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Using the media to promote your photography business is a great way to stand out from your competitors and build awareness of you and the services you offer.

And, if you’re keen to learn about Public Relations (aka PR) and how it can help you attract more photography clients, then you’re in the right place!

This round-up is a guide to what you need to know. It contains links to many PR-related articles, so it’s a great one to bookmark and keep referring back to.

I cover many topics related to PR and media relations, including the very basics of ‘What is public relations?’ right through to practical tips and free tools that you can use to generate press coverage for you and your business, starting today!

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PR 101 Using the media to promote your photography business

PR: The Basics

1.What is PR and why should you bother with it?

What is Public Relations and how can it help you to promote your photography business?

In this article, I share what PR is and discuss the benefits of PR to you as a photography business owner. If you’re new to PR, this is a great place to start.

2. Why your photography business needs a PR and content marketing strategy

You need a constant and steady supply of leads and customers. So, building your profile, raising awareness of your services, and getting visible among your target audience is one of your main priorities as a business owner. Which is where PR and marketing come in.

But, marketing without a strategy will have limited success. If you haven’t got a plan for how you’re going to use the media and your own blog to promote your business, you need to read this article.

3. Is media publicity the missing piece in your photography marketing strategy?

There are so many benefits to PR yet,  despite this, it remains a widely misunderstood and underused marketing tool!

If you aren’t including PR in your current marketing mix, perhaps it’s time to give it a go!

4. Why PR and content marketing go so well together

PR and content marketing are two things that I love doing and I love to talk and write about. Together, they are so powerful. In this blog, I explain why they are a great fit for each other.

I believe that you should have both a content and a PR strategy. And, that you should be focussing on both content creation and public/media relations in your photography marketing.

Confidence around self-promotion

5. Why are you not using PR to promote your business?

If you’ve read the articles above, you’ll now have realised that getting featured in newspapers, magazines, on radio or TV, on podcasts and on blogs or websites could be very beneficial to you.

But, so many business owners don’t put themselves forward for media opportunities. Something is holding them back.

In this article, I address the common fears people have around pitching themselves to the media, and I share tips on how to take the plunge and start using the media to promote your business.

6. Self-promotion tips for introverted photographers

Many photographers struggle to promote themselves and their work, but you don’t have to be an extrovert to be good at self-promotion!

It is possible to promote yourself in a way that feels good. In this article, I share my top tips!

How to find PR opportunities for your photography business

7. Three ways to secure free publicity for your photography business

Sadly, PR opportunities rarely just land at your door. So, if you want to be regularly featured in the media, you’ll need to know about three ways you can achieve this.

In this article, I explain how to use the media to promote your business successfully.

8. Don’t miss this free PR tool to secure publicity for your photography business

Everyone loves a free tool that helps with business growth, right?

In this article, I introduce you to a free tool that could prove invaluable for helping you to source publicity for your business. This one is a MUST READ!

9. How to use newsjacking to promote your photography business

In article no.6 (mentioned above), I introduced the concept of ‘newsjacking’. Now, in this one, I go into more detail about how to use newsjacking to generate media publicity.

Newsjacking is a tactic well worth implementing in your marketing. You’ll need to be on the ball and quick to strike when an opportunity arises, but you could be rewarded with valuable media publicity.

10. Six steps to securing media coverage for your photography business

In this article, I suggest that securing media coverage is simple. It’s just a case of following a six-step formula, which I break down in detail within this article.

Knowing how to use the media to promote your business is a common challenge, but this explains it all for you. Have a read and then try it out for yourself! There’s also the option of signing up for a FREE downloadable PR cheatsheet.

11. How to use national awareness days in your photography marketing 

National awareness days have long been used by PR professionals in the charity sector as a means of generating interest around a cause or campaign.

But you can also be promoting your photography business in a way that connects with seasonal or topical themes, events or campaigns (yes, even if it’s not actually anything to do with you). By doing so, you’ll potentially increase your chances of getting interest from journalists and/or getting yourself and your photography noticed online.

In this article, I share examples of awareness days that may help you. You can also subscribe here to receive a downloadable list of national awareness days happening in 2022.

12. How to get publicity for your photography business during times of crisis

Marketing and promoting your photography business is essential, even during the current pandemic.

Unsure of how to do it sensitively and effectively? Read this article for what I would recommend, plus I share practical tips and examples to inspire you.

13. Seven simple steps to securing Christmas media coverage

The media go into overdrive in ‘silly season’ and produce a bumper amount of Christmas-themed content. So,  journalists are often looking for Christmas stories, products and helpful tips for their readers and audiences.

In this article, I explain how you might go about securing Christmas media coverage for your photography businesses. But be warned, you may want to start thinking about this in July! Find out why in the blog.

How to successfully approach journalists and the media

14. How to find journalists’ contact details

Interested in approaching journalists with a photography project, some news, or perhaps expert comment?

Then, one of the first things you’ll need is the contact information of the journalists or media contacts you’re keen to reach out to.

In this article, I reveal how to find them!

15. Ten ways to become a more PR-Savvy Photographer

Since you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a professional photographer who is interested in learning how to use PR as a marketing tool to promote your business, so this article is worth a look.

In it, you’ll find ten tips that will help you to approach PR with the right mindset and how to achieve greater PR success.

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16. How to write a press release for your photography business

If you have a story you want to share with the media, a press release is a great way to collate and format all the relevant information.

In this article, I share my top ten tips for writing press releases journalists will want to read, based on my almost two decades of experience working in PR.

There’s also the opportunity to grab a free press release template that gives you a handy structure to follow.

17. Eight common PR mistakes photographers make (and how to avoid them)

When seeking publicity for your photography business, take my advice in this article so that you don’t make any of these common mistakes. Many other photographers do!

How to promote your PR successes!

18. Six ways to promote your media coverage

Once you have secured a press mention, be sure to tell as many people as possible. This is not the time to be shy!

In this article, I share the reasons why I believe that you should be promoting your media coverage, plus I list six ways that you can do this. The moral of the story is, be loud and proud about your press coverage and don’t be afraid to share it with everyone you know.

Want help with using PR to promote your photography business?

After reading these articles, I hope you’ll be interested in the idea of using the media to promote your business. But, if you don’t want to do it alone, I can help!

I offer a bespoke PR consultancy service for photographers, helping my clients to gain regular visibility in the media. If this is of interest, please get in touch to request my Pricing Guide and to enquire about my current availability.

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