There are many benefits to be gained from regularly creating content for your photography blog. Do you need to be convinced?

In this article, I’m sharing why I believe blogging is worth the effort (and yes, it can be a LOT of effort), and why it should be a key focus of your marketing activity.

Why bother with blogging?

Blogging has been around for years but it is still a great way to promote yourself and your photography products and services. Yes, even in the age of video marketing, TikTok, Instagram Stories and instant messaging, I believe blogging should still play a large part in your photography marketing strategy.

  1. Blogging can increase your chances of getting found online

Having your blog articles appear in Google will help new audiences to discover you.

Every single blog you publish on your photography website has the potential to boost your visibility online and chances of appearing in natural search results.

More articles = more potential for ranking for keywords relevant to your photography business. You’ll have more copy for Google to crawl and index.

  1. Blogging can help you build the know-like-and-trust factor

In order to convince people to choose you as their photographer, you need to build the know-like-and-trust factor.

A blog will help you to convey your personality, your style and your expertise. Your writing style, your tone and the words you use will give your blog readers a flavour of what it would be like to work with you. Through your blog, you create an impression of yourself and your business in the mind of your reader and demonstrate your approach.

Without a doubt, your blog readers will get a feeling about you from your blog. If you do it well, they’ll finish reading your articles excited and ready to find out more!

  1. Blogging can help you build your authority

Any photographer can claim they are good at what they do. But a blog will help you to build your authority and convince visitors to your website that you know your stuff.

Having a blog packed with articles that ‘show what you know’ will help you to prove to your prospective clients that you’re a professional and could potentially be a wise choice for them.

I suggest you create a bank of useful and informative blog articles that demonstrate your expertise. Build your authority through blog content and, in doing so, you’ll make it easier for your potential clients to recognise you as the expert that you are.

  1. Blogging can help you build your email list

Your blog articles are the perfect place for you to promote a free resource you have created (a.k.a. your ‘lead magnet).

If you’re trying to grow your email list (and I highly recommend that you focus on this if you aren’t), an enticing free downloadable resource is a great way to get prospective customers onto your list so that you can remarket to them.

Create articles that answer your prospective client’s questions about you and your services, then make them an offer that they can’t refuse…No, don’t necessarily go for the sale straight away. Tease them with a valuable freebie that they’d be prepared to provide their email address for. Then, when you have them on your email list, you can continue to nurture them towards hopefully becoming a client.

  1. Blogging can help you to differentiate yourself from your competition

Another reason why it’s worth blogging on your photography website is that your articles will help you to stand out from your competitors. People love working with people. You can use your blog to humanize your brand, show the real you and build an emotional connection with your target audience.

If you’ve used your blog to effectively communicate who you are and how you are different in a way that appeals to your target customer, then your content will help you to stand out and give you an edge over your competition.

  1. Blog content is useful for sharing on social media

Finally, if you take the time to create regular content for your photography blog, you’ll soon build up a bank of articles that you can be sharing on social media.

Having your own content to share on social media reduces the need for you to spend time trawling the internet looking for articles and memes (created by other people) to share just to keep your Facebook or Instagram feed looking active.

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We all know social media algorithms favour active accounts which achieve good levels of engagement. By sharing, promoting and repurposing your blog content on social media, you’re going to increase the likelihood that that blog post is clicked on and seen by more people.

Importantly, you’ll also be sharing content that drives traffic to your site rather than someone else’s.

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