Here, I’m sharing 29 creative marketing ideas for photographers tailored specifically for the upcoming Leap Day on February 29th.

Why? Well, beacuse the ‘extra day’ in the 2024 calendar, thanks to this year being a Leap Year, provides the opportunity to try something different in your photography marketing.

Much like using national awareness days to inspire content ideas, leveraging special occasions like a leap year can be a fun and effective way to promote your photography business.

Leap Day: 29 Marketing Ideas for Photographers

Ideas based on the ’29 ‘ theme:

1. Share 29 Days of Photo Tips:

Share a series of 29 photography tips, either daily throughout February, leading up to Leap Day, or on the 29th of February, emphasising your expertise.

2. Share your 29 Favourite Images:

On Leap Day, or throughout February, you could also showcase your 29 favourite images from your portfolio, or 29 images from a recent project. Post these on social media and encourage followers to comment and share their favourites.

All the better if you can provide context and information about why they are your favourite, so followers get a sense of your style.

3. 29 Days of Client Appreciation:

Throughout February, leading up to February 29th, you could feature a different client each day on your social media to show appreciation. Or share a different client testimonial every day for 29 days?

4. 29-Second Photography Tips Videos:

Another idea…Create quick, engaging videos with photography tips that are 29 seconds long for social media.

5. 29 Reasons to Hire a Photographer:

Nothing to do with the leap year itself, but why not simply be inspired by the number 29? For example, you could create a blog article highlighting the various occasions and reasons people might need a photographer. If you have 29 reasons, all the better! Or, try some other variation on this theme.

Listicle style blog posts (like this one!) are easy for readers to digest, since they can be quick to read.

Discounts and Special Offers

6. Leap Day Flash Sale:

Offer a special discount or package for bookings made on February 29th or for sessions to be held on Leap Day.

7. Offer a 29% Discount:

Continuing the play on the 29 theme, you could also provide a 29% discount for bookings or prints. This could be either applicable only on February 29th or extend this to the month of February or beyond.

8. 29 Days, 29 Discounts:

Alternatively, go even bigger! You could offer a different discount or promotion each day for 29 days in February.

9. £29 Donation Campaign:

Another idea is to pledge to donate £29 (adapt to your local currency) from session fees charged throughout February to a local charity.

10. Leap Year Referral Program:

You could also encourage existing clients to refer friends by offering a special leap-year referral bonus. This could be 29% off sessions or session fees reduced to £29, or some other variation of this theme.

11. Photo Print Sale:

Offer a limited-time sale on prints throughout February, or just during the week of Leap Day. Advertise it as a limited-time only opportunity for clients to purchase more of their images from their recent or past shoots as prints or wall art at a special discount.

12. Leap Day Giveaway:

Run a giveaway on social media where you offer a prize (or up to 29 prizes, if you’re feeling particularly generous!) during February or on Leap Day itself.

For example, prizes would include free prints, free sessions, free package upgrades etc. Prompt followers to enter by sharing how they can enter the giveaway.


13. Host an Event on Leap Day:

Events are great for boosting your visibility and making new connections. Host an in-person or online event or workshop on February 29th – the focus will naturally depend on your photography niche and your target audience.

Think creatively; everything from a free photography workshop to one-off paid mentoring sessions supporting other photographers, or a ticketed event or masterclass could work.

14. Leap Day Mini Sessions:

Create a special package for mini photo sessions available only on leap day or the month of February. Advertise it as a unique opportunity for clients to capture special memories.

15. Leap Day Pop-Up Shoot:

Similarly, organise a pop-up photoshoot event on leap day itself. Promote it on social media and offer discounted rates for on-the-spot bookings.

16. Leap Day Photo Walk Event:

Organise a spontaneous photo walk in your local area on leap day, inviting followers and clients to join you. This is an opportunity to capture portraits or headshots, or even family portraits, in a fun and interactive photography experience.

17. ‘Leap’ Into Spring Campaign:

Connect the leap year to the arrival of spring and offer special outdoor photoshoots. These could be exclusive mini photoshoot sessions, held on February 29th, and potentially at a special price or leap-year inspired discount (see points 6 and 7, above).

Blog and Email Marketing Content

18. Leap Day Photo Retrospective Blog Post:

Perhaps YOU have a personal story you could share linked to Leap Day? Maybe you proposed to your partner on a previous leap day, or the 29 February is your birthday?

If so, write a blog post reflecting on your past leap day experiences, sharing memorable moments to build a connection with your audience.  Share the post on social media too!

19. Leap Day Photography Collaboration Blog Post:

Partner with another local business and co-write a blog post about the significance of Leap Day to you or your customers. By collaborating with another aligned and non-competing local business, you can expand your reach and attract a wider audience while also improving your SEO through backlinks and cross-promotion.

20. Leap Day Email Marketing Campaign:

Send out an email to your subscriber list with a special Leap Day offer, such as a discount code for booking a session on the day or week of your choosing, or a limited-time offer on prints.

For wedding photographers

21. Leap Day Blog Series:

If you’re an engagement or wedding photographer, you may have clients who got engaged on Feb 29th. Although now an outdated notion that a woman should be proposed to, the leap year date is traditionally the date that women propose to their partners. If this applies to you, you could write a blog sharing stories of couples who chose to ‘leap’ into marriage on February 29th.

22. Leap Year Wedding Photography Package:

Staying with the wedding photography theme, you could design a special wedding photography package for couples getting engaged or married on February 29th.

23. Leap Day PR Pitch:

Craft a press release highlighting your unique perspective as an engagement or wedding photographer, emphasising the significance of Leap Day for couples. Share your expertise and experience. Reach out to local media outlets and bloggers to pitch your story for potential press coverage.

Social Media Marketing

24. Leap Day Countdown – Instagram Consistency Challenge:

Struggling to post regularly on Instagram? Set yourself the challenge of posting a photo or Reel every day throughout February. A 29-day streak could be the start of a whole new consistent approach to social media marketing!

25. Leap Day Instagram Takeover:

Partner with a local business or influencer for an Instagram takeover on Leap Day, where you share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your photography process and showcase your work to a new audience.

26. Leap Day Photo Contest:

Hold a photo contest on social media where participants can submit their best Leap Day photos. The winner could receive a free photo session or print.

27. Leap Day Flash Instagram Story Sale:

Post a limited-time offer exclusively on your Instagram stories on Leap Day. The flash sale could be on mini sessions or prints, available only for the next 24 hours.

Other Marketing Campaign Ideas

28. “Take the Leap” Portrait Series:

Develop a series of portrait sessions centred around the theme of taking leaps in life. Feature individuals or couples who have recently made significant changes or commitments.

29. Pitch to 29 Media Outlets or Podcasts:

Another way to use the ‘29’ theme is to aim to pitch to 29 media publications and/or podcast hosts throughout February.

Set this as a target, and hold yourself accountable to making one proactive pitch per day throughout the month. The result may be that you secure valuable publicity for your photography business through high-visibility press coverage and/or podcast interviews!

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Feeling inspired? I hope so!

These ideas are prompts, designed to help you capitalise on the novelty and timely relevance of Leap Day. Use them, or be inspired by them to come up with marketing ideas of your own.

Leveraging Leap Day as a prompt for one or more creative marketing campaigns could help you attract attention and bookings in the month of February and beyond. Good luck!

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