Photographers… Let’s get you visible and start attracting those dream clients!

Are you lacking a promotional strategy and plan, and are trying every marketing tactic under the sun but aren’t getting the results you want?

Are you feeling frustrated that your marketing efforts are not working and are you overwhelmed with all the work involved in trying to keep your businesses visible?

Are you struggling to find the time to create enough content to constantly feed social media and your blog?  Do you not know what marketing content to create and whether it will actually make an impact?

Do you lack the confidence to promote yourself? Do you struggle to put yourself out there, or feel salesy when talking about your photography services and products?

Are you done with relying 100% on social media to attract clients? Finding it harder to get noticed on social and that it’s a huge waste of time and energy? Are you fed up of throwing money away on ineffective Facebook ads?

If you can relate to any of this, you’re not alone and I’d like to help you stand-out and attract your dream photography clients.

Zoe Hiljemark consults professional photographers on how to use PR and content marketing strategies to promote and grow their photography businesses

As you’ll know, building a successful photography business involves a LOT more than being able to create outstanding images. Marketing is essential!

But if promoting your photography feels awkward to you, or if you find yourself procrastinating on marketing because you simply don’t enjoy it or don’t know what to do to get yourself noticed, then you’re in the right place!

Self-promotion can feel daunting. But in order to get hired, to sell more of your images and to generate more money and time-freedom in your business, you need to embrace marketing to get noticed and booked.

If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or hesitant about promoting yourself and your photography marketing, it’s probably time you got some help.

Here’s the thing. Even if you’re busy with clients now, it’s important to continually be promoting your work and growing your audience if you are to future-proof your photography business.

Because it’s only by making marketing a priority, that you’ll generate a steady flow of enquiries and sales which will allow you to achieve the work-life balance and the lifestyle freedoms you desire.

A bit about me…

Hi! I’m Zoe Hiljemark

I’m a PR and content marketing consultant, coach and mentor to professional photographers.

I’ve worked in PR since graduating from University 18 years ago, and worked in senior PR roles representing a variety of small businesses as well as national and international luxury brands.

When I chose Karen Wiltshire to photograph my eldest son as a newborn in 2012, it set me on an exciting path…

Karen became a client of my PR consultancy and she was good enough to introduce me to other photographers who wanted help and support with their PR and marketing.

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Soon after, I began working exclusively with photographers as I realised it was an industry that I loved working in!

Now, every day in my business I provide hands-on-help to photographers in the UK and abroad by generating publicity and creating compelling marketing content that makes them more visible and attracts clients.

I also offer coaching and mentoring, have spoken at photography industry events and am the proud ambassador of RISE – a membership organisation for female professional photographers.

Need help with your PR and marketing?

Come and connect with me, and pick up free PR and marketing tips, in my free Facebook community for professional photographers.

Also, if you’re seeking PR and marketing support, read on to discover how I can help you.