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Caitlin J. McColl and Kirstie McConnell are the hosts of the hugely popular Pet Photographers Club podcast.

They are also the founders of The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards.

After I initially connected with them both earlier this year for a podcast interview, they recently got back in touch with an exciting proposal.

Listen to The Pet Photographers Club podcast Series 9 Episode 6 here where I talked about all-things PR for photographers

They wanted to collaborate with me and create a PR guide for pet photographers who had been shortlisted in their photography Awards.

Zoe Hiljemark on the Pet Photographers Club podcast
Zoe Hiljemark on the Pet Photographers Club podcast

The biggest pet photography awards in the world

As you’ll probably know if you are a pet photographer, and perhaps even entered this year, The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards are a big deal!  

Caitlin and Kirstie have done an amazing job establishing the Awards. They attract entries from photographers all over the world. In fact, this year, more than 2500 entries were submitted from photographers based in 52 countries!

An exciting collaboration with The Pet Photographers Club

Collaborating together on a PR guide I thought was a brilliant idea!

A PR Guide would enable me to share some of my PR expertise with those pet photographers who had been shortlisted in the Awards. I could help them to share their exciting news more easily, and more confidently, with their relevant media.

The idea was that I would include tips and a written press release example. Then, anyone who bought the guide could use it to inform their pitches to journalists, and to potentially secure press coverage about their success.

As I discussed in the podcast interview with Caitlin and Kirstie, I believe photographers should use PR strategies much more than they do. PR helps to boost visibility and reputation, build a brand, grow an audience and attract new followers and photography clients.

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Promote your success in The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards

So, we did it!

A free press release template I’ve created is now available via the Pet Photographers Club website. This will give you a handy head-start if you’ve entered the Awards, been shortlisted and are planning to announce the great news to media in your local area, city or region.

Plus, there is the opportunity to purchase a more comprehensive four-part PR Guide we created together.

What’s included in the PR Guide?

The PR Guide includes;

  • PART 1: Insight into how to secure press coverage – knowing how the media works and what could interest them is so important before you begin sharing your news
  • PART 2: A fully written out press release example for you to adapt. Simply personalise it and it’s ready to send to journalists. This will save you hours!
  • PART 3: An overview of how you can locate the essential contact information for the media publications and journalists you are planning to target
  • PART 4: Guidance on best practices for when contacting journalists and publications with your story – how to do it well and things to avoid!

A PR resource for pet photographers

The PR Guide would be helpful to any pet photographer who has been shortlisted. Whether that’s either as one of the top 100 or the top 25 in each of the Awards categories. Or, as one of the four Category winners or even as the Overall winner – the International Pet Photographer of the Year.

Being shortlisted in an international awards scheme such as The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards is certainly something to celebrate! So, if you’re one of those who have been successful this time, HUGE congratulations to you! If you invest in the PR Guide, I hope you find it useful.

You can purchase the guide here.