with her.

She has channelled and directed us, guided our website content and the visibility and management of it, taught us so much more than we knew about SEO, and shown us the importance and effect of blogging. She has even encouraged and guided us in the production of brochures and lead magnets and edited them to ensure that what we send out is of the highest standard.

While working with her, Zoe has kept us accountable in moving forward through weekly calls, which really pushes even when so busy to really make the changes needed for the future of our business.

Zoe is full of wisdom. She has delved inside our brand, understood it and continues to inform us of the things we need to change, do better and get right.

As creatives, we had reached a limit on how to navigate the absolute minefield of marketing, and having someone to talk to, check with and be mentored by is wonderful. We can honestly say we would be lost without her.

We are so incredibly grateful for her gentle but authoritative, insightful and proactive approach.

We could not recommend her more highly to any photographer who needs some direction, guidance and help with becoming more visible to their ideal client


Lizzie Redman

Redshoot Photography

Tom and Lizzie are commercial photography and video production specialists working with family-focused brands in the UK. While being Dorset based, they are available for commissions nationwide.

To find out more about Tom & Lizzie’s wedding and commerical photography, visit their websites:

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