Let me take the headache out of Keyword Research

One-off support with the practical SEO tasks that will help your website to rank higher in Google search results!

Are you frustrated that your website is not ranking well in search engines? Or, is your website ranking on Google, but not on the first few pages?

Is SEO at the bottom of your to-do list? Something you know that you should be doing but you don’t want to or don’t know how?

Have you done free keyword research trainings and intend to do the work yourself, but never seem to have the time to make SEO a priority?

Know that you’re missing out on ranking opportunities and that you aren’t getting as much free organic traffic to your website as you could be?

Do you feel clueless about which keywords to include on your website in order to boost your visibility online?

If yes, we should talk! I understand your struggles and have a solution that will help.

My ‘done-for-you’ keyword research service is exclusively for professional photographers

My ‘done-for-you’ keyword research service is for professional photographers who want some one-off SEO help.

I’ve worked exclusively with photographers since 2015, and know how to research keywords and phrases that your ideal clients are actively using when looking online for photography services online.

With knowledge of what they are actively seeking, and the phrases they are using, you can better optimise your photography website for these.

The result is that you’ll more likely rank higher in search engine results pages, get found on Google, benefit from more free organic traffic and get more of your dream clients landing on your photography website.

If you love the idea of outsourcing your keyword research, then let’s chat!

My done-for-you keyword research service for photographers could be just what you need!

Investment: £595

What are the benefits of hiring me to help with your keyword research?

  • Having your keyword research done for you will save you the time and effort involved in doing it yourself

  • If you currently don’t know how to identify keywords to target, it’ll also save you the headache of having to learn SEO or to pay for SEO training

  • No more guessing which keywords your ideal clients are typing into Google

  • You’ll know which keywords to target in your website copy and blogs

  • No more targeting keywords in your content that have such low search volume (ie no-one is using them) that your efforts are wasted!

  • You won’t need to pay for expensive keyword research tools.

More about my keyword research service for photographers

  • After you’ve paid for the service, we’ll have a kick-off call on Zoom to discuss your current keyword strategy and any SEO challenges/concerns/priorities you may have

  • Once the keyword research is complete, I’ll compile you a report outlining a minimum of 50 suggested keywords for you to target in your website copy and marketing content (it may be more like 100 words+, depending on the outcome of the research)

  • You’ll also get access to a pre-recorded video training on how to use keywords in your website copy and marketing materials (value £99)

  • You’ll also get full email support from me for up to 7 days after the report is delivered to you, so I can answer any questions you may have about the keywords and how to implement them into your marketing

If you’ve realised that you’re getting in your own way and need to get your keyword research done once and for all, then my ‘done-for-you’ keyword research service for photographers could be exactly what you need.