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Betsan Evans of Celf Calon Photography is a documentary wedding, people and commercial photographer based in Swansea, Wales.

She captures natural moments and creates images packed with personality. 

Client Case Study: Celf Calon Photography

She’s been a professional photographer since 2007 and has worked with hundreds of brides and grooms and families, as well as many of the leading brands and corporations across Wales and beyond.

Betsan Evans of Celf Calon Photography

Betsan contacted me in the summer of 2020 as she knew she needed help with her marketing.

I invited her to join my ‘PR-Savvy Photographers’ Facebook group and she later joined the Content Confidence Accelerator; my signature group coaching programme for photographers.

Betsan has made huge progress with her marketing since we began working together, in September 2020. I’m also delighted that she has chosen to invest in my ongoing marketing support service since the programme ended.

The Content Confidence Accelerator: A confidence boost and an “explosion of realisations”

The problem

Before starting the programme, Betsan felt at a crossroads in her photography career. She offered many different photography services – weddings, family, newborn, and commercial – and was struggling to find the time to market her business and didn’t know what to do to effectively reach all the different types of clients she served.

Also, Betsan had always been a busy photographer. She had never struggled to find clients despite doing very little marketing. But the pandemic had proven to be an unanticipated blow to her business and changed everything.

When Betsan first got in touch, she told me that photography bookings had always previously always come to her. During the pandemic though, she had realised that she now needed to be more proactive with her marketing to attract clients.

She knew that she needed to work out who her ideal clients were in order to market to them and build her photography business back up.

The solution

Betsan was ideal for the Content Confidence Accelerator programme as she was ready to take marketing seriously and to do whatever was necessary to help her business to survive. Content marketing is something that Betsan had not pursued before and she was keen to learn.

The programme covered:

  • Content Auditing – reviewing existing content and setting goals to guide future content activities
  • Mindset & Messaging – getting clarity on the message that will attract dream photography clients
  • Content Strategy – looking at how content can support the sales process, help your audience and build your brand
  • Content Planning – crafting an organisational system that makes content creation easier and feel more manageable
  • Content Creation – developing an SEO strategy and creating content that attracts ideal clients and could rank well in Google
  • Content Promotion and Repurposing – looking at how to better leverage existing resources to amplify your message
  • Social Media Content Creation – covering ways to harness the power of social media
  • Processes for staying consistently confident

The programme included video tutorials, weekly online coaching calls in a small group setting and weekly accountability/’work along with me’ sessions.

The Content Confidence Accelerator Programme

The result

The Content Confidence Accelerator programme helped Betsan to rethink her entire business and marketing strategy. Her mindset around marketing was completely changed, and she’s now excited about the possibilities!

Greater confidence in marketing her photography business

With guidance, she learned how to reflect on what was, and wasn’t, working in her photography business. She’s also gained confidence as a result of the new skills and insights she gained.

Understanding the strategic role that content can play

Betsan now realises the importance of making time for marketing. She also discovered ‘content marketing’ for the first time and now knows that blogging is potentially a very powerful tool in the marketing of her photography business.

Clarity in her message

Betsan’s also clearer than ever on her message and is more confidently marketing herself as a documentary-style photographer. It’s brilliant to see how far Betsan has come, and that she’s achieved everything she had hoped for at the start of the programme!

A boost to her website SEO

Now that she’s blogging regularly – having written her first articles for her website during the programme – she is finding that her website is climbing the rankings on Google for the keyword phrases that are relevant to her lifestyle photography business.

Organic client enquiries

For the first time, prospective clients are telling her that they found her online. Before, client work always came via word of mouth. She also gets more traffic to her website, and this is helping to generate more enquiries and sales.

Having realised its power, Betsan is now committed to investing time and energy into creating marketing content for her website, and she is securing clients as a result! I’m thrilled that she’s had an incredibly busy year so far!

Testimonial from Betsan of Celf Calon Photography

“The Content Confidence Accelerator certainly does what it says on the tin! It’s been an explosion of realisations!

My confidence has grown and my mindset around self-promotion and marketing has changed.

Zoe is brilliant and an expert in her field. We photographers are very lucky that she specialises in marketing for photographers.

She is very understanding and non-judgemental which is exactly what you need to be able to grow your confidence as it’s easy to be hard on ourselves when learning and changing mindset.

She’s been a joy to work with and I highly recommend this programme!

Betsan Evans, Celf Calon Photography

Join the programme!

Like Betsan, other photographers have participated in the programme with great results, including Giles Christopher Photography and Georgina Edwards Photography.

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