There are several different ways to work with me if you’re a professional photographer looking for help with your PR and marketing in 2024.

What to find out what they are? Great! Then, stick around.

If you’re seeking marketing support this year, hopefully, you’ll find something here, from my list of content and PR services for photographers, to suit your needs and budget.

If so, I look forward to chatting with you about potentially working together!

First off, who am I?

You may find yourself reading this without knowing much about me, so first, let me do a quick introduction. Hi! I’m Zoe, and I’m a PR and visibility consultant. Through my photography PR agency, I work exclusively with professional photographers.

How I help photographers

Day-to-day, I help my photography clients to secure valuable, profile-raising media publicity. My work also involves helping them to consistently create strategic, search-optimised blog content that will help them attract their dream clients.

My mission is to help photographers become more ‘PR-Savvy’ so that they can gain visibility, grow a loyal audience around their business, and build an enjoyable and thriving lifestyle doing the work they love for their dream clients.

Zoe Hiljemark PR and marketing services for professional photographers

I’ve worked with photographers across a wide variety of photography genres. My client list includes newborn photographers, family photographers, and pet photographers. I’ve also worked with headshot photographers, commercial photographers, wildlife photographers, photography training and mentoring specialists, and more.

About me

A few other things you may find useful to know about me:

  • I have 20 years of PR and marketing experience (ooof! – showing my age now!)
  • I have had my own business for 10 of those years, and I have worked exclusively with photographers for eight years
  • I’m based on the south coast of England and typically work with UK-based photographers. That said, I welcome the opportunity to connect with photographers from around the world.

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PR Savvy Photographers Facebook group

I host a fast-growing Facebook community, called PR-Savvy Photographers. I’m proud to say that the group now has around 1000 members, at the time of writing this. It’s become a truly international group. Members include photographers based across Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

It’s a great place to connect with me if you’re a photographer and haven’t yet joined. Request to join if you haven’t already.   

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PR and marketing services for photographers

There are a number of ways that we could potentially work together in 2023:

Done for you’ services

1) PR and marketing consultancy and content creation

As a PR and content marketing consultant, I offer a ‘done-for-you’ style service. This will continue to be the main way to work with me this year.

If you were to hire me on this basis, I would work closely with you (and your team if you have one). I would support your photography business by carrying out a range of PR and marketing activities, acting as your in-house PR and Content Manager.

What this looks like varies from one client to another, as every photography business is unique and every client I work with offers unique photography services.

However, as a photography PR agent, I typically get involved in media relations work and strategic blog content creation, copywriting and SEO-related tasks:

a) PR services for photographers

PR-related work involves PR strategy and planning and proactively sourcing editorial opportunities.  I create news stories and issue press releases and make pitches to the media, and secure feature opportunities in newspapers and magazines and podcast or radio interviews.

These photography PR activities result in valuable profile-raising publicity for my photography clients.

Done for You PR service

b) Photography marketing services

Marketing content strategy and content creation is also a key focus of this service.

I support my clients by mapping out a strategic content plan for them and managing this on their behalf. If you ever struggle to come up with blog content ideas, don’t worry…I have lots! I suggest content ideas for blogs and create the required blog copy, as well as upload approved blog articles to their websites and publish them, according to the pre-agreed content schedule.

Website copywriting is also something I help with, as well as the copywriting and creation of email marketing campaigns.

Unlike many PR and marketing pros, I am also well-versed in search-engine-optimisation (SEO) and manage a number of SEO-related tasks for my photography clients. This can include regular SEO audits, keyword research and strategic content planning, as well as advising and implementing improvements to their websites. I’m most experienced with WordPress and Squarespace website platforms but also have worked with Ionos websites and custom-designed websites too.

Done for you SEO blog writing

Who is my done-for-you PR and content service for?

My done-for-you PR service is perfect for ambitious independent photographers, photography studio owners and/or businesses that operate within the photography industry, who are ready to uplevel their visibility.

I typically work with my clients for a year or more (and in many cases, I have been consistently contracted for years at a time – I think 6 years with one client is my record to date!). There is a minimum of three months commitment required initially if we decide to work together, and the rolling commitment is agreed upon and recommitted to in three-month blocks.

It’s a service best suited to established photographers, and photography businesses, who are generating a consistent income and have the budget to outsource for the mid to long term (6 months minimum).

There’s more information here about my done-for-you PR service for photographers, as well as answers to commonly asked questions, and a means of getting in touch with me if this is of interest.

2) Group Mentoring

In early 2024, I will also be re-running my group programme, The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™.

This service has been designed for established photographers who are not ready to invest in my ‘done-for-you’ service or outsource their marketing, but know that they would benefit from expert help.

If you’re fed up with feeling like your marketing content is not getting seen or having an impact, and you feel like you’re wasting your time and getting little traction, then this is also potentially a good fit for you.

The outcome of this 20-week programme is that you get my support in a small group of like-minded photographers who want to rise above the noise, stand out, get visible, and connect with more ideal clients.

The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™

To be a good fit for this programme, you’ll need to be committed to working on your marketing, and to embracing new strategies and ways of promoting yourself and your work. You’ll also need 2-3 hours per week, for the duration of the 12-week programme, to study the course materials and attend the live group mentoring sessions.

This isn’t for you if you’re already highly visible and have a fully booked-out photography business, with continuous lead flow and a high level of client conversions.

Find out more about The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™ and complete the form on that page to request all the details.

3) Done for you Keyword Research

Another task I can take off your plate is keyword research.

If you recognise the importance of SEO, you’ll perhaps already be making attempts to optimise your website to hopefully attract more organic traffic from Google. You’ll know that creating and publishing high-quality blog content on your website is a great way to boost your rankings.

The problem is perhaps that you may have no idea which keyword phrases are worth proactively targeting and including in your content. My done-for-you keyword research service helps with this.

Hire me to help you with your keyword research, and I’ll perform a review and compile a detailed report that’ll include keyword suggestions based on the phrases that people are actually searching for in Google. I’ll recommend to you the ones that would be worth including in your website pages and blog articles.

My reports are completely bespoke to your photography business and are designed to give you a huge head-start with SEO.

They’ll also give an insight into how your competitor’s websites are performing from an SEO perspective. This is intel that you will find incredibly interesting and valuable, I assure you!

If you aren’t already blogging regularly, I highly recommend you do! Remember, I can help with content planning and SEO content writing if this isn’t something you enjoy or know how to do well (see my Done-for-you PR and Content service above).

More PR services for photographers, coming soon!

In addition to these services, I’m also working on some other projects behind the scenes. I look forward to being able to share more with you soon.

Ultimately, I want to help photographers like you get visible.

  • I want you to feel inspired and excited about consistently marketing your business.
  • I’d like to help you market in a way that attracts more of the right people to you, without you having to spend money on advertising, relying on referrals or sheer luck.
  • I also want to help you incorporate systems and processes into your photography business so that marketing feels easier and more enjoyable than it may do right now.

If any of this has piqued your interest, visit my Services page, and get in touch with me if you’d like to know more.