Steven Wade Adams recently completed my group mentoring programme, The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint, and has been kind enough to give me some lovely feedback based on his experience of us working together.

In this article, I’m sharing his testimonial, for which I’m hugely grateful.

Client Testimonial: The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint

Feedback from Steven Wade Adams

Zoe is a passionate and knowledgeable practitioner and teacher of SEO and PR.

Any photographer, with almost any level of experience, who wants to compete more effectively in their niche would benefit from her programme – The Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint.  

Throughout, Zoe was always supportive, positive and encouraging with a real commitment to ensuring the course was a solid experience for her students, even adapting content in real time to do so.

Her ability to assess and apply her principles to even obscure photography niches demonstrates her understanding of the specific needs of the photographers’ marketplace and her real proficiency in her field.

While this course is focused on SEO, blogging and PR (and it does a solid job of it) it stretches you to consider the strategic intent of your business and what you want others to think of you as a photographer and artist. I know of nothing else quite like this course, especially with Zoe’s focus on the specific needs of the photographer.

The SEO and blogging elements, as well as overall strategic positioning, were extremely impactful. My knowledge of SEO was quite rudimentary before joining this class, and the principles were very well discussed, and covered and a practical approach to implementation was clear and action-oriented. Similarly, the blogging and Zoe’s critique of a blog I had written helped me to get unstuck about how to approach it for the future.

I also really liked the community aspect and was able to connect with other photographers and share ideas and discuss challenges. I found the personalized critique and feedback of extremely high value too. So while the class format is very efficient and provides for shared learning between students, 1:1 time provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss where I was at a given time.

As a result of the course, I have improved my website SEO, seen tangible improvements in my keyword rankings and have increased backlinks. I now have blogs and website copy that is better structured, and a growing mailing list. I’ve also noticed increased engagement within my LinkedIn network as a result of sharing my content.

Steven Wade Adams

Cultural and Humanitarian Photography

Steven is a cultural and humanitarian photographer based in the US, and is currently on an exciting photography assignment in Africa.

Before he headed off on the trip, he shared some news with me about his website now ranking in Google for the first time ever. (Yey!)

Also, that he has lots of blogs in progress and in the pipeline – it’s honestly so wonderful to see the progress of the photographers I work with, and how inspired they are after completing the programme.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing them realise how much they have to share, and how content and a focus on SEO can truly boost their visibility and help them to grow their business.

Need to get more visible?

If getting more visible, and upskilling in SEO, blogging and PR, is on your must-do list this year, then find out more about the Photographer’s Visibility Blueprint and enter your details to request the PDF guide.

This provides an overview of what’s involved and what’s included, and how you can benefit from enrolling. Thanks in advance for your interest!

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