I believe that PR and content marketing are perfect partners. I recommend that photographers should use both approaches to make the maximum possible impact with their marketing.

Both PR and content marketing are:

  • strategic marketing approaches that help you to promote your business
  • geared towards building awareness, trust and authority
  • help with visibility and (if done well) present you in a positive and favourable light

To me, it makes complete sense to combine the power of PR and content marketing.  I offer both PR and content creation services to photographers and use both these approaches to promote my photography clients. 

Why PR and content marketing work so well together

  1. PR is about managing your reputation. Good content does the same

As a business owner, you want to make a good impression and be perceived positively. Both PR and content marketing can help you achieve that.

A big part of PR is the process of managing your reputation through the sharing of positive news and stories via the media. You put your best foot forward, so to speak!

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Similarly, when it comes to creating content such as social posts, blogs, videos etc. you need to always think as a PR professional would!

Consider how the content might be perceived and whether it’s showing you and your work in the best possible light. Check it’s coherent, adds value in some way and is free from spelling and grammar errors!

  1. PR can help you get more eyes on your content

Another reason why I believe PR and content marketing should be used together is that they complement and support each other!

PR can increase your visibility and get more eyeballs on your marketing content (such as the blog articles hosted on your website, your YouTube channel, your podcast or on your social media accounts). More eyes on your content mean an increased likelihood of gaining fans, followers, subscribers and, ultimately, customers.

PR can therefore play an important supporting role in your overall content marketing strategy.

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  1. Great content can lead to PR opportunities

If a journalist discovers your content and likes it, they may decide to use it as the basis of an article, quote you in something they are working on or they may ask you to contribute to a future article or feature.

So, you see, you can help yourself get found by journalists by creating and sharing your content widely online which, in turn, could lead to free media publicity!

Always strive to create unique content that is either educational, entertaining or inspiring and, you never know, it may get noticed by a journalist and lead to some valuable PR for your photography business! This would boost your visibility, increase your perceived credibility and help to position you as an expert!

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  1. PR coverage is a content opportunity

Securing media publicity about yourself or your photography business is exciting and should be celebrated!

It’s also a great excuse for creating marketing content that will help to spread the press coverage further than just to the audience/readership of the publication where you have been featured.

It’s one of the things I always do when my clients are featured in the media. I aim to leverage the opportunity as much as possible; repurposing the PR content into blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, videos, comment pieces etc.

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  1. Both content and PR can boost your SEO

Great content delivers value to the intended audience but also ranks well in search engines.

Press articles, with links back to your website, also help with your online visibility. The inbound links can help to drive valuable web traffic, and if the media site has a high domain authority this is a definite bonus!

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PR and content marketing: A powerful combination!

PR and content marketing are two separate approaches but I believe they have much in common. Used together, they are incredibly powerful!