Are you frustrated that you’re missing out on PR opportunities while your competitors keep landing themselves valuable mentions in the media?

Are you not getting the results you want from your content, despite spending hours trying to write blog and social media posts?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, and are you sporadic and reactive with the marketing you do, rather than focused, consistent and strategic?

Or, are you so busy in your business that you’re not managing to get round to creating any content at all and know that this is damaging your business and making you virtually invisible?

If yes, we should talk! I understand your struggles and have a solution that will help. My ‘done-for-you’ PR service is tailor-made for professional photographers.

I’ve worked exclusively with photographers since 2015, and have a degree in Marketing Communications and 20 years of practical PR and marketing experience.

If you’ve reached that exciting stage in your photography business when you’re wanting to outsource aspects of your marketing, and you realise the power of PR and content, then let’s chat!

My ‘Done-for-you’ Marketing and PR service for photographers could be just what you need!

What you need to know about my ‘Done-for-you’ PR Service for Photographers

1. The first step is to book a free consultation

It’s important to both of us that we only work together if we’re a good fit, so an initial call will give us the chance to get to know each other and discuss my PR agency services in more detail. Click here to apply for a free discovery call.

2. Four-months minimum commitment required

My ‘done-for-you’ service is subject to availability and requires a minimum initial commitment of four months.

You commit to paying a set fee each month according to the level of support you need. Investment starts at £995 (GBP) per month for content creation and SEO copywriting, and from £1395 (GBP) per month for proactive PR and media outreach support.

3. My unique approach

You’ll benefit from the fact that photography PR and marketing is my specialist subject and that I have extensive and proven experience in generating publicity and content for photographers.

My unique approach in combining the power of media publicity with marketing content is a winning combination and generates high-impact results.

4. What’s involved?

Well, I’ll tell you more when we speak, but essentially I provide strategic insight as well as hands-on help with day-to-day promotional and marketing activities, tailoring my service to your unique requirements and budget.

My work is focused on helping you to get visible, attract clients and grow your photography business.

5. No smoke and mirrors

When you hire me, you get ME working on your PR and content. I don’t secure the work and then outsource to junior executives, as is often the case in agencies.

6. Limited availability

I limit my availability so that I’m able to offer a quality, comprehensive PR service to my V.I.P photography clients. Therefore, opportunities to work together on this basis are usually extremely limited.

If I am fully booked and cannot support you with marketing and PR services at the time when you first get in contact with me, I will add you to my wait list and support you at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime, I can provide support on a more ad hoc basis; please see my PR and marketing consultancy service and my marketing mentoring as potential alternatives.  

7. Local exclusivity

I also offer local exclusivity, so you can be assured that I won’t work with more than one photographer in a particular photography niche (weddings, boudoir, family etc.) or within the same geographical area at any one time.

Please contact me to enquire about my current client list and whether I have availability to serve a photographer in your area or specific niche. It’s never proven to be a problem so, hopefully, it won’t be in your case! 

Sounds good? Apply for a free discovery call.

What are the benefits of my PR service?

  • The continuous relationship that I develop with you gives me in-depth knowledge of your business. I can therefore identify PR and content opportunities that may otherwise be missed

  • I’ll proactively source promotional opportunities, create compelling content and adapt my activities to suit your unique circumstances and needs

  • With an expert on tap to help you throughout the month, you’ll be able to focus on your priorities and the aspects of your business that you enjoy the most (which I bet isn’t marketing and promotion!).


Search-optimised Blog Writing and PR service for photographers

  • I’ll create a bespoke PR and content marketing strategy for your photography business based on a content audit I’ll carry out in month one

  • The strategy I develop will include recommendations for your brand messaging, your PR stories, media outlets to target, keywords to target in your content marketing and other opportunities that I identify

  • Each month, I’ll provide consultancy and support at the level we agree


  • I’ll proactively source media publicity (targeting media publications proactively and pitching in stories) as well as manage your content creation (blog writing and search engine optimisation) and assist with creating email and web copy, as required

  • We have a phone/video consultation to agree on priorities and to discuss ongoing work, and at the end of every month, I provide a comprehensive report detailing PR, content and SEO wins and outlining priorities for the coming month.


If you’ve realised that you’re ready to outsource, then my ‘done-for-you’ PR service could be exactly what you need


Marketing and PR services for photographers

Why do photographers work with me?

Photographers hire me because they recognise the value of getting the help and guidance of a PR and marketing expert who understands the photography industry and who has a proven track record of promoting photography businesses.

  • A specialist in PR and marketing for photographers

    I’ve worked in PR for 20 years and have been working exclusively with photographers since 2015. My solid experience in PR and photography marketing means that I can hit the ground running and deliver results quickly.

  • An experienced consultant who enjoys the jobs you don’t!

    Photographers who hire me usually don’t have either the skills, the know-how, the time or the desire to do all of their PR and marketing themselves. They are busy running a successful photography business and would prefer to outsource it to an expert.

    Not everyone loves marketing, and that’s ok! You can outsource your PR and content marketing to me. I’ll gladly take this off your hands – it’s the work I love to do!

  • Strategic consultancy

    I help my clients to develop a strategic marketing plan rather than flit from one tactic to the next. When you hire me, I put the focus very much on creating strategic content that will attract the right kind of clients to your photography business.

    That way, you won’t waste any more money, time or effort on tactical marketing that doesn’t deliver a return on investment.

  • A team member who is proactive and conscientious 

    I pride myself on the personable, professional PR service that I offer to my clients. I care about your success and I’ll promote your business as though it were my own, always keeping your best interests in mind.

    I can bolt seamlessly onto your team so you’ll be able to continue doing the creative work you love without any hassle.

  • Results-focused

    I am committed to providing a great return on your investment and to getting you and your photography business noticed by the right people.

    I have many happy photography clients who have testified to the quality of my PR service and the results I have generated.

  • Packages to suit your requirements and budget

    Hire me and I’ll provide my PR service and the bespoke support you need, at a level that suits your requirements and budget. 

    Whether that’s ongoing, practical help to get the day-to-day marketing tasks done, or support in a group setting.