This article is for you if you’re a dog photographer, a fellow pet lover or are simply interested in dogs and photography…

To coincide with National Dog Photography Day, which takes place every year on the 26th of July, I’ve collated a list of pet photographers. These are dog photographers as recommended by you; members of my online community, the PR-Savvy Photographers group.

Thanks, first of all, to all those who took the time to nominate a pet photographer whose work they enjoy.

Also, huge congrats to you if you’re one of the professional pet photographers listed below who was nominated by a fellow tog! There’s a lot of love out there for your work!

What is National Dog Photography Day?

National Dog Photography Day is an awareness day that was established by dog photographer Kerry Jordan, of Fur&Fables, back in 2018. (You can read the story about how Dog Photography Day first went viral in 2018 here, on Kerry’s website).

Ever since then, the date 26th of July has become a global celebration of dogs!

Pet owners around the world jump on the opportunity every Dog Photography Day to capture and share pictures of their dogs on this day. Of course, it’s a great opportunity for you, if you’re a professional pet photographer, to share your pet portraits too!

Newspapers, magazines and blogs widely feature pet photography to coincide with the event. (I suggest that you get in touch with your local media now ahead of Dog Photography Day to be in with a chance of having your pet portraits featured).

Social media channels are usually flooded with pet photographs on National Dog Photography Day too. The hashtag #dogphotographyday usually goes viral. It’s definitely an awareness day worth jumping on the back of if you’re a professional pet photographer!

There’s a LOT of love out there for our four-legged friends, and Dog Photography Day is a great chance to show it!

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A celebration of dog photographers

As you can see from the examples of pet portraits shared in this blog, there are so many different styles even within the specific genre of pet photography. It’s been brilliant to be able to collate such a diverse range of work and to share them here for your enjoyment.

All the images shown below originated from the Instagram accounts of the pet photographers featured. Do click on the images and the links to their Instagram account and to their websites to find out more about them and their work.

Please also give those you like a follow and an appreciative comment. I’m sure they would love to have your support!

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Recommended professional dog photographers (as nominated by you)

Without further ado, here are the nominated pet portrait photographers as recommended by a number of fellow professional photographers in my online community.

I’ve listed them in alphabetical order. I’ve shared a publicly available example of each dog photographer’s work from their Instagram account.

Adam Gray of Kuba Studios

“I love Adam’s work with dogs, its clean and simple yet full of character!”

The words of Cass Davies of Boho Baby International

Alan Dukes of Alan Dukes Photography

“I recommend Alan Dukes because he is fantastic with pets and creates very soft, natural images that looks beautiful on the walls. They really capture the dogs personality.”

The words of Claire Howes of Atelier Creative

Amanda Voller of Amanda Voller Photography

“Amanda is a dog photographer extraordinaire! Her scenes she chooses for her dog portraits are exquisite, she manages to capture dogs at their very best and edits them into sublime works of art. If you have a pooch and you want an outdoor portrait – Amanda is your woman!”

The words of Clare Evans of Stork Photography

Charlotte Reeves of Charlotte Reeves Photography

“Charlotte is a great dog photographer and educator.”

The words of Diane Gollowitzer of Dogs In Focus Photography

Cheryl McElderry of Wishbone Weddings

“I recommend wishbone weddings because not only do they offer an amazing dog sitter service during a couples wedding day but they spend the time taking beautiful photos of the doggies in their care and also some with the newlyweds too! I’ve always been impressed with the stunning photos.”

The words of Karen McGowran of Tiny Baby Studio

Claire Howes of Atelier Creative

“I recommend Claire Howes from Atelier Creative. All of her images, across many genres are always so inspiring! Her pet photography is so diverse, yet she always captures the moment perfectly.”

The words of Alan Dukes of Alan Dukes Photography

Clara Allansson of Clara Allansson Photography

“I’m nominating Clara for having such a beautiful style, exceptionally high standards of quality, and for being somebody I look up to in terms of how she runs her dog photography business. The quality of Clara’s work speaks for itself, and if I lived in the same country as her, I’d hire her to photograph my husband and myself with our pack of 3 in a heartbeat. Clara manages to run her business alongside another job, and her clients all love what she does for them so much – a quick glance and her FB and Google reviews will show you. She’s an amazing photographer, dedicated businesswoman and somebody who I’m proud to call a friend.”

The words of Frankie Adamson of Hounds of Hong Kong

Craig Turner-Bullock of Furtography

“Craig’s dogoramas are very unique!”

The words of Diane Gollowitzer of Dogs In Focus Photography

Frankie Adamson of Hounds of Hong Kong

“I recommend Frankie because she is an extremely talented photographer who is also someone who is great at supporting others and is always there if you need someone to talk to about your crazy ideas. With her own business she’s not afraid to do her own thing and trying new things. She’s also an incredible wildlife photographer!”

The words of Clara Allansson of Clara Allansson Photography

Liz Gregg of Liz Gregg Photography

“I recommend dog and portrait photographer, Liz Gregg as the best dog photographer because her stunning photography is full of fun, creativity and life. I first saw Liz on Instagram about the same time that we got our first dog and I couldn’t believe how she could manage such amazing compositions with three dogs and sometimes more. Here’s a photographer who has superb control of her camera and the dogs she photographs all the while creating a stunning image with a well thought out setting.”

The words of Tricia Keracher-Summerfield of Portrayed Photography

Louise Farrell of Tell Tails Photography

“Louise is an excellent photographer, skilled in her craft. She is superb with animals, particularly dogs. She is patient and develops a good rapport with the dogs she photographs which enables her to bring out the dog’s personality in the photograph. Her photo shoots are always fun and relaxed.”

The words of Ann Aveyard of Ann Aveyard Wildlife Photography

Nicola Ptak of Nicola Ptak Photography

“I recommend Nicola Ptak Photography as she’s an all round amazing person! Her attention to detail with her studio dog portraits are just gorgeous. I love her lighting and she has an uncanny ability to put dogs at ease in studio and really get the best out of them.”

The words of Clare Evans of Stork Photography

Great examples of professional dog photography

One thing’s obvious from this list of dog photography pros…pet portraits can be adorable, hilarious and heaps of fun! Our four-legged friends certainly deliver in front of the camera in these examples. Aren’t they all so cute?!

Know of a dog photographer I’ve missed?

I’ll keep the nominations form open for a little while, and plan to update this article as and when new nominations are received. So, if you missed the initial deadline for submissions but would like to nominate a pet photographer who isn’t featured here yet, then please share your recommendations with me on my guest contributions page.

While the submission form remains active, you can nominate up to three pet photographers and both you and they will get a backlink to their site if chosen to be included.

If you’ve been featured, or if you’ve enjoyed this article, please share it. Thanks!

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Get featured in future blog posts

Thanks for reading and thanks to all those who nominated a pet photographer for inclusion in this blog about National Dog Photography Day. I love to help spread the word about talented photographers!

Psst! Look out for future opportunities to contribute to my blog and perhaps to have your photography featured in the future.

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