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I help professional photographers get found online and get booked by perfect-fit clients.

With my help, photography marketing and promotion can feel so much easier!

Zoe Hiljemark Photography marketing and PR agency specialist

PR and marketing support for photographers

You’re in the right place if you’re seeking specialist support to get more visible and to develop a thriving photography business.

You see, I get it. You’re a photographer who is incredible at what you do but you struggle with marketing, referrals are sporadic at best and you need to attract more photography clients to make your business a success.

It’s tough out there, I know! Marketing tactics that used to work for you no longer do, it feels like the algorithms on social media are working against you and that lead ads are getting more expensive and are less effective than ever.

But I have some good news…my methods don’t involve needing to rely on social media, referrals, paid advertising or sheer luck!

My photography marketing and PR agency offers PR, SEO and blogging support services.

I have the expertise and know-how to source high-visibility editorial opportunities in the media and create content that performs well in Google search results pages and boosts organic website traffic, which attracts clients.

Work with me, either by hiring me to help you or learn my methods and do it yourself.

I see you, struggling on alone with your photography marketing…

You want to grow your photography business and become the go-to photographer in your niche or locality, but right now feel like no-one knows you exist.

You need more traffic to your photography website since, right now, you aren’t generating hardly any leads and even fewer sales.

Photographers who offer similar services to you, or who are based in the same geographical area, are more visible than you in Google search engine result pages, and it frustrates you!

I get it! You feel fed up, anxious about the future and wish there was a simpler way to market your photography business…

To build a brand, market your photography and get visible online isn’t rocket science. But it feels hard if you don’t know how or don’t naturally have the skills to market yourself effectively.

There are photographers the world over who struggle to attract and convert high-calibre clients, even despite their images being of the highest calibre. So, please know that you aren’t alone in feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure about what to do next.

I promise you, there IS a way to get greater results and to fill your diary with the right-fit clients. Your photography marketing strategy is the key to your success.

My marketing and PR agency can help you leverage the combined power of media publicity and compelling, search-engine-optimised content.

Intrigued about how my photography marketing and PR services will boost your photography business?

Great, stick around!

Zoe Hiljemark PR and marketing services for professional photographers

Hi! I’m Zoe Hiljemark – A UK-based Publicist for Photographers 


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I’m a public relations consultant with more than 20 years of experience, and I’ve worked exclusively with professional photographers since 2015.

As a publicist for photographers, my photography marketing and PR agency offers include ‘done for you’ PR and blog content creation, and training and mentoring.

I help ambitious photographers, who are often reluctant marketeers or simply too busy to do all their marketing themselves, to become more visible, to grow their audience, authority and their income.

My boutique marketing and PR agency offers digital PR services, content and copywriting support, and marketing communications consultancy services.

That essentially means that I help photographers like you to better communicate your offer, get found online and help create compelling and strategic marketing content that drives your business growth.

I help demystify marketing and provide the photography marketing and PR agency support you need, whatever the size of your business.

Unlike a more generalist marketing agency, I work exclusively in the photography industry.

I understand the common challenges photographers typically have with marketing and promotion (and the solutions!). Photography marketing and PR is what I have lived and breathed for almost a decade.

I have the skills, experience and expertise that’ll help you get more visible and get booked consistently.

My signature approach to photography marketing leverages the combined power of publicity (so underused by photographers!), blogging and SEO.

Used alone, but particularly when used together, these marketing strategies can skyrocket your visibility and help you attract more of your ideal photography clients!

Whether you wish to upskill so you can D.I.Y. your PR and content marketing, or are ready to outsource aspects that you no longer enjoy or have the expertise or time to do yourself, you’re in the right place! 

My marketing and PR agency is uniquely positioned to serve photographers like you

PR and marketing for photographers

If you’re a photographer and know you need help to get more visible and market your photography business more effectively, then read on to discover my photography marketing and PR agency services

Also check out my photography clients and testimonials, plus the ways to work with me.

“Zoe has transformed my business from a local, largely unknown business to being recognised on a national level.”

Karen Wiltshire – Newborn and Family Photographer
KW Photography

“Working with Zoe is superb! Zoe is experienced, professional and enthusiastic and has delivered great results. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”

Graeme Purdy – Wildlife Photographer
Purdy Photography

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