As a professional photographer, how to get more photography clients is probably the question on your mind more often than any other.

The reality of running an independent photography business is that you have a high turnover of clients.

You need to keep the flow of enquiries coming in thick and fast. And to convert a decent proportion of those in order to fill those available slots in your diary, right?

Converting photography prospects into photography clients

Even if you aren’t exactly sure of your average conversion rate, it would be safe to say that you probably need to generate several enquiries at least (possibly many more) before you secure a single booking.

Which is where PR and marketing comes in…

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Continually marketing your photography business, and promoting your photography and your products and services, is essential.

Daily action is key to achieving that short-term goal of securing more leads and enquiries. And to the longer-term goal of growing your photography business.

And it will help you to get noticed by your ideal clients.

By making marketing a daily task, you’ll be far more likely to attract the number of prospective clients you need and to achieve your target conversion rate and hit your target sales.

Make a commitment to marketing your business daily

It’s not uncommon for photographers to dislike marketing and to procrastinate on marketing and sales-related activities.

I get it! It’s easy to put marketing tasks that you don’t enjoy on the back burner.

And even though you know that marketing your business should be a priority, it somehow regularly gets relegated to the bottom of the to-do list.

If you can relate to this, I’m not judging you, honestly. That’s totally ok to admit that we lose our focus sometimes.  We’re all only human after all.

We all have the things we like to do in our business and the things we don’t. And there’s always something else to do within your business or which demands your attention.

But a possible outcome of not regularly focussing on your marketing is that enquiries are likely to slow down and may even stop coming in altogether.

In case you haven’t already realised…

So, if you want to get more photography clients, or to sustain the high level of enquiries that you are attracting now, the best thing you can possibly do is commit to marketing your business daily to keep those leads coming in.

The importance of taking daily action

Make marketing a daily task to win more photography clients

When I’m talking about daily action here, I’m talking about strategic action that moves you one step closer to your goals.

Action which helps to promote your photography business to the people you want to serve, gets you noticed and helps you to secure more photography clients.

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Social media marketing is not the be-all and end-all

So, I don’t mean just spending time on Facebook or Instagram. We all know how much of a time-suck social media can be!

While regular social media posting and engaging with your target audience online is necessary, for sure, it’s easy to lose several hours each day on there as we all know. And social media is just one of the marketing channels that you should be focussing on.

Remember, there are many more marketing activities that you could be doing, aside from social media marketing, to promote your photography business!

Making time for marketing in your daily and weekly schedule

So if when reading this and you’re realising that you need to be doing more marketing, what’s the next step?

What if it’s just not feasible to spend some time every single day marketing your photography business? What then?

Theme your working days

Well, I recommend that you theme your working days in that case. That way, you can dedicate a specific day of the week, every week, to marketing your photography business.

Using my own PR and content consultancy business as an example, I aim to do something every single day that helps me to market my services. But if that doesn’t happen for any reason, I know at the very least that I have blocked off hours every Monday for self-promotion.

‘Marketing Monday’s are when I set aside time specifically for (you’ve guessed it!) marketing-related activities.

On these days, I don’t usually take client calls. I check in with the marketing goals I set myself for that quarter or that month, and make sure that I’m staying focused on the activities that I know will help me promote and move my business forward.

Focus on attracting more photography clients

So that could involve anything from :

  • Planning, creating and publishing blog content for my own website or guest blogs for other websites
  • Writing/editing copy on my website
  • Creating and scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts for the coming week, planning Instagram posts
  • Reviewing my web analytics to get up to date information about web traffic and most popular blog posts
  • Reviewing my email marketing; planning, creating and publishing new email campaigns, and creating new lead magnets or additional free resources for my subscribers
  • Considering what PR stories I could share with the media about my business
  • Reviewing customer feedback surveys to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Reaching out to new contacts to explore ways of potentially working together
  • Learning new skills, accessing paid courses or attending webinars to develop my marketing in new directions (e.g. video marketing)
  • And, many other things besides.

So how about trying to stick to a ‘marketing’ day yourself?

I really believe that if you aim to market your business every day, or dedicate one day of your week every week without fail, to marketing, then you’ll notice an improvement in the quantity and quality of your leads.

I think it’s the key to attracting more photography clients.

Honestly, since I’ve been doing this myself, I’ve really noticed a difference in my business.

In the past, I told myself I was too busy to find the time to do much of my own marketing. And I was busy.

But, since I’ve introduced Marketing Monday’s and have begun treating my own business with the same importance as I do a client account, I have managed to find the time to promote my business.

And guess what? I’m seeing the benefits!

I’ve managed to reclaim precious time which I guess must have previously been lost to, well, who knows? Social media probably?

Among other things, I’m now:

  • getting more online engagement
  • getting more sign-ups to my email marketing list
  • generating more regular content to help support my clients and followers
  • on the receiving end of more collaboration opportunities with other companies
  • attracting more enquiries from prospects
  • working with more clients
  • making more money
  • and, gaining more satisfaction with my work too.

By making a daily commitment to marketing my own business I’ve become more productive and more effective in my business.

How to attract more photography clients

Give it a try yourself and see if you notice the same results.

After a period of daily/weekly focused action on your marketing – perhaps 90 days (and I’ve written about the importance of quarterly reviews here)- I think you’ll find that you’ll be attracting more and better quality photography clients.

Do let me know how you get on by posting in the comments below.Opt-in Freebie