Take a moment to consider who you’d describe as your ‘perfect photography client’.

Would you say that the majority of the people you work for currently are the perfect match for you and your business?

Yes? Perhaps? Maybe? Sometimes? No? Never?

Well, if not, chances are that your current marketing is not specific enough. And as a result, you’re not effectively reaching and attracting the right kind of people.

Your perfect photography client

I’d hazard a guess that the kind of clients you want to work with are the people who appreciate your creativity and adore your unique creative style.

They book you without questioning your prices – without haggling for discounts on your packages or asking for extra digital images to be included for free.

They pay their booking fees promptly and turn up on time on the day of the photoshoot.

They are so enthusiastic about what you have done for them that they won’t hesitate to tell their friends and family all about you.

And they become a customer for life. They want to come back to you again and again, and wouldn’t even consider using any other photographer.

Everyone wants that kind of client, right?!Photographer with camera to face

Well, these people are actually out there, somewhere! Even if it feels sometimes that they don’t even exist because the type of clients you attract are different to your ideal.

The simple truth is, you need clarity about who your perfect photography client first is in order to effectively reach and attract them.

The right people will only hire you as their photographer if they identify with your marketing messages and feel that you are speaking directly to them.

Tactics with no strategy

The root of this common problem is that you probably started up your photography business with great excitement and anticipation.

You began by doing all the things that you thought you needed to do. The Facebook posts, the occasional blog, the hashtags, the Facebook live videos. And it has worked… to an extent.

You’ve got clients. People are coming to you to have their portraits taken, or to have you document their wedding day. Being a business owner wasn’t initially as hard as you had imagined it would be!


But, wait. After a while, you’ve become so busy serving clients who aren’t really the kind of people that you set out originally to attract. Then, before you knew it, you’ve now found yourself running a business which is nothing like the one that you had envisaged.

One that is frustrating and overwhelming, and not as rewarding as you had hoped it would be.

You are working with people you don’t want to be working for.

What’s worse is that these clients are recommending you to their friends – who also aren’t your perfect photography client – and the process starts all over again.

You’re having the same problems cropping up repeatedly, and you’ve ended up in a vicious circle that you don’t know how to escape from.


This is a huge problem for you because:

  • Those clients aren’t enjoyable to work with.
  • They aren’t truly invested in their decision to work with you.
  • They aren’t committed to you and are comparing you to other photographers based on arbitrary factors, like cost.

They aren’t appreciating your value.

And the upshot of that is that you are getting nowhere fast with building the creative business of your dreams.

You’re confused and frustrated and know you need to make a change to get yourself out of this hot mess, but you don’t know how!

The first, essential step in growing your photography business

Defining who exactly you want to target is crucial. But it’s often a missed-out step in the strategic process of building a thriving photography business.

You may well have considered your target audience before. And perhaps even put pen to paper about who this person is.

But you probably haven’t gone so far as creating an ideal client profile. At least, not one that is more than a list of vague demographics.

Your ideal client profile is one that actually describes your perfect photography client in great depth.

  • It takes into consideration their specific frustrations, needs and desires
  • The people and media who influence them
  • The way they see the world
  • Any previous experiences that they may have had with professional photographers
  • Their fears and reservations about potentially hiring you
  • And, their underlying values that drive their purchasing behaviour.

So, if you haven’t considered all of this, chances are you only have a rather vague, wishy-washy description of your perfect photography client.

And when doing your marketing up until now, you haven’t been focused solely on this one, highly critical person to your photography business.

Strategic marketing

  • You aren’t keeping your perfect photography client in mind when crafting your marketing messages.
  • You aren’t placing that perfect photography client at the heart of everything that you are doing with your marketing.
  • And you aren’t deliberately repelling those who don’t fit your perfect photography client profile, as you should be.

If you’re honest, you’ve lost your focus and your business is starting to drift in a direction that you didn’t intend.

Well, let’s take control of this situation right now!

Learn to define and market to the client of your dreams

In order to effectively market your photography business to the right kind of clients from now on, you need to first define who they are.

I have a free workbook which will help you to map out exactly who your perfect photography client is. Completing this will help you to define, visualise and truly understand the people you are really trying to connect with. And it will allow you to move forward with marketing your business with greater clarity and purpose than ever before.

This and other free PR and marketing resources are available to you as a subscriber. Click here or on the image below to sign up.


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