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If you know you’re ready to commit to getting help with your content marketing, and you’re already here on my website, then perhaps you’ll have heard about my ‘Content Confidence Accelerator’ group coaching programme?

(Psst! Even if not, you can get an introduction to the programme here.)

But, perhaps you’re left wondering whether a group coaching programme is really what you need. Why would getting support from me in a group setting help, over and above getting 1-2-1 support? These questions, and more, I answer in this blog, so keep reading!

I’ll be addressing many of the common concerns photographers like you may have about joining a group coaching programme, such as my Content Confidence Accelerator, and giving you seven reasons as to why it’s worth considering.

What are the benefits of participating in a marketing-focused group coaching programme?

There are many reasons why you might be attracted to the idea of working with a marketing consultant, like me, in a group setting.

1. Lower price point than 1-2-1 services

First off, typically, a group coaching programme is charged at a lower price point to a bespoke 1-2-1 service. This is certainly the case with my own services.

My ‘done-for-you’ PR and content packages for photographers are upwards of £795 per month, for a minimum period of 3 months. So, that’s triple the investment required to join the Content Confidence Accelerator.

Plus, whereas a monthly retainer fee covers just one month of my support, the total investment for my group coaching programme provides the chance to work with me for twice that duration, for a period of 8 weeks.

As an aside, my availability for 1-2-1 support is also limited. At the time of writing, I am currently fully booked out for ‘done-for-you’ PR and content support for the next three months at least. So, as well as being a smaller investment, group coaching is also the only way to work with me during the remainder of 2021. By joining now, you’ll get help sooner and be in a stronger position for the start of 2022!

Zoe Hiljemark PR and marketing services for professional photographers

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2. A structured programme based on my unique approach and experience

Another benefit of a group coaching programme is that it’s usually based on a structured pathway. This is sometimes known as a ‘success path’.

What this is essentially is a series of sequential modules. Lessons and tasks are to be completed in a particular order. It is done this way because the programme creator has deemed this to be the best way in which to get the work done.  

In the case of my programme, we start in the Content Confidence Accelerator by reviewing and auditing existing content and setting goals, and then get clear on messaging before moving onto content strategy and planning, then onto content creation, promotion and repurposing.

This is the success path I have designed, based on my experience and unique approach that I apply to the ‘done-for-you’ work that I do for my private clients.

Having that structure is invaluable. If you were to try to DIY the work, by piecing together information from the internet, perhaps from various different sources or experts, then it would be easy to get into a muddle and not know how it all fits together!

A group coaching programme, and the framework on which is based, is a key part of what makes this format so attractive. You simply need to just follow along!  

3. You are part of a group of like-minded photographers

My group coaching programme is exclusively for photographers, which means that when you join, you’ll be joining a group of other like-minded photo professionals.

While those photographers may well work in different genres to you, you’ll likely have far more in common with each other than you would in a more general group coaching programme which may serve a multitude of industries.

This is another reason why joining the Content Confidence Accelerator could be a good fit for you. It’s exclusively for photographers and so the content is tailored to the photography industry and to serving professional photo pros, like yourself.

Connect with like-minded photographers

4. Community and support

Linking with the last point, a group coaching programme offers not only the chance to work closely with me but also to become part of a community of photographers who are all on the same journey.

The Content Confidence Accelerator programme is deliberately a small cohort each time it runs so that there is an intimate feel to the group. This is the format I’m keen to retain.

I don’t know about you, but I hate those Zoom calls with tens or even hundreds of people taking part all at once! I want all my group coaching clients to feel seen, heard and helped! A small group ensures that this is possible.  

By showing up every week on the group coaching calls, and participating in the conversations within the private Facebook group, everyone taking part in the programme gets to know each other.

And, as has happened in previous cohorts, students often go on to become friends and even cheerleaders of each other for the longer term. They support each other through the giving of advice, the sharing of experiences, and through encouraging and congratulating each other.   

As the facilitator of the group, it’s always lovely to see those friendships form and blossom during the eight weeks of the programme!

5. You’ll realise you’re not alone!

All the photographers taking part in the Content Confidence Accelerator will be looking to up their marketing game and focus on content creation to better promote their photography business.

You and they will share a common goal – to finally master content marketing and to develop a strategic content plan, informed by a strategy, to get visible and to reach more of your ideal photography clients.

Zoe Hiljemark PR

Knowing that you are not the only photographer in the world who needs support with this will help you to feel better about your content achievements to date. Yes, you realise you could do better (and that’s why you’ve invested in the programme), but you are not the only photographer to need help!

Being part of the group coaching programme may well help you to stop feeling down on yourself for how little you feel you have achieved. You’ll realise that you’re not a failure for not knowing how to do this stuff on your own.

There is certainly no shame in needing support and accountability to implement content marketing strategies and tactics into your marketing!

6. A schedule to stick = accountability to get the work done!

My group coaching programme is fairly typical in that there is a finite number of weeks that it runs for, with new training and opportunities for support provided weekly.

The Content Confidence Accelerator is an 8-week programme. Each week, in those eight weeks, as a participant you’ll have video lessons and multiple opportunities to connect with me live and ask for support.  

I believe that having that framework and fixed schedule is helpful when it comes to motivation and accountability! Knowing that if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind should be enough to spur you on and keep your progress going.

If you’re a photographer who is prone to procrastination, then a group coaching programme could be ideal for you. It will help you to focus and to stick to a scheduled programme of activities.

The Content Confidence Accelerator

In the case of my group coaching programme, this is all focused on helping you develop a content strategy and plan so that you know how to market your photography services and products consistently, and with more confidence, through content.

Plus, seeing others in the group taking action and achieving results will naturally make you want to keep going!

7. You can still get 1-2-1 support within the group coaching format

Even though it is a group coaching programme there is still an opportunity to get 1-2-1 support. This isn’t necessarily the case in all group programmes, but certainly it is in the Content Confidence Accelerator.

Throughout the programme, there are many opportunities to ask me questions and get feedback on your work.

  • Every Monday there are weekly ‘work-with-me’ accountability hours. At the start and end of these there is time to talk around anything you are struggling with.
  • Plus, I provide specific feedback as much as I can during the weekly group coaching calls. These take place every Thursday.

There is also a V.I.P. option available when you enrol. This includes a 90-minute private coaching session which can be taken at any time during the programme, and some done-for-you support is also part of the package.

Content Confidence Accelerator testimonial

Reasons to join my group coaching programme

I hope this has helped to clarify why the group coaching programme format could potentially work well for you? You can also find out what previous students thought here.

If you’d like to find out more about the Content Confidence Accelerator, please register your interest here or submit your details in the form below and I’ll be in touch!

I’m also available for a no-obligation chat to see if the programme could be a good fit for you. Or, you can email me any questions you have.