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Whether you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday present, in this post I’ve got some handy gift ideas for professional photographers.

If you’re a professional photographer and are treating yourself (I’m not the only one who has to buy my own presents, right?), or if you’re shopping around for the professional photographer in your life, I hope you find this list of eight gift ideas useful.

Please note: This article contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something via some of the links shared below, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend these products because I love them and think you will too! 

Gift ideas for professional photographers

Gifts ideas for professional photographers: Up to £50

1. Business/marketing books 

If you’re looking for a gift for less than £20 for a photographer or a small business owner, then I’ve got lots of business and marketing book recommendations for you.

A book is a wonderful Christmas gift and can provide inspiration and advice, and teach new skills.  Head here for my top business and marketing book recommendations.


2. EIGHT FEET by Graeme Purdy

Sticking to the theme of books, anyone with an interest in photography and wildlife will love Graeme Purdy’s fine art photography book, Eight Feet, which is available to buy from his website or on Amazon for £35 plus P+P.

This is a limited-edition book of 30 stunning close-encounter wildlife images. In timeless black and white, the book features a selection of Graeme’s finest wildlife photography, all captured within eight feet or less of some of the world’s most dangerous animals, including lions, hippos, gorillas, elephants and buffalo!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graeme this year to build awareness of his photography and to promote EIGHT FEET and his guided African safari tours. He’s a fascinating guy and his ‘up close and personal’ imagery is literally stunning!

Another great thing is that he’s also contributing proceeds from the book to the charity National Park Rescue, which works hard to limit the devastating impact of elephant, rhino and lion poaching.

To view a behind the scenes of how EIGHT FEET was created and to get at taster of the content in the book, and to buy your copy, visit his website. Join more than 28,000 others by following him on Instagram too.

The book has been featured this year in the Red Bull Bulletin, The Sun newspaper, The Irish News, Photography News and Practical Photography to name just a few. WI Life magazine also featured it as the ‘Best Nature Book’ in their Christmas book gift guide, describing the images as “mesmerising”!

3. Photography Magazines – various

Photography magazines are also a great gift idea for photographers.

An annual subscription to monthly photography titles is an affordable gift and will deliver your recipient a welcome dose of inspiration, news and industry insight every single month.

Woman reading magazine

I particularly love gifting magazine subscriptions because in doing so, you can support the fledgeling publishing industry. By taking out a subscription or by buying regular copies, you’ll be doing your bit to help ensure that these fascinating publications will still exist in printed format for years to come.

While many magazines do publish some or all of their content online if you ask me, you cannot beat the value of a hard-copy landing on your doormat each month. It’s a gift idea that keeps on giving!

Practical Photography, Black & White Photography, Digital Photographer and Digital Camera World are just some of the popular photography magazines you could choose from.

4. Canva E-book & Lead Magnet Templates

Chances are, you’ve discovered the free online design tool, Canva, which is a fantastic resource for every small business owner looking to cheaply and easily design and create graphics for their marketing.

Well, while Canva has some brilliant in-built templates available, the range is limited. You may end up getting frustrated with the lack of graphics and documents that are stylistically aligned with your brand’s look and feel.

If you’re an experienced Canva user, developing your own templates is possible. But if you’re new to Canva there is a bit of a learning curve. Sadly, it’s nothing like Photoshop!

However, you can buy pre-designed templates to make using Canva quicker and easier to use. For less than £50, you can buy this E-book and Lead Magnet Template kit which is perfect for designing all your freebies, digital downloads, client worksheets and more!

I use this myself to create my freebie checklists and workbooks and have found it very easy to use as well as incredibly helpful. No more amateur-looking documents. Everything looks fresh and stylish!

This template kit would be a great investment for you or your photographer friend if you/they want smart-looking documents and don’t want to waste hours on designing these from scratch.

Buy the E-book and Lead Magnet Template here.

Gifts ideas for professional photographers: £50-100 

5. Camera bags by Mapp of London

If you or your photographer friend are in need of a new camera bag, then look no further than Mapp of London. This lovely range of luxury leather camera bags is designed and created by photographer, Emma Mapp.

I met Emma back in 2016 and went on to become the owner of her gorgeous Cobalt Blue camera/travel bag. I absolutely love it!

The full product range includes camera bags as well as camera straps and accessories, so there is plenty to choose from and everything is super stylish and comes in colours that’ll make you swoon!

Free shipping is available within the UK.

View the full range here.

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