PR and marketing services for photographers

Publicity and content creation for photographers

Courses and Training Workshops

Educational resources to help you boost your PR and marketing

Are you wanting to learn how to take your photography PR and marketing to the next level?

I run quarterly content planning workshops created especially for photographers who are looking for expert help, tuition and support.

In 2023, I’m also putting together a series of courses and trainings on everything from PR basics through to copywriting, effective blogging, SEO and all-things content creation.

I have 19 years of PR and marketing experience, and live and breathe content marketing for photographers, but have previously only offered done-for-you services for a limited number of photo pros.

By extending my range of services, I hope to share my knowledge and help you upskill so that you can get better results from your photography marketing too!

  • One-off training events and live experiences

  • Pick and choose from a library of professional online courses

  • All created exclusively for photographers

  • An affordable way to work with me

  • Covering the topics you need to know about in order to thrive online

Done-with-you Content Planning

Bespoke help to get your Quarterly content plan sorted

Are you in need of help to get a marketing content plan fleshed out?

If you’re looking for more personalised help than what I offer in my group content planning workshops, get in touch to enquire about my 1-2-1 content planning sessions. N.B. These are subject to availability.

During our time together, I’ll work with you to flesh out a strategic quarterly (3-month) content plan that’s bespoke to your photography business, or provide feedback on your existing content plan, and further content ideas and inspiration.

With a strategic content plan, and your marketing content ideas all mapped out for the months ahead, you can say bye bye to overwhelm and sporadic posting, and hello to consistent visibility and better results from your marketing efforts!

  • Bespoke content planning support, tailored to your photography business

  • Dedicated time with me to focus on your marketing content

  • Exclusively for photographers

  • Work with a content strategist who specialises in photography marketing

Strategy Days

Bespoke PR and Marketing support

A strategy day can be held either in-person or online, and is a chance for you to access my help without the ongoing commitment of a monthly retainer.

A strategy day is bespoke to you and your photography business, and we can cover any topic related to PR and content marketing. This can include media publicity and journalist outreach, content ideas for social media, keyword research and SEO, email marketing and more!

Strategy days include 5 hours together; usually held 09:30 am – 12:00pm (GMT) and 12:30pm – 15:00pm (GMT) or they can be arranged to be held over two days.

The morning will be typically spent reviewing your current strategy and existing content, and brainstorming potential opportunities. We’ll also review your current messaging, and develop a plan based on your vision for your photography business and your dream-fit clients.

The afternoon session is when we map out a new PR and content strategy and plan for your photography business. You’ll come away with a schedule to follow and implement, ideas and clarity!

  • One-off support – either online or in-person (if local)

  • Five hours together focused on your PR and marketing strategy

  • Available exclusively to photographers

  • Get my support without commiting to an on-going retainer

  • Bespoke session, tailored to your unique photography business

‘Done-for-you Keyword Research

Outsource your keyword research to me!

Looking for help with your SEO?

My ‘done-for-you’ keyword research service is perfect for photographers who know that keyword research is not something they want to do or know how to do.

If you currently don’t know how to identify which keywords to target to rank better on Google, it’ll save you the headache of having to learn SEO or to pay for SEO training, and so much time!

Yes, imagine! Finally you won’t need to waste time guessing which keywords your ideal clients are typing into Google! You’ll know exactly which keywords to target in your website copy and blogs.

  • Bespoke support tailored to your unique photography business

  • A one-off service – no long-term commitment

  • You’ll receive a detailed report with more than 50 keywords to target so you’ll know how to move forward with your SEO

  • No more wasting time and effort optimising your website for keywords no-one is using!

‘Done-for-you’ PR and content

Outsource your marketing to me!

Ready to take the marketing of your photography business to the next level?

My ‘done-for-you’ service is perfect for established photographers who are running busy businesses, but who are conscious that they are dropping the ball when it comes to marketing.

With 18 years of experience as a PR consultant, and as a specialist in photography marketing since 2015, I can be your outsourced PR and Content Manager, handling the day-to-day tasks associated with promoting yourself and your photography.

I’ll take on the marketing and promotional tasks that you procrastinate on or don’t know how to do, and boost your business by providing a fresh approach and expert eye on how you could do things better.

I will bolt on seamlessly to your existing team, whether it’s just you, you and your partner, or you and a team.

  • Bespoke support tailored to your unique photography business

  • Practical support and hands-on help

  • You can feel safe in the knowledge that your PR and marketing will be done each and every month

  • Most suited to portrait and wedding photographers who are consistently attracting clients and are looking to up level their business by outsourcing

Plus, coming soon

Group Coaching and Mentoring

The Content Confidence Accelerator programme

Whether content marketing is new to you, or whether you are already creating content and perhaps even have been featured in the press before, my coaching and mentoring service can help you to boost the impact of the marketing you’re currently doing.

I can be your expert guide in how to strategise, plan and implement content marketing in your photography business.

I’ll demystify marketing and make you realise that it needn’t feel overwhelming! I’ll ditch the jargon, and break things down in clear and simple language, providing you with an insight into my tried-and-tested processes so that you can use them in your own business.

I’m completely committed to transforming your approach to PR and marketing so that it feels easier and is working harder for you, generating tangible benefits to your photography business.

  • Support available in a small group setting, along with other professional photographers

  • A framework to follow based on my 18 years of practical marketing experience

  • Resources to deepen the learning

  • Personalised feedback from me on your content

  • Accountability to help you stick to your goals and hit your marketing targets

DIY’ing your marketing?

Community, Tips and Printables

I run a busy Facebook group which is a private international community of professional photographers.

Come and join in to pick up free tips, advice and to connect with other photographers from around the world

I also offer a growing library of free PR and marketing resources including checklists, templates and swipefiles designed specifically for photographers.

  • Join the PR-Savvy Photographers Facebook group

  • Subscribe for weekly PR and marketing tips, news and articles

  • An extensive library of free printable resources designed to get you started with PR and marketing