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How to promote your success in The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Caitlin J. McColl and Kirstie McConnell are the hosts of the hugely popular Pet Photographers Club podcast.


Introducing the Content Confidence Accelerator

Reading Time: 8 minutes

The Content Confidence Accelerator programme is an eight-week content mastery programme for professional photographers. (more…)

PR Tips for Photographers: Six ways to promote your media coverage

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen you secure a piece of press coverage mentioning you or your photography business, make sure you are making the most of it!


Quarterly Reviews: Goal setting and planning tips for photographers

Reading Time: 7 minutesAt the start of every new quarter, I highly recommend that you assess what’s working and what isn’t working in your photography business.


Finding my niche: Photography PR and marketing

Reading Time: 6 minutesDay in day out in my business, I work in photography PR and marketing. (more…)

Podcast Interview: The Pet Photographers Club

Reading Time: 3 minutes

So, this is exciting! An interview I did back in April is now live on The Pet Photographers Club podcast.


Guest blogging and SEO: A step-by-step framework for photographers

Reading Time: 10 minutesGuest blogging and SEO strategies should be high on your radar if you’re keen to ramp up traffic to your photography website and boost your perceived credibility online.


Why PR and content marketing work so well together

Reading Time: 3 minutesI believe that PR and content marketing are perfect partners. (more…)

Is media publicity the missing piece in your photography marketing strategy?

Reading Time: 8 minutesIs media publicity a key part of your photography marketing strategy? If not, I believe you’re missing a trick!


Using the media to promote your photography business

Reading Time: 6 minutesUsing the media to promote your photography business is a great way to stand out from your competitors and build awareness of you and the services you offer.


A new marketing mindset and business growth thanks to Betsan’s investment into content

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Betsan Evans of Celf Calon Photography is a documentary wedding, people and commercial photographer based in Swansea, Wales.


How I helped Georgina Edwards Photography transform her marketing

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Georgina Edwards is an award-winning baby, family and pet photographer based in Tunbridge Wells.


How to give your photography business a spring clean

Reading Time: 8 minutesAt the turn of every season, I get an urge to have a clear out. (more…)

Giles Christopher Photography: Ranking highly on Google for the very first time

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Giles Christopher is an award-winning food and drink, product and lifestyle photographer who creates stunning commercial and editorial photography and videography. (more…)

How to use awareness days to inspire photography content ideas

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Want to know why and how to use awareness days to inspire photography content ideas? Then read on.


Eight habits to boost your productivity in 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutesWant to know how to boost your productivity and achieve more in your photography business? If so, read on. I’m sharing eight productivity tips which will help you get more out of each day, and help you smash your 2021 goals!


My 2020 Review and 2021 Priorities

Reading Time: 10 minutesDoing an annual review of your business is something I highly recommend as so many useful insights can be gained from this process! (more…)

Content planning tips for photographers

Reading Time: 7 minutesIn this article, I’m sharing my top content planning tips for photographers. (more…)

How to promote your photography blog

Reading Time: 11 minutesBlogging is a great way to promote your photography business. But in itself, it’s not enough to attract swathes of your perfect clients.

As well as creating the content, you need to be ‘marketing’ that content, regularly! (It’s called ‘content marketing’ after all!)

Many photographers spend hours creating content but then fail to make the most of it once it’s published. These are the photographers who then write-off blogging, claiming it doesn’t work!

If you’ve tried blogging in the past and not achieved much from it, then read on. Here, I’m sharing tips on how to promote your photography blog and reach more people.

Allocate sufficient time to promote your photography blog content

Promoting your photography blog content is essential because you can’t rely on people just stumbling across your website and finding it.

While you’ve hopefully optimised your website for search engines, this won’t drive immediate traffic to your site. You’ll need to be doing far more than this!

After you’ve hit publish, I hate to break it to you but this is when the work begins!

Content promotion should actually be allocated double the amount of time that you spent creating your blog content in the first place!

Say you spent three hours to create a blog, the images to go with it, any multi-media to be included etc.  Then, you would ideally spend a further six hours getting the blog out and in front of your ideal photography clients!


How to promote your blog

You really need to continually be promoting your content to keep yourself visible and to ensure your blog gets seen. The online space is incredibly noisy.

More than 4 million blogs are published every day now, and yours needs a helping hand to have a chance of reaching your target audience and making the impact you want it to.

So, a question for you, are you promoting your content enough?

In marketing, ‘The Rule of 7’ states that people must be exposed to a brand and it’s message at least seven times before people take notice. It takes time for people with no previous experience of you to come to know, like and trust you.

So, if you’re reading this and it’s already dawning on you that you’re probably not promoting your content enough, stick around as here’s a list that I hope will help.

The truth is that you can increase the visibility of your content in so many ways, and here I’ll introduce to how you can promote your photography blog using email marketing, social media and more.

Don’t miss the free downloadable checklist that accompanies this blog – available in the freebie library. Sign up here or click on the image below to gain access. 

Join the PR-Savvy Photographers Facebook group

How to promote your photography blog post

1) Promote your photography blog on social media

Post on social media to get visibility in the newsfeed & in relevant groups

This is likely to be the first thing you think to do and is perhaps something you are already doing pretty well. After all, your target audience likely hangs out on social media every single day. So you know that you can attract people to your website by sharing it on the various social platforms you use.

You can either share the link to your blog content (where sharing links is possible) or direct people to your blog by mentioning it in social media graphics, live videos and ‘Stories’.

On Facebook, share a link to your photography blog on your Facebook business page (although the visibility of Facebook page posts is pretty dire unless you are advertising). There are also Facebook groups (only share where appropriate and where posting links is allowed). You may also have your own Facebook group and this is a good place to share your latest content. Facebook advertising is another way to promote your blog post and reach more people.

Promote your blog post on Facebook

On Instagram, you can include a link to your blog page or latest article in your Instagram bio (although the down-side of this is that you’ll need to update this regularly). A commonly used alternative is to use a tool like which creates multiple links – one of which could direct Instagram users to your blog article. Or, you can create your own customised web page on your own site, as I have done with mine.

Instagram provides a full suite of promotional tools so do use as many of these as you can. There are grid posts, IGTV, Stories, Instagram ‘Guides’ and Reels.

Plus, there are obviously other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Which platforms you choose to share your content on will depend on your photography business and your audience. LinkedIn would be a great one though if you are targeting the B2B community – perhaps you’re a commercial or corporate headshot photographer, for example.

Finally, while this isn’t strictly social media, don’t forget that you can also add updates to your Google My Business listing. Posting my blog posts on my own Google My Business profile leads to thousands of impressions per month! In this video I show you how:

Schedule promotional posts on social media in advance

There are a wide variety of social media scheduling tools now – some free, some paid. With just a little bit of time spent on forward-planning, you can easily create a number of different social media posts that link back to a blog article you’ve created.

Schedule these to be published over the coming days, weeks or months, as relevant.

It’s well worth batching your social media content as it means you won’t have to be constantly on social media and your blog is being published on autopilot! Tools such as Planoly, Buffer and Tailwind are great for social media scheduling.

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Schedule social media posts to promote your blog post

Pin posts to the top of your social media profiles

Also, this is a small thing but can really help to boost the visibility of your latest blog content; pin a post to the top of your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Simply make and publish a post mentioning your latest blog, as normal, then select the option to ‘pin’ the post to the top of the page to fix it there until you change the pinned post at a later date.

I’d recommend that you use this feature every time you publish something new.

When people visit your profile or business page, the first post they’ll then see will be your pinned post; a post that they otherwise may have missed had they not gone on to scroll through your page feed.

Change your social media header images regularly

Another thing you can do on social media that can be really effective is to make an update to your page cover images. Include an image that’s relevant to your new content and add to that copy that entices them to find out more.

You can also add a specific URL in your Facebook banner image description. So, why not use this feature and set the banner image to click through to your latest piece of content? Then simply update each time you have a new piece of content to share.

2) Share your blog content with your email list

Something you perhaps don’t do so consistently but is well worth the effort…sending a link to your blog out by email to your email subscribers.  They want your free resources, tips and advice. They’ve opted in, so send it to them!

Don’t have an email list? Start one today – MailChimp and Mailerlite are free and simple to use, so are likely to be great options for you if you’re just getting started. Then, once you have a list – no matter how small – keep the list engaged by sending them regular updates and encouraging them to click through to your website.

Remember, people who’ve signed up to your email marketing list want to hear from you, so don’t be shy about keeping them informed if you have valuable new content to share with them. Chances are if you’ve created a piece of content that you know they’d find useful, they’ll be grateful you sent it over!

Promote your blog post with email marketing

Re-send your email to the people who didn’t open it first time round

Don’t forget, your open rate on your emails is probably 25% or less. Emails get diverted to spam or they simply get ignored, deleted or are missed.

The great thing with email marketing software is that it informs you of the open and click-through rates of your emails, and you have the option to quickly and easily re-send the email to those who didn’t open it the first time around.

This gives you a second chance to hit their inbox and for them to potentially view your email containing your helpful content. And it works!

I’ve found that a decent proportion of the people who missed mine or my client’s emails the first time do open it up on the second sending, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Best practice is to send the email to those who didn’t open it first time round within 24 hours of the first campaign having been sent.

Use your email signature to promote new blog content

Another great place to share your latest content is in your email signature.

Chances are you send tens of emails every day – many to prospects and people who might want to know more about what you do. So, why not include a link to your latest blog article (along with any other useful links or resources) in the email signature?

Include a link to a specific blog article, or include a link to your blog page where people can discover all of your articles in one place.

Promote your blog post in your email signature

3) Secure media publicity on the topic

Another way to promote your blog content is to source editorial opportunities in the media to talk around your specialist subject or the specific topic your blog covers.

Pitch yourself by dropping journalists a brief email summarising how you could contribute. Outline the expertise you could offer or suggest a specific point of view or a personal story that’s either topical and newsworthy, or relevant in some way to their audience.

If you secure an interview or are featured in the press, you may get a chance to mention your business and any free blog content and resources. Always ask if this is a possibility at the interview stage and don’t wait for them to ask you.

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4) Guest blogging

Offering to write on other blogs is also a great way to share your blog content and expertise.

A useful technique is to write a blog post on your own site and then offer similar, but different, content on an external site, and then link back to your own blog post.

For example, you might create an article containing posing tips for brides and grooms and then write a guest post on mistakes couples make on their wedding day in relation to photography. I hope you can see that these topics are aligned (and could feasibly be interlinked), but are different.

Be careful to the websites you choose to blog for carefully. You won’t want to select websites with a lower domain authority than your own site. Ideally, guest blog on site which has a higher domain authority than yours and who have an established and relevant audience to your photography business.

5) Repurpose your blog content

Be creative and repurpose your content into different formats

What I love about content marketing is that there are so many ways that you can potentially repurpose a single blog post. From just the one original article, you can create an infinite number of other content pieces and, by doing so, you can get promote your blog and reach more people!

For example, you could:

  • Write and publish a blog post on your website, then promote that blog by repurposing it into a Facebook Live (which would reach some of your Facebook followers – new audience no.1), then you could download that video from Facebook and add that to your YouTube channel (new audience no.2) – a group of people who may never have otherwise discovered your written version of the blog.

You Tube video app on mobile phone

If you’re more comfortable creating video initially, simply reverse the process.

  • Create the video – go live or share it on Facebook once its created, publish it on your YouTube channel, then have the video transcribed and use that to create a blog post for your website.

Create a content upgrade to provide further value

Once you’ve written your article, could you also create a ‘content upgrade’ such as a checklist (like the one available in this blog – sign up for it here), workbook or template? This is a great way of adding further value to the reader of your article, and also gives you something else to promote.

You could create social media graphics (I use Canva) to specifically promote that content upgrade and add that into the mix of promotional posts you are sharing on social media.

If the blog alone isn’t attracting readers, perhaps the freebie will help. Valuable free resources that help your audience to digest information quickly, learn something or which saves them time, is usually a winner!

Having your photography blog article available in multiple formats like this is a great way to increase potential views and engagement too. If you take this approach, it’ll help you ensure that your blog post reaches more people and gets many more views than it would otherwise.

So, how could you repurpose your latest piece of content for other platforms? Has this got you thinking?

6) Don’t forget to promote your blog content in high-traffic areas of your website and in other blog posts

Do you know which are the most visited pages on your website? Check your Google Analytics and you’ll probably find that it’s the home page and the about page.

Therefore, these are great places to promote your latest content. Don’t just put it on the blog page! I share links to my blogs on my About page and have seen views significantly increase for those articles.

Also, consider whether your website has a sidebar or a footer where you could list recent blogs (or include eye-catching graphics relating to your latest blog articles).

Internal links are very important too and help Google to understand how your site is structured, so you should interlink one related blog post to another. This has the benefit of also helping website visitors discover more of your useful content. Plus, if the internal links are followed, this increases the amount of time that a person spends on your site overall – another positive signal to Google.

How to promote your blog content

7) Ask for the share!

A further thing you can do is get help from your followers, fans and community. Simply, ask for the share!

You can potentially get your blog post seen by more people if you include a strong call-to-action directing readers on what you want to them do next. For example, adding a call-to-action such as “share with someone who needs to read this today” will greatly increase the likelihood that the reader will do exactly that.

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Use social share buttons

Make sharing your blog article as easy as possible for them too. Use a plugin so that there are visible social share buttons throughout, or at the bottom, of your blog posts. Tools like Sumo make social sharing really easy. Another one I use is Click to Tweet.

If you make sharing quick and easy for your blog readers, they’ve enjoyed your content and feel motivated to share it, hopefully, they will!

Promote your photography blog and reach more people

You want to get more eyeballs on your lovingly-crafted blogs, of course, you do! So, make content promotion part of your workflow and dedicate enough time to it to do a good job of getting it out there.

This list is by no means exhaustive in terms of what you can do to promote your photography blog, but I hope you’ll try out some of them and see what impact it has.

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics to see what difference it makes to your web traffic. I think you’ll find that if you spend more time promoting your blog content and inspire more shares, this will lead to more traffic which could mean more enquiries to your photography business.

Let me know in the comments below which of the techniques above seem to work best for you at driving traffic to your blog. I’d love to hear what’s working for you.

Don’t miss my free blogging promotion checklist – available in the freebie library. Sign up here or click the image below to get immediate access.

Opt-in Freebie

What is public relations and how can it help your photography business?

Reading Time: 6 minutesHave you heard of ‘PR’ but are confused about how it could complement the marketing you’re already doing?

Are you actually wondering what is public relations and how it can help your photography business?

If so, then you’re in luck. Here I explain what you need to know about public relations and how you can use it to promote your photography business.

As you’ll also discover, there are many benefits to using PR strategies within your photography marketing.

If you aren’t yet seeking PR opportunities, you’re definitely missing a trick! PR can help you to build awareness of your work, your business and your photography services, as well as attract a wider audience, establish you as an expert and much more. Keep reading to find out how!

A definition: What is Public Relations (PR)?

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations says,

Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.”

To put it another way, public relations is a form of marketing that aims to encourage those who are important to your business (such as your clients and prospective clients) to form a positive opinion of you. 

It’s about putting your best foot forward, portraying a positive image and demonstrating your expertise – something you are probably already doing every day in your business.

Why should you use PR strategies in your photography marketing?

As a business owner, you naturally want people to regard you and your photography services in a positive light. Reputation is everything in business.

The great thing is that you can use PR strategies to get visible and to build a positive impression in the minds of potential customers.

Since people generally buy from those who they know, like and trust over and above complete strangers or unknown companies/brands, PR can play an important part in the sales process.

Yep. PR can help convert potential photography clients and buyers into customers. So, has that got you interested? I hope so!

How does PR help you to attract more photography clients?

So, digging a little deeper now, let’s talk about how PR helps to generate new leads for your photography business.

Over time, the positive reputation you build through PR can help you to attract clients and buyers as well as influence their purchasing decisions.

It comes down to the fact that PR can help build ‘know, like and trust’.


Ultimately, the first step is that you need to get visible; to get on your potential client’s radar. The more they are aware of your photography – your services, products, art – the more likely they are to recall you when they are in the market for your services.


Then, you need to manage your business and how you market and communicate in a way that forms a positive impression over time.


If you’ve given them reasons to regard you positively, then the more likely they are to trust you. This will influence whether their decision to work with you or buy from you.

So, you see, a positive reputation that you build over time can prove incredibly valuable to your photography business, and PR is all about building this positive reputation.

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Woman reading magazine

Other benefits of using PR to promote your photography business

As well as helping you to build awareness, likeability and trust, PR can help you also:

1. Educate or inform

Through PR, you can educate or inform others. You can share opinion articles, information and survey results to tell a story around a particular cause or issue that you are passionate about.

2. Position yourself

You can build up your reputation as a thought leader or expert within your niche through PR. For example, by securing numerous press mentions on a particular subject, you can position yourself as an authority.

3. Build credibility

By being featured by the media, for example, you are effectively being endorsed by the publication or media outlet. Since these are established and likely have a sizable following, and positive reputation of their own, this boosts your perceived credibility.

4. Attract people to you

PR can help you to attract new customers, prospects and fans. You could see a boost in your social media follower numbers, your email subscribers and online engagement with your content after being featured in the media.

Also, one piece of publicity can also lead to another. So, PR can help you to attract further media attention.

5. Create opportunities

Media coverage about your photography business can also potentially lead to exciting new opportunities. Simply as a result of being seen at the right place, at the right time, you could get noticed by potential business contacts and sponsors.

6. Boost your SEO

If you get featured on high authority domains such as news or industry websites, this can help boost your search rankings in Google. This alone is a huge benefit of PR.

7. Make more money!

Finally, I believe that PR will also help you sell more. It shouldn’t be relied upon to drive revenue, but in my experience, I know that an upsurge in sales for a product or service can be the result if it has benefited from the oxygen of publicity.

Newsjacking is a great way to get featured in the press

Is PR just media publicity?

No, media publicity is just one aspect of public relations.

There is so much more to PR than publicity, but publicity is likely to be the most relevant aspect of PR to you as a small business owner.

By getting featured in the media, you can secure valuable exposure that allows you to potentially reach a large number of people at once, and it’s completely free!

The audience you reach naturally depends on which media publications or programmes that you target. Whether you want to reach a large, international audience or have a very targeted, niche audience, there will be media outlets that can help you to reach the people who are important to your business.

How can you get started with public relations?

In my opinion, PR is a vastly underused form of marketing. I think that’s because many photographers don’t fully understand what it is, how it can help them, and how they can use PR to promote themselves.

Is this true for you? Do you stick to other marketing such as social media marketing, online advertising and content marketing rather than PR and media publicity?

It is certainly feasible for you to do your own PR and many small business owners do. My website has many PR blogs which I hope you’ll find helpful. You can also join my Facebook group ‘PR-Savvy Photographers’ to get tips, inspiration and PR opportunities, and subscribe to my freebie library which has PR templates and downloadable resources.

PR support for photographers

You can also choose to outsource PR activities to someone with expertise and experience.

All my clients are professional photographers. Typically, they enjoy the creative aspects of their business but don’t enjoy or have the time to manage all the promotional aspects.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you get visible in the media and create marketing content that attracts your ideal clients, take a look at my publicity and content marketing services and then contact me if you’d like to know more. 

I’ve 17 years of PR experience and have been working exclusively with professional photographers since 2015. I would be delighted to find out more about you and your photography and to see if we could be a good fit.

You can pin this article to read later or share using the buttons below. Thanks! Every single share is appreciated. 


Wondering what is public relations?
What is public relations? Why photographers should use PR
A definition of public relations

A free PR tool that could help you secure publicity for your photography business

Reading Time: 7 minutesDid you know that there are free ways to secure publicity for your photography business?


How to find journalists’ contact details

Reading Time: 7 minutesIf you want to use the power of PR to promote your photography business, then you need to start building relationships with journalists. In this article, I’ll be sharing how to find journalists’ contact details so that you can be reaching out to them with your news, stories and photography.


How to get publicity for your photography business during times of crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutesDuring times of crisis, marketing your photography business remains important. In fact, it’s arguably even more important than ever.

The Coronavirus pandemic, which we are currently in the midst of as I write this in early April 2020, has all-but closed most photography businesses for the short term. Yet, marketing-savvy photographers know that just because trading is temporarily on hold, marketing activities can and should continue. I take this view too.

The goal should now be to adapt as best you can and continue to market and promote yourself and get publicity for your photography business, to stay visible and top of mind.

This way, you will be taking positive steps towards helping your photography business survive the pandemic and be in the best possible position once you can open up again.

Is marketing and self-promotion appropriate during a crisis?

Some may take the view that marketing and self-promotion during a crisis should be the least of our concerns. But presuming you and your loved ones are safe and well, there is no shame in wanting to do what you can to protect your photography business for the longer-term.

Halting all marketing and going off the radar now, just as your clients and ideal clients are online in greater numbers than ever, and are seeking information, inspiration and connection more so than ever before, would actually be doing them a disservice.

You have knowledge, creativity and talents that are still needed right now, so do remember that keeping yourself visible is not only benefiting yourself but also those in your community.

Sadly, there are lots of people out there trying to make business owners feel guilty for continuing to market their products and services at the moment.

But my view is that as long as you are doing marketing in a socially-sensitive way, and are coming from a place of service and are trying to add value, then it is OK to do what you can to keep your business visible online.

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Publicity can help you to stay visible during the pandemic

You might presume that journalists don’t want to hear from business owners during a crisis; that publicity opportunities don’t exist if your business has nothing to do with the Coronavirus pandemic.

But, in fact, journalists are hungrier than ever for stories and they aren’t just interested in crisis-related news.

Certainly, in the past few weeks here in the UK, media consumption has sky-rocketed. People are spending more time online. They are seeking answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and they are turning to the media for that information.

There is more demand than ever for news and information so many publications have increased their output. Therefore, in contrast to what you might think, journalists can actually be short of stories at a time like this. Which is why now is a great time to focus on securing publicity for your photography business!

What journalists want from you now

Journalists want to hear from people and from business owners with something insightful to share. They have column inches to fill, stories to write and, as ever, they need your help. And, while the pandemic is the major story of the moment, journalists are interested in a wide variety of topics so there’s a lot of scope for getting featured.

For example, there’s a big demand for inspirational, happy and funny news stories to counteract the vast majority of negative stories. Some light relief is always welcome when times are tough!

I’ve noticed that most newspapers, are now making a point of featuring positive news and have created dedicated columns or sections for sharing uplifting stories. This is what the Telegraph is doing, for example. Similarly, the Daily Mirror currently have a ‘Coronavirus Community Corner’ – a double-page spread in the paper full of uplifting content.

These journalist requests below are also good examples of what is currently in demand and note the “desperately need…” sentiment in the first. Journalists are hungry for your news!

How to get publicity for your photography business during times of crisis

As I’ve been saying, during times of crisis there are still many opportunities for you to be featured in the media.

As ever, there are several ways to land publicity and I explain these in more detail in this article:  Three ways to secure free publicity for your photography business but to summarise, you can either:

1. Proactively pitch your news and stories

Create a press release or email pitch to summarise the key points of the story.

2. You can help journalists who are working on already-commissioned articles

Twitter is your friend here. Search the #journorequest hashtag within Twitter to find potential opportunities.

3. Or, you can use ‘newsjacking’ to make your business relevant to the current news agenda.

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Now, I’ll go into more detail about how you can make yourself relevant to the media and I’ll include examples of journalists’ requests, as shared on Twitter in recent days.

Newsjacking: Hooking onto the news agenda

News and stories related to the pandemic

If you have been affected in some way by the Coronavirus pandemic, you may have a personal or business story that could be of interest to the press.

The media are hungry for first-person accounts of how the pandemic is affecting small businesses. They also want your thoughts on the emerging situation and developments as they happen.

So, have a think about how you as an individual and as a business owner have been affected, and whether you have an interesting, unusual or, perhaps, slightly controversial story to share.

This is a technique known as ‘newsjacking’, which is a popular way to get publicity for your photography business. If selected to be featured, you could benefit from a mention in the press.


For example,

  • Have you had to cancel all of your bookings for the foreseeable and are now pivoting your photography business in order to survive the pandemic? You could share what plans you have for the short-term and how you anticipate it may impact your business in the long-term.How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example
  • Or, in contrast, is your business thriving in the wake of the pandemic? Have you managed to pivot your business or devise a way to generate revenue despite the challenges presented by the pandemic?

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example


  • Are you facing financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic? Or have you a story about surviving and thriving a previous crisis that could inspire others?

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

  • What is your perception of how the photography industry is adapting to the changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic? Could this potentially be a good thing for the industry in some way (this is an example of a potentially controversial view), and if so, how?


  • Are you the leader of a photography group or organisation? As a spokesperson for a group of photographers, what could you share with the media about how the photography industry is faring? What is your take on what support the photography industry needs at this time? What are the challenges photographers are facing and how are you actively involved in supporting them through this?


  • What are you doing to help your photography clients at this time of crisis? How are you supporting them and what policies have you introduced into your business to safeguard your client’s interests? For example:

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

Stories like these could interest the business media and general news media.


Alternatively, you may have a personal story that might interest the press. Personal stories are a great way to get publicity for your photography business!

For example,

  • Are you a parent who is now juggling school-aged children with working from home? You could share your experience, talk about the challenges and how you are adapting to this new routine.

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

  • Have you developed new skills in lockdown?

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

  • Have you started a home-based photo project, perhaps a photo diary documenting your experience of self-distancing or home-schooling? If so, what images and personal stories could you share?


  • Do you have a second area of expertise that is relevant in some way to the Coronavirus? For example, relating to fitness, self-care, mental health etc. Do you have any expert tips you can share with the media at this time when people are looking for this kind of advice and information?


  • Are you helping others in some way, such as your neighbours, members of your local community or fellow photographers?

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

These are all potential routes into the media based on linking in with the current news agenda.

News and stories unrelated to the pandemic

News journalists are largely focused on the pandemic right now, but others are planning articles and features that are in no way related.

Which means that there are still opportunities for you to secure publicity for your photography business even if you don’t have a Coronavirus related story to share.

How to get publicity for your photography business - journorequest example

Your local radio station, newspaper and lifestyle magazine will have core features that they run regularly which are not impacted by the news agenda.

Editors still need strong stories and quality photography. They always need news, expert comment and tips, insights and anecdotes and people to interview about topics unrelated to the pandemic.

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Similarly, bloggers are still welcoming guest posts, podcast hosts still want people to interview, online news and media sites want information unrelated to the Covid-19 crisis. The opportunities are still very much there for the taking.

A word on ‘lead times’

If you know anything about how the media work, you’ll know that the lead times for magazines can be anything from two to six months. So, features are being written now for publications which won’t be out on newsstands until the end of the year.

For example, Christmas editions of national magazines are usually compiled in July/August. Summer editions are wrapped up at the start of a new year, and ‘back-to-school in September’ related features are all done and dusted by the previous March or April.

I mention lead times because they are an important consideration when pitching the media. Don’t stop putting yourself forward for PR opportunities now in fear that it’s inappropriate during a global pandemic. The results of your hard work may not be seen until further down the line when, hopefully, this will have all blown over.

Publicity for your photography business during times of crisis

There is no shame, as a business owner, in wanting to stay visible throughout the pandemic. PR is a great way to leverage the power and reach of the media to reach new audiences and to remain top of mind, so I highly recommend that you continue to seek out publicity for your photography business.

Just be sensitive in your communications, empathise with your audience and seek to help. Serve your audience with useful content, create opportunities to connect with them and provide what they need. Come from a place of service and you’ll be on the right track.

Have you been featured in the media since the Coronavirus outbreak? I’d love to hear about it. Do get in touch via the comments below.

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