Photographers. Let’s get you visible and attract those dream clients!

Are you lacking a promotional strategy and plan, and are trying every marketing tactic under the sun but aren’t getting the results you want?

Are you feeling frustrated that your marketing efforts are not working and are you overwhelmed with all the work involved in trying to keep your businesses visible?

Are you struggling to find the time to create enough content to constantly feed social media and your blog?  Do you not know what marketing content to create and whether it will actually make an impact?

Do you lack the confidence to promote yourself? Do you struggle to put yourself out there, or feel salesy when talking about your photography services and products?

Are you done with relying 100% on social media to attract clients? Finding it harder to get noticed on social and that it’s a huge waste of time and energy? Are you fed up of throwing money away on ineffective Facebook ads?

If you can relate to any of this, you’re not alone and I’d like to help you stand-out and attract your dream photography clients.

Hi! I’m Zoe Hiljemark, and I’m a PR and content marketing consultant who works exclusively with professional photographers.

Zoe Hiljemark consults professional photographers on how to use PR and content marketing strategies to promote and grow their photography businesses

As you’ll know, building a successful photography business involves a LOT more than being able to create outstanding images. Marketing is essential!

But if promoting your photography feels awkward to you, or if you find yourself procrastinating on marketing because you simply don’t enjoy it or don’t know what to do to get yourself noticed, then you’re in the right place!

Self-promotion can feel daunting. But in order to get hired, to sell more of your images and to generate more money and time-freedom in your business, you need to embrace marketing to get noticed and booked.

If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or hesitant about promoting yourself and your photography marketing, it’s probably time you got some help.

Here’s the thing. Even if you’re busy with clients now, it’s important to continually be promoting your work and growing your audience if you are to future-proof your photography business.

Because it’s only by making marketing a priority, that you’ll generate a steady flow of enquiries and sustain your photography business.

A bit about me…

Zoe Hiljemark PR & Content Strategist helping professional photographers to promote and grow their businesses

I’ve worked in PR my entire career. After I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Communication and a year travelling the world, I got my first PR role back in 2003.

For ten years, I worked in senior PR roles representing a variety of small businesses as well as national and international luxury brands.

When I  hired Karen Wiltshire to photograph my eldest son as a newborn seven years ago, I didn’t know it at the time, but this was going to set me on an exciting path…

She became one of my very first PR clients when I setup my own PR consultancy business and I’m delighted to say that we’ve continually worked together ever since.

Soon-after, I began working exclusively with photographers as I realised it was an industry that I loved working in!

Six years on, every day in my business I now provide hands-on-help to photographers across the country by generating publicity and creating compelling marketing content that makes them more visible and attracts clients.

I also host a thriving Facebook community for professional photographers. Why not come and join in over there?


Why do professional photographers hire me?

Photographers hire me because they recognise the value in getting the help and guidance of a PR and marketing expert who understands the photography industry and who has a proven track record of promoting photography businesses.

Whether you’re looking to outsource or if you’re keen to up-skill so that you can improve your DIY marketing, I have a solution for you.  

  • A specialist in marketing for photographers

    I’ve worked in PR for 16 years and established my business back in July 2013.

    For almost five years, I’ve worked exclusively with photographers, and have developed a solid reputation in the photography industry. I can hit the ground running!

  • An experienced consultant who enjoys the jobs you don’t!

    Photographers who hire me usually don’t have either the skills, the know-how, the time or the desire to do all of their PR and marketing themselves. I do!

  • Strategic consultancy

    I help my clients to develop a strategic plan rather than flit from one marketing tactic to the next. I put the focus very much on creating engaging marketing content that will attract the right kind of clients to their photography businesses.

  • A team member who is personable, proactive and conscientious 

    I care about your success and can bolt on seamlessly onto your team. Work with me 1-2-1 and gain peace of mind from knowing that the promotional aspects of your business are being taken care of, by someone you trust.

  • Results-focused

    I am committed to providing a great return on your investment and to getting you and your photography business noticed.

  • Packages to suit your requirements and budget

    Hire me and get the support you need, at a level that suits your unique requirements.

    Whether that’s on-going, practical help to get the day-to-day marketing tasks done, one-off strategic consultancy to give you a plan with a purpose, or coaching and training.

If you’ve reached that exciting stage in your photography business where you’re seeking PR and marketing support, there are several ways we can potentially work together. (Pssst! I can also even help you for free!)


Speaking: Recent Events & Testimonials

I welcome opportunities to speak to photographers about the power of PR and content. 

Interested in having me present at a photography event you’re planning or host a training workshop within your photography community? Get in touch!

Zoe Hiljemark speaking at photography events
“Zoe had been recommended by a number of esteemed photographers with whom she had been working with for a number of years.

It was a natural decision to invite Zoe to speak on her specialist subject of PR for photographers and the feedback was excellent. I look forward to working with Zoe again in the future.”

Jamie Morgan, Representative of the Master Photographer's Association
“I was privileged to have Zoe on my Speaker Panel at the “Inspiring Success Business Retreat”. Zoe led a fabulous talk and interactive session on PR and shared tips on how to pitch to the media.

The ladies attending were highly complimentary of Zoe’s presentation and the value given. I’d highly recommend Zoe to anyone wishing to have an inspirational speaker who is clearly passionate and highly knowledgeable about PR and the media.”

Clare Farthing, Business Coach
“We had the pleasure of having Zoe lead a workshop for us on PR. Zoe’s approachability and warmth make her a pleasure to work with and learn from.

She has a wealth of knowledge which has been extremely beneficial to not only myself, but also my community of small business owners. You could not wish to work with anyone better. Thank you Zoe!“

Laura Jane Griffiths, Business Coach
“I was thrilled to have Zoe present to my online membership clients recently. I am always looking to bring in high-quality professionals to share their knowledge in the group and Zoe was exceptional.

She was able to present in a clear and succinct way a topic that can often feel overwhelming and the feedback I got from my members was that they found her presentation really useful. I’d happily work with Zoe again and highly recommend her services.”

Heather Angell, Business Coach
Zoe came and gave a talk for about PR. She has a wealth of knowledge and shared super tips on how to do your own PR if your budget is tight.

I would highly recommend Zoe if you are looking for a speaker at your next networking event.”

Joanne Dewberry, Author & Blogger