Photography Podcast Interviews

I’m on a mission to help and inspire photographers to get visible and build their reputation through PR and content, and have been interviewed as a guest expert on a number of photography podcasts sharing my insights and tips.

These features have included interviews on highly popular photography marketing podcasts, hosted by leading names in the photography indutstry; The Pet Photographer’s Club podcast (host: Kirstie McColl), The Freedom Focus podcast (host: Nicole Begley) and Shoot Edit Chat Repeat (hosts: Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd), and more (see below). 

Podcast Interview Enquiries

Please contact me if you’re a podcast host and would be interested in PR and marketing tips for your professional photography audience. It would be great to hear from you!

My Podcast Interviews include:

Shoot To The Top podcast

In my conversation with Sam Hollis and Marcus Ahmad, on the Shoot To The Top podcast, I shared insights and tips on photography promotion using the media.

I also talked about the power of PR, and how you can get more visible and build your credibility through storytelling and marketing content.

Also, I mentioned some of the pitfalls to avoid when reaching out to journalists and the media, and the assets you’ll need in place before you do.

Let's get some press with Zoe Hiljemark podcast interview cover photo

The Hair of the Dog Podcast (now the Freedom Focus Podcast)

For tips on how to leverage your unique story to get press about you and your photography business, check out episode 182 of the Freedom Focus podcast.

N.B. While Nicole Begley and I talked about pet photography in this interview, this advice is also applicable to all photographers.

Blogging and other tips for improving your SEO

The Pet Photographers Club podcast

I was honoured to be invited and interviewed on The Pet Photographers Club podcast for a second time.

In Series 15 episode 9, I shared lots of advice related to blogging, content and SEO.

How to approach the media to promte your success in the International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards

The Pet Photographers Club Podcast

I have also been mentioned on The Pet Photographers Club podcast on two further occasions. This was following an exciting collaboration with the podcast hosts who also (at that time) organised The International Pet Photography Awards.

Together, we created a PR success guide to support those pet photographers who had been shortlisted in that year’s awards, and hosts Kirstie and Caitlin mentioned the guide in Series 9 Episode 11.

Then, in the next series of the podcast, I was honoured to be mentioned once again, in Series 10 Episode 12, when Kirstie and Caitlin spoke highly of the PR success guide and mentioned how using it themselves led to a wealth of international press coverage for the Awards.

The Pet Photographers Club podcast featuring Zoe Hiljemark

The Pet Photographers Club podcast

I was interviewed on this international pet photography podcast by hosts Caitlin J. McDonnel and Kirstie McColl.

Series 9 Episode 6 was titled Pitching, Publicity and PR for Photographers.

During the interview I spoke about all things PR, sharing tips on pitching the media, how to get started when seeking publicity for your photography business, and what to do and say (and what not to) when approaching journalists.

Plus, there’s even more PR talk in the extended episode, including:

  • actionable tips on how to find PR opportunities,
  • things you need to consider before pitching to the media
  • and, how to pitch to different kinds of media (print, TV, radio etc.)

If you’re a pet photographer, the Pet Photographers Club podcast is a must-listen and is probably already on your radar.

If you’re not a pet photographer specifically but are interested in PR, then this episode is still worth a listen.

The Shoot Edit Chat Repeat podcast featuring guest experts including Zoe Hiljemark

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat Podcast

This interview was recorded at the Shoot Edit Chat Repeat Live event in London, in front of a live audience of 80 photographers.

I spoke on the topic of how to become irresistible to dream photography clients and was interviewed by family photographer, Vicki Knight, co-host of the Shoot Edit Chat Repeat podcast.

The podcast episode was titled Family Posing, Attracting Dream Clients, Wedding Business Tips & Editing No No’s. Listen to it here.

Speaking Experience

I have also been booked as a speaker at photography industry events and featured as a guest expert in online photography groups and photography marketing programmes.