If you find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for your photography blog or social media channels, have you ever thought about using national awareness days as a source of inspiration? If not, I highly suggest giving it a try!

We all know the feeling of staring at a blank screen, desperately searching for something to write about to promote our businesses. It can be a frustrating experience, to say the least.

Fortunately, national awareness days can be an excellent solution to this problem. With hundreds of events and campaigns taking place every year, and typically more than a hundred in each calendar month, you have a huge amount of content prompts at your fingertips.

Each awareness day is a potential topic on which you can base your content around! So, by tapping into these awareness days, you can come up with plenty of content ideas in no time!

Hundreds of awareness days = content prompts galore!

By focusing on an awareness day centred around a specific theme or topic, you may discover an abundance of photography marketing content ideas – enough to fuel your marketing content plan for the entire year!

These awareness days are useful prompts to inspire your creativity and get your brain churning with possibilities. As you reflect on the theme or topic of the awareness day, with just a little effort, I’m confident that you will quickly be able to come up with a fascinating story, personal anecdote or memorable experience that you could share with your audience this week.

With the vast array of awareness days occurring each month, there really are endless opportunities to leverage them for your photography business. If you are open to the potential of awareness days and set aside some time each month to brainstorm ideas, you can tap into their power and create impactful content that resonates with your audience and builds know, like and trust. So, why not start straight away?!

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Free calendar and May awareness days 2024

If you’re reading this around the time this article was originally published, now’s the time to start creating content for your photography marketing channels for May!

In May, there are lots of awareness days and campaigns, so I’m confident that you should be able to find some that are relevant and could inspire content ideas you’ve not thought of yet.

Here’s a list of May awareness days that you might want to look out for in 2024:

Month-long awareness campaigns in May

There are month-long campaigns during May including:

  • National Photography Month
  • National Walking Month
  • National Share A Story Month
  • Local Community and History Month
  • National Smile Month
  • Maternal Mental Health Month

As an example of how some of these could be applied…

National Photography Month 

In the month of May, you could use this month-long campaign to share information about so many different aspects of your life as a photographer. You could talk on social media and in blogs and email newsletters about:

  • the photography work you do for clients,
  • the projects that particularly light you up and that you’d like to do more of,
  • what you love about your work and also who/what you photograph.
  • your day-to-day life and what it’s like to be you (yes, people would find this interesting!),
  • how you got started as a photographer
  • some of the wonderful people you’ve met through your work or some of the interesting things that have happened to you during your time as a photographer. 

Do you see? Coming up with content ideas needn’t be difficult or time-consuming.

There’s so much you could share, as I’ve suggested here, and while these ideas have been inspired by National Photography Month they would also be great at other times of year too, so don’t think that you can’t talk about these topics at another time.  

Woman sitting at a desk using her phone

Awareness days and week-long campaigns in May

Now, let’s focus on May awareness days and week-long campaigns. There are many key dates in May, including the following:

*Please note that the dates below apply predominantly to the U.K. in the year 2024, and are subject to change year on year. Although they are correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication, please check the dates of any awareness campaigns you plan to use.

Week-long campaigns in May include:

Awareness days in May 2024: A (non-exhaustive) list of key dates

01 Global Love Day

01 National Purebred Dog Day

01 International Workers’ Day

01 World Maternal Health Day

02 Baby Day

03 International Leopard Day

03 Space Day

04 Star Wars Day

04 Firefighters Memorial Day

04 Bird Day

05 International Day of the Midwife

05 Nail Day

05 World Laughter Day

06 No Homework Day

07 World Asthma Day

08 World Ovarian Cancer Day

08 World Donkey Day

08 World Red Cross Day

09 Europe Day

10 Mother Ocean Day

11 Eat What You Want Day

11 World Ego Awareness Day

11 World Fairtrade Day

12 ME Awareness Day

12 International Nurses Day

12 National Limerick Day

12 World Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

12 National Children’s Day

13 National Apple Pie Day

13 World Cocktail Day

13 Foster Care Fortnight

15 International Day of Families

15 National Chocolate Chip Day

15 National Straw Hat Day

16 Drawing Day

16 Horse Rescue Day

16 National Notebook Day

17 Work from Home Day

17 National Pinot Grigio Day

17 World Baking Day

17 National Endangered Species Day

18 International Museums Day

18 National Visit Your Relatives Day

18 World Whisky Day

20 World Bee Day

21 World Meditation Day

21 World Day for Cultural Diversity

21 International Tea Day

23 World Turtle Day

24 Brother’s Day

25 National Wine Day

25 National Tap Dance Day

26 Paper Aeroplane Day

27 British Tomato Fortnight

27 National Sunscreen Day

28 National Hamburger Day

28 World Hunger Day

28 Amnesty International Day

29 National Biscuit Day

30 World MS Day

31 Web Designer Day

31 World No Tobacco Day

31 European Neighbours Day

Ideas of how you could use these Awareness days in May 2024

Now let’s look at some ways that you could intepret these events, days and themes to your photography marketing content: 

1st May

  • World Maternal Mental Health Day – This is another campaign that could inspire content for photographers including those specialising in maternity, birth and baby photography, and indeed any photographers who are parents themselves.

Unlike some of the more fun and frivolous awareness days in May, this is one with an important health message so obviously, if you are going to use it as a prompt for your marketing content, be sure to take a sensitive approach.

You could create or reshare useful self-care and mental health tips for mums on your social media accounts, and recommend mental health resources that mums would find useful.

Alternatively, if you’re a mum yourself and have a mental health-related story to share, you could talk about your own experience. Or, you could perhaps interview some of your clients and ask them about their journeys to recovery, then create a blog.

2nd May

  • Baby Day – This is one that birth photographers and newborn/family photographers can use as an opportunity to talk about anything and everything baby-related. 

Birth photographers, why not talk about how you became to be a specialist in this genre of photography? Perhaps you can recall the very first birth you photographed, or you have a relatable birth or baby story yourself that had an impact on your choice of career. 

Newborn and baby photographers, Baby Day could be interpreted in so many ways for you too! As an example, you could share:

  • inspirational content such as examples of your portraits captured at some of your most recent baby photoshoots,
  • expertise content such as tips on how to prepare for a baby photo session,
  • and, sales content such as compelling arguments for why you believe parents should book a baby portrait session (let’s not assume everyone realises the value of baby photography!)

…and so much more!

13th May

  • World Cocktail Day – Drink photographers, this one is for you!

Most simply, you could showcase some of the imagery you have created for your clients recently, or share behind-the-scenes videos showing you working on a shoot.

You could also collate a series of delicious cocktail recipes which include the spirits and liqueurs your clients produce. Perhaps interview the mixologist who worked on the shoot with you – and share these with your followers.  

15th May

  • International Day of Families – If you’re a family portrait photographer, there are endless ways you can interpret this to come up with content ideas for your marketing.

For example, you could share why you love photographing families and showcase images from your portfolio revealing the many and varied family setups you’ve captured to date. 

Or, you could talk about your favourite family portrait locations in your local area, reveal tips on how your clients can pose during a family photo session in a way that will make them feel at ease, or give guidance on how to prepare for a session.

Alternatively, use it to reveal something about you to build a deeper connection with your clients.  Talk about your family, what you all like doing together and a fun fact or funny story that will make your followers smile. 

16th May

  • Horse Rescue Day – Equestrian photographers, perhaps you have something you could share on Horse Rescue Day – whether it be a story of a horse you’ve photographed for a client, or perhaps even your own horse?

17th May

  • National Endangered Species Day – Wildlife photographers, this one could be appropriate for you.

You could share your photographs and opinions on what needs to be done to safeguard and protect animals that are at risk. Why not also highlight any relevant charitable campaigns that are making a difference and that you would love to see better supported?

May awareness days can inspire tons of content 

I hope that this has helped to show you how you can use May awareness days in your marketing content . Of course, these are just some ideas I’ve put together and shared just to give you some quick-fire inspiration on how to apply them to your content.

Don’t overthink this! Remember, there are many more awareness days in May than those listed above. Cherry-pick a few of the May awareness days that speak to you and then interpret them however you wish.

P.S. Keep checking back to this blog for more similar articles. This is the fifth instalment of a monthly blog series that’s focused on awareness days and how to interpret them to develop photography content ideas.

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Good luck with your May content planning!