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If you struggle to know what to write about on your photography blog or on your social media channels, then have you considered using national awareness days as content prompts? If not, I highly recommend it!

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen, knowing that you need to create content to promote your photography, but not having a clue what to write. Right?!

This is when awareness days can prove so valuable. There are many hundreds of awareness days happening each and every year and one hundred or more each month. So, that’s hundreds of potential topics that you could piggyback on as a content idea!

Quarter 4 national awareness days guide

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Awareness days are invaluable as content prompts

An awareness day based on a particular theme or topic could perhaps be all you need to come up with hundreds of photography marketing content ideas throughout the year.

Used literally as prompts, you might find that the theme of a particular awareness day, awareness week or monthly awareness campaign inspires you and sets the cogs in your brain turning. You might go on to recall a story worth sharing with your audience on that theme or topic, or you may conjure up a memory of an experience that might interest them, for example.

Simply because of the variety of awareness days that are happening each calendar month, I’m confident that if you applied yourself and open your mind to the possibilities of how awareness days might be helpful to you, you’ll be able to make them work for your photography business.

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Grab your free guide to 2022 awareness days

Before I get onto the list of November awareness days that you might want to look out for in 2022, do take a minute to grab my free printable guide of awareness days. There are literally hundreds in there!

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November Awareness Days

Grabbed your awareness days guide? Great! Let’s get started!

If you’re reading this around the time this article was originally published, now’s the time to start creating content for your photography marketing channels for November!

In November, there are many awareness days and campaigns, so I’m confident that you should be able to find some that are relevant and could inspire content ideas you’ve not thought of yet.

Month-long awareness campaigns in November

There are month-long campaigns during November including

  • Movember (men’s health)
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  • Veg Pledge
  • Mouth Cancer Action Month

Woman sitting at a desk using her phone

If you’re personally doing anything to support any of the charitable campaigns running in November, then it would be a great time to mention it on your social media channels. By doing so, you could potentially drum up some additional support or sponsorship funds. 

Alternatively, perhaps you have a personal experience you could share, or know of someone – maybe a family member or friend –  who has been affected by some of the health issues these campaigns are raising awareness of.

Sharing a story or something you’re keen to make others aware of – in relation to these experiences – is a great way to help put the spotlight on these issues. It can also serve to help build further know-like-trust with your audience. 

Awareness days and week-long campaigns in November

Now, let’s focus on November awareness days and week-long campaigns. There are around forty key dates in November including the following (be sure to grab the free guide for the full list):

*Please note that the dates below apply predominantly to the U.K. in the year 2022, and are subject to change year on year. Although they are correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication, please check the dates of any awareness campaigns you plan to use.

Week-long campaigns in November include:

  • International Stress Awareness Week (from the 7th)
  • Talk Money Week (from the 7th)
  • Alcohol Awareness Week (from the 11th)

  • Anti-bullying Week (from the 14th)
  • Sugar Awareness Week (from the 14th)
  • Road Safety Week (from the 14th)


Awareness days in November

2nd November

  • National Stress Awareness Day – We all experience stress in our day-to-day lives to some degree, so the theme of stress is a relatable one which makes it great as a potential theme for content.

    You could share an educational post linking the theme of stress to your photography business. For example, “Five ways I make your (your niche) portrait session stress-free”. 

    Alternatively, you could create a more you-centric post, sharing a situation that stressed you out in the past and how you overcame the problem or made a decision that allowed you to move forward. For example, “A few years ago, I was trying to decide on my niche and found having to decide between weddings and family photography stressful. This is what happened next…”

    You could even create and share a humourous post on the theme of stress (by sharing a funny, relatable meme or gif that would resonate with your audience). A post based on the theme of stress needn’t necessarily be super-serious. 

    How you approach this topic will ultimately depend on the message you want to convey, but positive posts containing tips or stories of overcoming stress-related adversity would be wise rather than talking more negatively. Always give your audience something positive to take away from the post, such as a practical tip, a tool or a lesson. 

13th November

  • World Kindness Day – Again, the theme of this awareness day is something that you could easily apply to your marketing content. You could perform an act of kindness, for example:
    • Perhaps give a shout-out on social media to customers, suppliers, and/or fellow photographers you admire
    • Maybe recommend other small businesses?
    • Why not reshare Instagram posts that might help your online audience or suggest other accounts for them to follow?
    • Give someone a heartfelt compliment (either privately or publicly)
    • Leave a testimonial for someone’s service that you’ve recently experienced and enjoyed.
There’s so much you could do in the spirit of spreading some kindness on World Kindness Day!

14th November 

  • World Nursery Rhyme Day – An ideal one for baby and family photographers! This is a light-hearted awareness day that you could theme a piece of marketing content around.

    Maybe share what your favourite nursery rhyme was as a child. Tell a story about what the rhyme means to you, or discuss an occasion or event in your childhood that you remember that gives an insight into your upbringing and view of the world.

    You may also have a Spotify playlist of nursery rhymes that you use in your baby studio sessions – perhaps you could share it with the parents who follow you.  Camera on a white desk with pink flowers

15th November 

  • Entrepreneurs Day – This November awareness day presents a chance for you to talk about the topic of entrepreneurship.

    Why not share how your photography business came to be, who/what inspired you to set it up on your own, or talk about your entrepreneurial journey? People love to be given a behind-the-scenes insight into the businesses they follow.

24th November 

  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day – What unique talent(s) do you have? I’m sure there’s something! This is the day to talk about it.

    If your talent is to one related to photography, you could use this awareness day as an opportunity to highlight your skills in a particular aspect of the work you do.

    For example, what makes you incredible at capturing the perfect moment? Are you a fiendishly good Photoshopper and, if so, could you create a short demo video of how you transform your images in the post-production stage? Or, are you incredibly gifted when it comes to working with children? If so, then show and talk about this in your marketing content.

    Alternatively, use the theme to inspire a piece of content on non-work-related talents. Reveal a bit more about you as a person, about your hobbies or interests outside of work.

    Perhaps you’ve raised an incredible amount of money for charity or have achieved something significant that helps to give your followers more of an idea about who you are as a person. That’s all good fodder for content!

25th November 

  • Black Friday – Love it or hate it, Black Friday is a big event in the annual calendar.

    If you sell off-the-shelf photography products, such as photo calendars, perhaps you might be running a Black Friday offer to boost pre-orders or sales.  Alternatively, you might decide to do a discounted bundle for your photography services – offering them in packages or at a special price for this one day only.

    You can make vibrant and engaging social media graphics easily using a tool like Canva* (affiliate link), and share these in the lead-up to Black Friday and on the day. Canva has lots of free templates which would be ideal if you are running a Black Friday promotion.

    The only thing to be aware of though is that on Black Friday a LOT of content will be created by companies and brands around the world, so you could find it tricky to get much visibility for your content on this day.

    With that in mind, an email campaign might work better than a social media campaign since you’ll actually be landing in people’s inboxes then, rather than battling to be seen amongst the sponsored ads on Facebook, for example. 

November awareness days can inspire tons of content 

I hope that this may have helped to show you how you can use some of the November awareness days in your marketing content. Of course, these are just some ideas I’ve put together, and are shared just to give you some quick-fire inspiration on how to apply them to your content.

Don’t overthink this!

Remember, there are many more awareness days in November than those listed above. Download your free guide, cherry-pick a few of the November awareness days that speak to you and then interpret them however you wish.

P.S. Keep checking back to this blog for more similar articles. This is the eleventh and penultimate instalment of a monthly blog series that I’ve been creating throughout 2022, focused on awareness days.

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Good luck with your November content planning! If you need more help, why not join my next content planning workshop? Perhaps see you there!

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