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If you struggle to know what to write about on your photography blog or on your social media channels, then have you considered using national awareness days as content prompts? If not, I highly recommend it!

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen, knowing that you need to create content to promote your photography, but not having a clue what to write. Right?!

This is when awareness days can prove so valuable. There are many hundreds of awareness days happening each and every year and one hundred or more each month. So, that’s hundreds of potential topics that you could piggyback on as a content idea!

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Awareness days are invaluable as content prompts

An awareness day based on a particular theme or topic could perhaps be all you need to come up with hundreds of photography marketing content ideas throughout the year.

Used literally as prompts, you might find that the theme of a particular awareness day, awareness week or monthly awareness campaign inspires you and sets the cogs in your brain turning. You might go on to recall a story worth sharing with your audience on that theme or topic, or you may conjure up a memory of an experience that might interest them, for example.

Simply because of the variety of awareness days that are happening each calendar month, I’m confident that if you applied yourself and open your mind to the possibilities of how awareness days might be helpful to you, you’ll be able to make them work for your photography business.

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Grab your free guide to 2022 awareness days

Before I get onto the list of July awareness days that you might want to look out for in 2022, do take a minute to grab my free printable guide of awareness days. There are literally hundreds in there!

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July Awareness Days

Grabbed your awareness days guide? Great! Let’s get started!

If you’re reading this around the time this article was originally published, now’s the time to start creating content for your photography marketing channels for July!

In July there are many awareness days and campaigns, so I’m confident that you should be able to find some that are relevant and that could inspire content ideas you’ve not thought of yet.

Month-long awareness campaigns in July

There are month-long campaigns during July including

  • Plastic Free July
  • National Picnic Month
  • Talk to Us (Samaritans)

  • Independent Retailer Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • Good Care Month

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Awareness days and week-long campaigns in July

Now, let’s focus on July awareness days and week-long campaigns. There are around a hundred key dates in July including the following (be sure to grab the free guide for the full list):

*Please note that the dates below apply predominantly to the U.K. in the year 2022, and are subject to change year on year. Although they are correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication, please check the dates of any awareness campaigns you plan to use.

Week-long campaigns in July include:

  • Doughnut Week (from the 10th)
  • World Meat Free Week (from the 16th)

  • Love Parks Week (from the 23rd)
  • Marine Week (from the 24th)

Awareness days in July

1st July

  • Second Half of the Year Day – Unbelievably, we’re already at the mid-point of 2022! The start of July might be a significant time for you in your business or for your clients, so you could reference this in your marketing content. You could use this mid-point in the year to talk about successes within your business that happened during the first half of the year or to share what’s ahead in the second half. 

For example, pre-promote new services (such as autumn mini sessions) or pre-sell a product that will be available in the coming months (2023 photo calendars etc.), or just share some personal reflections or learnings to build a stronger connection with your audience. 

Or, talk about things that your audience is likely to be going through at this time of year (e.g. holidaying, juggling work and children, trying to keep babies and pets cool in the summer etc.), to demonstrate empathy, and use the opportunity to share relevant tips that might help them. 

3rd July

  • Compliment Your Mirror Day – This is a great one for portrait photographers, and particularly boudoir and beauty photographers who empower their clients through portraits. 

You could encourage your followers to say something positive about themselves today, or share inspirational quotes to inspire and motivate them to feel good about themselves. It’s also an opportunity to speak more broadly about the importance of having professional portraits taken since portraits make your clients look and feel amazing!

4th July

  • Independence Day – If you’re based in the USA or are an American-born photographer, Independence Day is an awareness day in July that you won’t want to miss.

Use it as a prompt to share an insight into how you’re celebrating personally, or what you’re doing work-wise on this day. Or, perhaps talk about your backstory – how you came to be a photographer and how you love being an independent photography business owner.

If you’ve done any Fourth of July-themed photoshoots, obviously share these too!

Camera on a white desk with pink flowers

6th July

  • Kissing Day – This one could work for portrait and wedding photographers, and perhaps even pet photographers!

Share examples from your portfolio of people embracing and kissing each other during emotional exchanges such as at a wedding, or the natural moments captured on a family photoshoot. 

26th July

  • Dog Photography Day – A perfect awareness day for pet photographers! Share in your content anything and everything to do with your pet photography. For example, reveal how and why you got started in this photography niche, share tips on how to get the best shots when photographing pets or talk about your favourite or most memorable sessions. 

You could also share stories and pet portraits on social media that your audience will love (perhaps cute or funny ones) and ask for them to interact with your content by asking simple questions, and using polls and interactive stickers to drive engagement.

You could also consider running a competition to win a pet photography session in the lead-up to this day. Or, interview a pet behaviourist or pet groomer in your blog, or on a podcast or video channel if you host one (or chat on other pet-related podcasts), to add value to your pet-owner followers. 

Also, don’t forget All American Pet Photo Day, that’s also happening in July (11th). 

29th July

  • Rain Day – Here in the U.K. it’ll be peak summer on this day so, hopefully, it won’t be raining on the 29th of July!

You could use this awareness day to inspire some photography content ideas for social media or your blog around what happens if it does rain on the day of a scheduled photo shoot. This would be a useful piece of content to create as it addresses a question that outdoor portrait and wedding photographers get asked by clients all the time! 

Or, you could share creative examples of photographs taken in the rain and dispel any common myths or concerns about bad weather and how it may affect a client’s shoot. 

July awareness days can inspire tons of content 

I hope that this may have helped to show you how you can use some of the July awareness days in your marketing content this year? Of course, these are just some ideas I’ve put together, and are shared just to give you some quick-fire inspiration on how to apply them to your content.

Don’t overthink this!

Remember, there are many more awareness days in July than those listed above. Download your free guide, cherry-pick a few of the July awareness days that speak to you and that feel relevant to your photography business, and then interpret them however you wish.

P.S. Keep checking back to this blog for more similar articles. This is the seventh instalment of a monthly blog series that I’ll be creating throughout 2022, focused on awareness days.

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Good luck with your July content planning! Do comment below to let me know which of the July awareness days you’re planning to use as prompts for your marketing content.