Marketing, done well, ensures that you have a consistent flow of enquiries coming to you and that you are attracting the kind of people that you want to serve.

You cannot justify only ‘doing’ marketing when enquiries dry up and you need more clients. It’s an on-going priority in your business and is something that you need to be doing, to some extent, every single day.

Communicating who you are, what you do and how you are different is key to people noticing you, understanding you, liking and trusting, and ultimately buying from you.

Helping photographers beat overwhelm and procrastination

Yet, in my experience, marketing is not the aspect of their business that all photographers enjoy.

And this is where I come in.

  • I love helping photographers like you to feel in control of your marketing, by providing a strategy and plan to follow, and by offering my expertise to help you achieve your marketing goals smarter and quicker.
  • I love helping you minimise the stress and beat the overwhelm that you feel about having to market your business daily
  • I know that you often dread marketing and see it as a necessary evil. And when it comes to self-promotion, you’d rather run to the hills than put yourself out there for potential scrutiny!

Having someone to help you with your PR and marketing – either on a 1-2-1 basis to get the work done for you, or as a coach to support you as you navigate the journey yourself – is, I believe, a great way to look fear and procrastination in the eye, and to move forward in your business.

I help photographers who may otherwise be inclined to shy away from the media spotlight or to avoid creating the marketing content that would potentially help them to stand out from the crowd.

Why? Well, simply this…

  • I want you to shine and get your five minutes of fame!
  • I want you to be recognised for the amazing photography that you create
  • I want you to be attracting more of the right kind of people to your business, who appreciate your work and won’t quibble on the price
  • I want you to enjoy your business more
  • I want you to jump out of bed every day feeling energised and excited about the day ahead
  • I want you to have fun in your business
  • I want you to be working for your dream clients, earning the money that you deserve, and growing a business on your own terms.

My mission

I completely understand that if you don’t enjoy blogging or self-promotion, or if you’re fearful of not being ‘good enough’, this can lead to procrastination and, in fact, total paralysis.

So, it’s my mission to help you get through those mindset barriers and to see marketing and PR for what it truly is – an exciting, fun, challenging but, also, a rewarding aspect of running your business.

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What I believe to be true about PR and marketing

  • I wholeheartedly believe that marketing and promotion should be fun and that you don’t need to dread or fear it
  • You absolutely can promote your photography business without being ‘spammy’ or ‘salesy’
  • You can learn all the skills you need to create valuable marketing content, which will help you to promote your business
  • Success in marketing starts from simply understand your client and having a genuine desire and commitment to serve them
  • I believe that PR is an extremely powerful tool for raising awareness of you and your photography, and can be the key to unlocking exciting opportunities, building profitable connections and establishing your authority in your niche
  • That content marketing is an approach that all photographers should adopt in order to communicate your expertise and to build the all-important know-like-and-trust factor
  • I believe that you don’t need to be spending hours of every day on social media, or spending your hard-earned money on advertising, lining the pockets of billion-dollar companies such as Facebook and Google
  • I believe in the merit of building your own ‘media’ – creating marketing content on a platform that you are in control of (i.e. your website), rather than on social media channels which you have absolutely no control of
  • I believe in the value of community and email marketing – in the building a list of subscribers and super-fans who you can communicate with, learn from and nurture into loyal customers and advocates of your business
  • And finally, that PR and marketing can help you to attract your ideal client and allow you to build your dream business.

Helping professional photographers market themselves

Since 2013, I’ve been helping professional photographers to get visible in the media, to create compelling written content for their websites and blogs, and helping them with the PR and marketing tasks that they don’t enjoy or don’t have the skills or time to complete themselves.

My core service is ‘done for you’ consultancy, serving a limited number of photographers, helping them to move forward in their business by handing the day-to-day marketing tasks that they wanted to outsource. (Please get in touch with me here to enquire about my current availability and support packages).

But if you aren’t ready to outsource your PR and marketing, come and join my Facebook community, PR-Savvy Photographers. It’s a great way to benefit from free PR tips and it’s a friendly network of like-minded photographers who want to learn and share their experiences of marketing and promotional strategies that work. Go here to request to join.

If you’re looking for help and guidance in relation to the PR and marketing of your photography business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also sign up to receive fortnightly tips by email and to get access to a value-packed resource library.