As a busy photographer, do you truly maximize every opportunity to boost your visibility? If not (and you probably don’t), consider this a reminder to do so. Try to make as much as you can from every good thing (big or small) that happens in your photography business.

Celebrating your business wins publicly not only boosts your visibility but also builds kudos and credibility. Your followers, fans, and customers want to hear your news—yes, really!

To give you a helping hand, in this article, I’m sharing visibility tips for photographers that I hope you’ll find useful, and three strategies for maximising potential reach.

What great things are happening in your photography business?

Whether it’s:

  • An award win
  • A new photography certification
  • A press mention or interview
  • An exciting collaboration
  • A new client
  • An event where you’ve been asked to teach or speak
  • Or something else entirely…

…ensure you make the most of every win in your business and tell more people about it!

Visibility tips for photographers

Sharing positive news about your photography business, and doing it regularly, is not boasting. It’s about acknowledging and recognising your achievements, and turning them as a piece of content to fuel your marketing and visibility strategy.

By highlighting your successes, you not only keeps your followers engaged but also attract potential clients who see your consistent progress and dedication to your work and business.

Regular updates about your achievements also help establish you establish yourself as an expert or even a leader in the industry, creating a ripple effect that can lead to more opportunities for collaboration, media features, and customer trust.

Remember, every win, big or small, contributes to the overall story of your business, and sharing these moments humanises your brand, making it more relatable and inspiring to your audience. So, don’t hesitate to celebrate the milestones and successes in your business; each one is a stepping stone towards greater visibility and future opportunities!

Potential benefits of sharing your business wins

Celebrating your wins publicly has numerous benefits:

  • Boosts Visibility: The more you share, the more visible your business becomes.
  • Builds Credibility: Publicly sharing your achievements builds trust and establishes your expertise in your field.
  • Engages Your Audience: Your followers and customers enjoy being part of your journey and celebrating your successes with you.
  • Attracts new opportunities: Increased visibility can lead to new clients, partnerships, and exciting media opportunities which could potentially transform your photography business!

Three ways to promote your wins

If you haven’t already maximised the potential exposure for something exciting that is either upcoming or has happened recently, take note of these visibility tips! Keep reading for three ways to do so:

Visibility Tips for Photographers #1: Promote it on marketing channels you control

The first step is to share the news on the channels you own and control:

  • Website: Create a dedicated page on your website to showcase awards, certifications, or press mentions. This page can serve as a centralised hub for your achievements.

    Include detailed descriptions, images, and links to third-party sites and press articles/interviews where relevant.

    For example, if you’ve won an award, write a blog post about what the award means to you and your business, and link it to the awarding association’s website where you are mentioned.

  • Blog: Write a detailed blog post about your win and publish it on your website.

    Pro tip – Don’t just say “I’ve won an award….”! Share the story behind the achievement – how it came about, what you had to do to achieve this, what it means for your business, and how it will benefit your clients.

    This not only better informs your audience about the significance of the win, and gives them more context, but also provides SEO benefits. Blogging is a great way to help more people discover your business through search engines.

  • Email: Send an email to your marketing list to inform them of your recent achievements.

    Try to come up with a compelling subject line to capture attention and provide a detailed update in the body of the email. Include visuals (you have so many, after all!), links to your website, and a call-to-action encouraging recipients to comment or even share the news.

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Visibility Tips for Photographers #2: Promote on social media

Social media channels are often the first place people go to to share their news, and it makes sense. If you have several hundred or even thousands of people following your photography business on Instagram, Facebook and others, there’s a chance a good number of people will see your news on there.

But, I’m recommending that you don’t post on social until you have already done so on your website or to your email list for a reason. I want to encourage you to prioritise populating your owned channels first. Otherwise, will you get round to it?

Be honest – you’ll probably post about your great news on social media and then move on to something else. Am I right? Unless you have a website-first mindset, it’s too easy to neglect your blog and your email list, so by doing that first – before posting on socials – you’ll have both bases covered.

So, when you are ready to share your news on social media, do so on all the channels that you have an active presence on. Remember too that there are many places to post, even within a single platform:

  • Instagram: You can utilise its various features such as Reels (video), grid posts, Stories, and Featured Stories to maximize visbility and potential engagement. For example, create a Reel highlighting the key moments of your achievement or use Stories to take your followers behind the scenes.

  • Facebook: Share a detailed post on your business page and personal profile. Use high-quality images or videos to attract attention and encourage your followers to share the post.

  • LinkedIn: Write a professional post about your win, focusing on the business impact and industry relevance. Tag relevant people and companies to increase reach and engagement.

  • YouTube: Create a video explaining your achievement, the journey behind it, and its significance. Share the video on your channel and embed it on your website and blog.

  • TikTok: Use short, engaging videos to announce your win and share snippets of the celebration or behind-the-scenes moments.

  • X (formerly Twitter): Tweet about your achievement using relevant hashtags and @ mention any partners or collaborators involved.

Visibility Tips for Photographers #3: Promote to Third Parties

Finally, consider broader outreach:

  • Media Outlets: Reach out to local newspapers, TV, and radio outlets. Highlight any community impact or unique aspects that make your story newsworthy to pique the interest of the journalists you plan to contact.

    If there’s a reasonable amount of information to convey, write a press release detailing your achievement and its significance. Alternatively, draft a short media pitch summarising the key points (a press release isn’t essential in every approach to the media).
  • Groups and Communities: Inform in-person and online groups or communities you’re a member of.

    Look for opportunities to submit your news to their newsletters, online forums, or regular magazines/columns. For example, if you’re part of a professional association, they might have a newsletter where you can share your win, if relevant to the readership.
  • Podcasts and Blogs: Offer to be a guest on relevant podcasts or contribute guest posts to industry blogs. Share your expertise and discuss your recent achievement to reach a wider audience.

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Practicing what I preach!

To illustrate one of the things I do to promote my own business wins: I have a decicated page on my website where I’ve collated all my podcast interview links. This page serves as a portfolio of my media appearances, and is something I continually add to.

In these interviews, I share valuable PR and marketing tips, making it a great resource for photographers keen to learn more about this topic. It’s also a way for me to highlight my expertise and build credibility. I also have a page listing my speaking experience.

Do you have something similar, like an ‘Awards’ or ‘In the Press’ page, perhaps? If not, it’s something I recommend you consider once you have a few things you could share.

Ready to implement these visibility tips in your photography business?

I hope the ideas I’ve shared in this article inspire you to share your wins and business successes more. Remember, every win in your photography business is worth celebrating—so let the world know!

Promoting your business achievements not only celebrates your hard work but also helps you connect with your audience and potentially attract new opportunities. So, what are you waiting for?! Think of one recent win you could start sharing today and get spreading the word!

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