Love photography? Love listening to podcasts? Well, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for years now and regularly tune in to my favourite shows.

I’m often listening to podcasts as I work (working alone listening to the sound of my keyboard tapping does get a bit dull!), and when I’m out and about in my car or even when I’m doing chores around the house.

Over the years, I’ve discovered lots of brilliant podcasts but I mainly love to listen to business, marketing and photography-related ones (is that geeky of me?!). These are some of my favourites.

(N.B. Not all of these are actively publishing podcast episodes anymore, but the shows are still available so I have kept them in this list). 

Photography podcasts you should listen to

1. Shoot Edit Chat Repeat with Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat photography podcast

The award-winning Shoot Edit Chat Repeat podcast was a powerhouse of a podcast in the photography world for many years, and set out to inspire and motivate ‘people’ photographers.

Hosted by Vicki Knights and Eddie Judd, two top UK-based professional portrait photographers, the show is lively, refreshingly honest, insightful and entertaining.

Vicki and Eddie answer listeners’ questions on the show and feature in-depth guest interviews. I love that they interview their guests in person and obviously have a lot of fun making the podcast. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I really enjoy tuning in each week.

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat: Episode 63

I was delighted to be featured on the Shoot Edit Chat Repeat podcast myself in January 2020!

I took part in their live panel at Shoot Edit Chat Repeat Live in London and spoke about how to become irresistible to your dream photography clients. You can listen to that episode here

Shoot Edit Chat Repeat podcast featuring Zoe Hiljemark

2. The Pet Photographers Club with Kirstie McConnell 

The Pet Photographers Club podcast

This podcast delves deep into the world of professional pet photography with fortnightly interviews and expert guests to help grow your business. 

Now in it’s 16th series (as of April 2024), there are many hundred episodes in the back catalogue, so there is plenty of great content to sink your teeth into.

Current host, Kirstie McConnell, (who previously co-hosted the show with Cailin J.McColl) continues to share invaluable advice, tips and interviews with experts years since the podcast first started – an essential resource for pet photographers!

Tiia Tahvanainen, of Tiia Tahvanainen Photography, also loves the show, and said: 

“The Pet Photographers Club podcast features nice, interesting topics with various different guests, all mostly pet photography related topics. They cover everything from the photography itself, marketing, getting customers, awards etc. I really enjoy it!”


The Pet Photographer Club: Series 9 Episode 6

I loved having the opportunity to feature on the Pet Photographers Club podcast in the summer of 2021 in which I shared PR tips and advice for the pet photographers listening in. You can listen to that episode here.  

I was also thrilled to be mentioned in another episode of the show a few months later! You can listen to that episode here.  Kirstie and Caitlin picked out my interview as one of their top 5 of 2021 (wowee!), and mentioned also the PR Guide that I have since created in collaboration with them for their International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards

Then, in 2023, Kirstie invited me back to the show for a second interview – this time focussed on search engine optimisation (SEO) and blogging. It was such an honour. 

The Pet Photographers Club podcast featuring Zoe Hiljemark

Blogging and other tips for improving your SEO

3. The business of photography with Brian Caporicci 

The Business of Photography podcast

Canadian-based Brian has recorded over 400 episodes at the time of writing this, so there is an extensive back catalogue which you can dive into at any time.

They interview leading photographers from around the world. They also talk alone or together about topics relating to running a successful photography business.

Recent topics they’ve covered include how to create a content marketing plan, photography pricing mistakes, and how to create your ideal workflow.

4. PhotoBizX with Andrew Hellmich

Photo Biz X podcast

This is another photography podcast that I love.

Australian host, Andrew interviews some of the most successful photographers from around the world to “uncover the facts about running a wedding and portrait photography business for profit”.

I always find his podcast episodes interesting. He ensures that all his guests stick around for the interviews for a decent length of time, allowing him to ask lots of questions and extract all the nitty-gritty detail about the subject at hand.

The only downside of these in-depth interviews is that you may not have time to listen to them in full in one sitting. I tend to save these longer episodes for long car journeys or listen to them over a number of sittings.

Andrew restricts the full interviews to paid subscribers to his paid membership (which you can grab a month’s trial of for just $1). But even if you listen just to the free version of each episode, you’ll still get tons of value.

Photographer, Christabel Linn of Christabel Photography also recommends the Photo Biz X podcast: 

“Andrew Hellmich is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet and his podcasts are amazing. He has a brilliant interviewing style whereby it stays interesting, on topic and fun.

He has a wide variety of guests covering all genres and you can still find useful information in interviews which are not related to your personal genre. he is always open to suggestions for new people to interview so you can basically put in requests.

If you have a specific topic you would like help with you can email him and he will send you links to interviews which could help you as well as offering advice himself. As a paid member (which is a bargain at $10 pcm when purchased on offer which he does a few times a year, $20 otherwise) you also have access to the FB members group which is incredibly friendly and helpful with any and all business questions you may have.

I have honestly enjoyed every podcast I have listened to, whether related to my field of Pet Photography or not, the most recent one I felt I got the most from was Episode 475 with Ina Jalil, lots of motivation!”


5. Through the Business Lens with Kim Hartz

Through the Business Lens podcast

This podcast is one I used to enjoy a few years back. Although it’s no longer being added to, you could listen to the back catalogue of episodes to discover useful marketing tips, tools and strategies for growing your photography business.

The podcast host, Kim is a successful pet photographer based in the U.S. and has built her business from scratch into a six-figure photography business since she started up in 2010.

What I love about this podcast is that the episodes are typically around 15 minutes long. So, it’s possible to listen to a full episode on a short car journey or whenever you get a little bit of spare time.

6. The Evolve Your Wedding Business podcast with Heidi Thompson

Evolve your wedding business podcast

This one is specifically for wedding photographers, as the name suggests. But much of the advice shared could also apply to other genres of photography.

A new episode is released every other Wednesday, and there are over 220 episodes to check out at the time of writing. Heidi interviews wedding photography experts and also offers solo training.

Recent topics have included mastering Google Analytics, how to raise your prices, email marketing, the importance of mindset in business, and how to get more leads and enquiries.

7. The Six Figure Photography podcast with Ben Hartley

The Six Figure Photography podcast

Host Ben Hartley is a successful international photographer and photography educator, based in the U.S.

He interviews professional photographers and shares advice about how to grow your professional photography business into a six-figure enterprise. You’ll find lots of value in his podcast, making it well worth checking out!

Tracey Saville said, “This guy is amazing! Full of energy and seems to be on this earth just to educate people! Episode 105 for about 7/8 episodes onwards is a mini-series on how to set up/run a ‘tog business’- it’s amazing. Every episode is full of advice/education/insight.”


8. Mastering Portrait Photography with Paul Wilkinson

Mastering Portrait Photography podcast

Paul Wilkinson is “one of the UK’s most sought-after portrait and wedding photographers. His images have adorned numerous publications from the BBC to the Times and have won countless awards as well as giving him the accolade of Fellowship of the Master Photographers Association and the MPA Presidential Award in 2017.”

This podcast features “tales, techniques, tricks and tantrums from one of the UK‘s top portrait photographers. Never just about photography but always about things that excite – or annoy – me as a full-time professional photographer – from histograms to history, from apertures to apathy, from motivation to megapixels. Essentially anything that might be useful if you‘re a portrait artist.”

Tracey Saville, of GTS Photography said, “Paul is a very accomplished portrait photographer, who shares not only photography advice, but also business advice and just general chat as life as a photographer. I really like his podcasts. They are relaxed, informative and enjoyable.”

9. Worth Every Penny Joycast with Sarah Petty

Worth Every Penny joycast with Sarah Petty

The Worth Every Penny Joycast is hosted by photographer and author, Sarah Petty. In each episode, she shares pricing tips, marketing ideas, selling tips and gives insights into what’s working now.

It’s a hugely inspiring and motivational podcast, aimed at helping portrait photographers realise that “you’re worth every penny.”

Lainey Poelzer, of Clover Laine Photography recommends this podcast, and said: “I love hearing from other photographers on how they’ve overcome challenges and succeeded in their business.”

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