Photography Clients and Testimonials

I have worked with photographers who are specialists in…

  • Newborn Photography

  • Child and Family Photography

  • Wedding Photography

  • Headshot Photography

  • Boudoir Photography

  • Commercial Photography

  • Personal Brand Photography

  • Pet Photography

  • Equine Photography

  • Travel / Vacation Photography

  • Wildlife Photography

  • Photography Training & Mentoring

Testimonials from Photography Clients

“Zoe has transformed my business from a local, largely unknown, small business to being recognised on a national level.

She has been a fantastic asset, improving my PR beyond my expectations!”

“Zoe is professional, diligent, insightful, and very pleasant to work with. She delivers as promised, with high quality. We have had some great measurable results from her input, and she is a great resource to learn from.

I have had the pleasure of working with Zoe for a long-term project. She has directed me to level up my SEO right at the outset, which we have focused primarily on, together with content creation. She has also assisted with PR activities and gained some valuable opportunities.

Belinda Burton, Belinda Burton Photography

“Working with Zoe has opened up a whole new mindset regarding content creation!

Marketing always seemed to be a black art, but with her help, I’ve now got the tools, confidence and templates to finally make sense of it all!”

Giles Christopher Photography
“Zoe is a passionate and knowledgeable practitioner and teacher of SEO and PR. She is supportive, positive and encouraging. Her ability to assess and apply her principles to even obscure photography niches demonstrates her understanding of the specific needs of the photographers’ marketplace and her real proficiency in her field.

She’s helped me get unstuck, and as a result of working with her I have improved my website SEO, seen tangible improvements in my keyword rankings and have increased backlinks. I now have blogs and website copy that is better structured, and a growing mailing list. I’ve also noticed increased engagement within my LinkedIn network as a result of sharing my content.

Steven Wade Adams, Steven Wade Adams Photography

“From working with Zoe, I have learnt so much about SEO, blogging, keywords and more. It’s made a lasting impact on the marketing aspect of my business.
Kayla Pryne, Pine & Olive Photography

“Zoe truly is a marketing virtuoso! Everything she shared during our half-day consultancy session was valuable, and I picked up some great tips!
Iska Birnie, Iska Birnie Photography

“I cannot recommend Zoe enough. She is absolutely amazing at what she does, is very knowledgable and she’s always happy to give advice and help. She’s also very honest and if something won’t work, she will tell you.

She is one of the best investments I have made in my photography business!”

“Zoe provides invaluable support and lightens my workload. Her help with developing a content strategy and her on-going support with blog writing and email marketing campaigns has been brilliant.

She manages to get inside my head and put my words onto paper – something that I’ve previously struggled with. As well as that, she’s punctual and professional and always delivers her promises. I’d highly recommend Zoe if you’re looking for help with your marketing content.”

Teresa Walton-Smith, Teresa Walton Photography
“Zoe has taken the marketing for my studio to the next level.

Her help with creating blog articles for my website has boosted my SEO, and the PR opportunities she sourced in the local and national press have been invaluable for raising the profile of my photography studio.”

Susan Renee, Kingshill Studios
“Within the first month Zoe secured some excellent online media coverage including relevant blogs as well as slots on BBC local radio.

Zoe also understands what it takes to help my story ‘sell’ to editors and journalists and she was behind my most recent campaign, #asyouaremotherhood. She helped me to brainstorm ideas and we’ve developed a great working relationship in a short space of time.”

Louisa Peacock Photography
“It was fabulous working with Zoe! 

With her help, I feel so much more positive and finally know what I need to do to make my marketing work.”

Georgina Edwards Photography
“I would highly recommend Zoe. She provides excellent communication and out of the box thinking.

She has helped me to get clarity on my ideal client profiles, written engaging copy for my website, developed a content plan for my blog and secured an opportunity for my photography to be featured in a national newspaper.“

Armands Sprogis, A-Fotografy
“Zoe is excellent at what she does and is worth every penny. She helps me create content for my website- more than I could ever do!

Her ongoing help allows me to focus on the aspects of my business I enjoy most. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Frances Stephenson, Frances Stephenson Photography
Frances Stephenson Photography logo
“After working with Zoe, my confidence has grown and also my mindset has changed in regards to self-promotion and marketing.

Zoe is brilliant and is an expert in her field. We photographers are very lucky that she specialises in marketing for photographers.”

Celf Calon Photography
“Zoe has taken the stress of blogging away completely! The detail that Zoe has gone into when helping me with my ideal client profile is amazing, and she’s developed ideas for my blog content and social media that I would never have thought up on my own!

She manages to put all the things I want to say into words and my blogs are ranking now too! I am so pleased that I chose to work with Zoe.”

Sarah Osborne, Angel Eyes Photography
Angel Eyes Photography logo
“I didn’t realise the value of PR until I worked with Zoe. But now, I understand that PR is a really important part of brand awareness.

If you need to build visibility of your photography business, then Zoe is for you.

She has all the contacts at her fingertips and knows how to approach different kinds of media that would suit your photography brand.”

Joanne Temple, Frank & Bloom
Frank and Bloom Photography
“Zoe has done several PR jobs for me and I have been more than impressed with her results. She has secured me articles in photography, pet and lifestyle magazines and she is very easy to work with.

She offers lots of useful advice and does not make false promises. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mel Taylor Photography logo
“Working with Zoe is brilliant because she makes everything so simple for me! She’s literally taken away all the pain I previously felt about having to blog! Now, I can focus on the other aspects of my photography business, knowing that the blog content creation is being done well and being done consistently.

If you need help with blogging for your photography business, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zoe.”

Clare Tebbett, Helter Skelter Photography
“Zoe has been the push I needed to refine and focus my photography business marketing plan.

Working with Zoe is refreshing! She provides the support to drive things further, helps me attract more clients and improve their experience of working with me.”

“Zoe was highly recommended by other portrait photographers I knew and quickly developed an understanding of our business and brand.

It really makes a difference to us having Zoe on hand to help us put into words what we do and how we are different.”

Sharon Wallis, Sharon Wallis Photography
“I was surprised at how much work Zoe put into my campaign; she went above and beyond my expectations. I would happily recommend Zoe to anyone who is needing help with their PR.”
Rob Mank Photography logo
“Zoe is experienced, professional and enthusiastic, and has delivered great results. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”
Graeme Purdy, Purdy Photography
Graeme Purdy Photography logo