There’s nothing I love more than talking about the power of PR and media publicity. So, it was such fun to chat with Nicole Begley all about this recently. She interviewed me for her popular Freedom Focus Photography podcast (formerly the Hair of The Dog podcast), which is aimed at professional pet photographers.

What’s really exciting is that the episode, titled ‘Let’s get some press’, is now live so you can listen in on our conversation and pick up lots of PR tips to use in your pet photography business.

I’m hugely grateful to Nicole for inviting me onto her show, and for making me feel so relaxed that I had such a fun time (you can tell I did by the giggles throughout!)

The Freedom Focus Photography podcast

The Freedom Focus Photography podcast features “weekly conversations to help pet photographers excel”, and “helps photographers to make more money”.

If you’re a pet photographer, you’ll perhaps already know of the show. It’s well-established, and there are now more than 180 episodes, plus Nicole told me that downloads have recently reached 250,000!

Publicity tips for pet photographers

During the interview with Nicole, we talked about the universal appeal of pets and why you, as pet photographers, have an advantage over other types of business when it comes to securing press coverage.

I also shared tips on how to create valuable buzz around your pet business, and how pet photographers like you can leverage your unique stories to land media coverage that builds awareness of your services. (Yes, you do have a story worth sharing!)

Talking about PR (also known as ‘earned’ media), I shared tips on:

  • why there’s no time like the present to get earned media
  • how to get your name and work out there in your community, and to determine your “hook”
  • the types of media you can approach (such as newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and more)
  • the value of local press and why you might want to consider collaborating with social media influencers
  • who to send your media pitch to
  • the mindset you need to succeed, and more!

Hopefully, I also managed to get across my passion for helping photographers, like you, to use PR strategies to get visible and grow their businesses.    

Watch the interview on YouTube

Helping pet photographers maximise their potential and grow a business they love

Nicole’s podcast is well worth a listen (or a watch) if you haven’t subscribed to it already, particularly if you’re a professional or aspiring pet photographer.

Nicole, who is based in Charlotte in North Carolina, is a highly experienced pet photographer herself. She knows everything there is to know about dog and horse photography. Follow her here on Instagram.

The Freedom Focus Photography podcast covers everything from pricing and sales to business, marketing and mindset-related topics, and she interviews a wide variety of guest experts so each episode is packed with great content!

You can join her free Hair of the Dog community. She also runs the Hair of the Dog Academy, which is the “most comprehensive pet photography education platform on the planet”.

Hair of the Dog podcast - Let's Get some Press with Zoe Hiljemark

Photographers like you CAN get press coverage!

It was such fun being on Nicole’s pet photography podcast, and I hope that you if do listen in to the episode, that you find it really useful. Even if you’re not a pet photographer then this episode is still worth checking out, as the tips can also apply to you.

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Listen to the episode of the Freedom Focus Photography podcast here

You can listen in on the conversation I had with Nicole over on the podcast website or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can also view it on YouTube.  

If you enjoy the episode, please let Nicole know by leaving a rating and review to show the podcast, and the show, some love!

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