Marketing mentoring for photographers

Are you a talented professional photographer struggling to attract enough of the right-fit clients, and to get the visibility you deserve?

Are you busy doing all the things that you think should make a difference, but still don’t see the impact in terms of leads and sales?

Are you fed up with seeing your competitors work with your dream clients, and their websites ranking higher than yours on Google?

Do you find yourself wondering why your marketing isn’t working?

Do you wish you could connect with more ideal clients – the ones who appreciate your unique style and value your artistry? You know, the ones who aren’t just looking for a “cheap photographer”.

Well, I’ll let you in on a secret…you’re not alone. Many skilled photographers like you face these challenges when it comes to marketing their business effectively.

The good news is that there’s a solution. Keep reading to discover how I can help.



The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™

Coming soon The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™


The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™ will help you to sky-rocket your visibility, amplify your reach, build a positive reputation and attract, connect and convert more of your dream photography clients


The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™ is a twelve-week-long mentoring programme for ambitious professional photographers. If you’re ready to become known as the go-to photographer in your local area or niche, that could be you!

It’s been designed to help you increase your visibility online and offline, and will equip you with strategies, insights and know-how so that you can develop, not just a surviving but, a thriving photography business!

Unlike stand-alone courses focused on one aspect of marketing such as SEO or Facebook Ads, in The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint™, I’ll teach you how to leverage the power of a variety of visibility strategies.

These will encompass SEO, content marketing and PR, much like my 1-2-1 service for my ‘done-for-you’ photography clients. I’m a BIG believer in integrated marketing after all!


Combining the power of all these three marketing strategies, I believe, is truly the key to success, and I’d love to show you how.


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