Creating useful marketing content, such as blog articles, is a great way to promote your photography business.

But in itself, it’s not enough to attract swathes of your perfect clients.

As well as creating the content, you need to be ‘marketing’ that content. And regularly.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my tips on how to promote your photography blog and reach more people.

Promote your photography blog content

After you’ve published your blog, sharing it once on Facebook (or whichever is your preferred social media channel) is not enough if you want it to get noticed.

You need to be regularly sharing it in order to gain the maximum possible return on the investment of time and effort that you spent creating that blog post.

And being creative in where and how you share it will help too!

How to promote your blog

I know you might feel a bit ‘icky’ about repeatedly sharing your content online. But you really do need to continually be promoting your content to keep yourself visible and to ensure you reach your target audience.

In fact, for every piece of content you create, arguably you should look to spend 20% of your effort on the content creation, and 80% on the content promotion!

You’ll want to ensure that as much as possible of the content you create is ‘evergreen’, meaning that it is relevant all-year-round and so is ideal for re-sharing throughout the year.

Are you promoting your content enough?

Although marketers like to argue about how many ‘touchpoints’ someone needs with your brand, it’s certainly correct to say that repetition is necessary.

It takes time for people with no previous exposure to you to come to know, like and trust you.

So, if you’re reading this and it’s already dawning on you that you’re probably not promoting your content enough, stick around as here’s a list that I hope will help.

The truth is that you can promote your latest blog post and increase the visibility of your content in so many ways.

Here I’ll introduce just some of the ways you can promote your blog content and reach more people.

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How to promote your photography blog post

In this article, I’ll be running through ways that you can promote your blog content.

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Use emails to share your blog content

Send emails when you publish new content

You can increase the visibility of your newly published content by sending it to your email list.

Don’t have an email list? Start one today – MailChimp is free and simple to use, so is likely to be a great option for you. Then, once you have a list – no matter how small – keep the list engaged.

Remember, people who’ve signed up to your email marketing list want to hear from you, so don’t be shy about keeping them informed if you have valuable new content to share with them.

Promote your blog post with email marketing

You can’t presume that they are regularly checking out your website. In fact, it’s highly likely that they aren’t.

So, send your latest blog to your email list (presuming it’s useful content and not just a sales pitch) to keep them updated and to continue adding value to them.

They want your free resources, tips and advice, so send it to them!

Re-send your email to the people who didn’t open it first time round

This is a great way of ensuring that more of the people on your list get to see your content.

The fact of the matter is, your open rate on your emails is probably 50% or less. Emails get diverted to spam or they simply get ignored, deleted or are missed.

The great thing with email marketing software like MailChimp is that it informs you of the open rate of your emails. And you have the option to re-send the email to those who didn’t open it the first time around.

This gives you a second chance to hit their inbox and for them to potentially view your email containing your helpful content. And it works!

I’ve found that a decent proportion of the people who missed mine or my client’s emails the first time do open it up on the second sending, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

I’d just advise that you change the email subject header before sending for the second time. MailChimp also recommends sending again within 24 hours of the first campaign.

Use your email signature to promote new blog content

Another great place to share your latest content is in your email signature.

Promote your blog post in your email signature

Chances are you send tens of emails every day. So, why not include a link to your latest article or video in the email signature? It’s a highly visible place to share links.

Include a link to a specific blog article. Or include a link to your blog homepage where people can enter your blog and discover your content from there.

Promote your photography blog with social media

Post on social media to get visibility in the newsfeed & in relevant groups

This step is hopefully a given since we all know that social media is a great tool for raising awareness and directing traffic to your website. Your target audience likely hangs out there every single day!

But when it comes to sharing your content on social media, don’t just post the once on each platform you’re active on!

Attract people to your website by sharing useful, compelling content that your target audience will find interesting. And do this regularly. Both on your own page and within any relevant groups (where posting links to your own content is allowed).

As well as Facebook, there’s, of course, the option of Facebook advertising and boosting posts as another way to promote your blog post and reach more people.

You can also include a link to your blog in your Instagram bio or use a tool like

Plus, there’s Twitter, Pinterest, and don’t forget LinkedIn which is potentially a great platform for you to reach your ideal client if you are targeting business people – perhaps you’re a corporate headshot photographer.

There’s also Google+ and your Google My Business listing as well. Posting there will help with the visibility of your blog post in Google search.

Schedule promotional posts on social media in advance

Facebook has an inbuilt scheduling tool which is incredibly easy to use.

With just a little bit of time spent on forward-planning, you can easily create a number of different social media posts that link back to a blog article you’ve created.

Schedule these to be published over the next few days, weeks or months, as relevant.

Schedule social media posts to promote your blog post

Similarly, you can now plan and schedule Instagram posts in advance, allowing you to continue to share a piece of content on there far beyond the date that you originally published it, and without having to remember to keep sharing it over time.

Tools such as Planoly, Buffer and Tailwind are great for social media scheduling.

Pin posts to the top of your social media profiles

Also, be sure to take advantage of the fact that you can pin a post to the top of your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Simply make and publish a post mentioning your latest blog, as normal, then select the option to ‘pin’ the post to the top of the page to fix it there until you change the pinned post at a later date.

Promote your blog post on Facebook

I’d recommend that you use this feature every time you publish something new.

When people visit your profile or business page, the first post they’ll see will be your pinned post – a post that they otherwise may have missed had they not gone on to scroll through your page feed.

Change your social media header images

Another thing you can do on social media that can be really effective is to make an update to your page cover images. Include an image that’s relevant to your new content and add to that copy that entices them to find out more.

You can also add a specific URL in your Facebook banner image description. So, why not use this feature and set the banner image to click through to your latest piece of content? Then simply update each time you have a new piece of content to share.

Add further value with a content upgrade

Once you’ve written your article, could you also create a ‘content upgrade’ a.k.a. a freebie such as a checklist (like the one available in this blog – sign up for it here), workbook or template?

This is a great way of adding further value to the reader of your article, and also gives you something else to promote.

Better still, you could create social media graphics (I use Canva) to specifically promote that content upgrade and add that into the mix of promotional posts you are sharing on social media.

If the blog alone isn’t attracting readers, perhaps the freebie will help. After all, anything free and that helps people to digest information quickly or save time is usually a winner!

Repurpose your blog content into different formats

Be creative and repurpose your content to increase its reach

What I love about content marketing is that there are so many ways that you can potentially repurpose a single blog post.

From just the one original article, you can create an infinite number of other content pieces. And by doing so, you can get incredible leverage and value for your business.

For example, you could:

  1. Write and publish a blog post on your website
  2. Then promote that blog by repurposing it into a Facebook Live (which would reach some of your Facebook followers – new audience no.1)
  3. Then you could download that video from Facebook and add that to your YouTube channel (new audience no.2) – a group of people who may never have otherwise discovered your written version of the blog.

You Tube video app on mobile phone

If you’re more comfortable creating video initially, simply reverse the process.

  1. Create the video – go live or share it on Facebook once its created
  2. Publish it on your YouTube channel
  3. Then have the video transcribed and use that to create a blog post for your website.

Having the blog available in multiple formats, like this, is a great way to increase potential views and engagement too. Content repurposing is a topic I’ll go into in much more detail another time, but can you see the possibilities?!

If you take this approach, it’ll help you ensure that your blog post reaches more people and gets many more views than it would otherwise.

So, my advice to you would be to get thinking. How could you repurpose your latest piece of content for other platforms?

Promote your blog content in high-traffic areas of your website

Which are the most visited pages on your website? Check your Google Analytics and you’ll probably find that it’s the home page and the about page. Therefore, these are great places to promote your latest content.

Does your website have a sidebar where you could have a list or eye-catching graphics relating to your latest blog articles? If not, where on these pages could you add something in?

How to promote your blog content

Ask for the share!

Get help from your followers, fans and community

You can potentially get your blog post seen by more people if you include a strong call-to-action directing readers on what you want to them do next. Just be specific – ask for the share!

Examples such as “share me with your friends”, “comment below”, “subscribe to my YouTube channel” or “sign up for xx freebie” will greatly increase the likelihood that the reader will do exactly that.

Use social share buttons

Similarly, to make this as easy as possible for them, ensure that you have social share buttons throughout your posts. Tools like Sumo make social sharing really easy. And another one I use is Click to Tweet – a great, free plugin that creates ‘tweetables’ which make social sharing on Twitter a doddle.

You simply paste a line of content into the Click to Tweet pop up window (perhaps a quote pulled from your blog) and it’s converted into a ready-written tweet which is embedded into your blog post.

When that’s clicked by a reader of your blog, they can share it quickly and easily on Twitter and it links back to your blog post. Here’s an example of one:

If you make sharing quick and easy for them, and they’ve enjoyed your content and feel motivated to share it, hopefully, they’ll take that extra step to share and help it to reach new audiences.

Promote your photography blog and reach more people

You want to get more eyeballs on your lovingly-crafted blogs. Of course, you do! So, I urge you to make content promotion part of your workflow. If you do, I’m confident that you’ll reap the rewards!

This list is by no means exhaustive. But I hope you’ll try out some of the promotional strategies I’ve shared and see what happens?

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on your Google Analytics to see what difference it makes to your web traffic. I think you’ll find that more shares will lead to more traffic, and hopefully, more enquiries to your business!

Let me know in the comments below what proves to work best for you.

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