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Giles Christopher is an award-winning food and drink, product and lifestyle photographer who creates stunning commercial and editorial photography and videography.

The Giles Christopher team works from their custom-designed photography studio in southwest London, and they also shoot on location. Their clients include household names in retail, dining, and lesiure.

Giles has won many ‘Photographer of the Year’ Awards, and most recently was Category Winner in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of The Year Awards.

Giles Christopher Photography

Client Case Study: Giles Christopher Photography

We first worked together when Giles’ team joined the first round of the Content Confidence Accelerator; my signature group coaching programme for photographers.

Since then, we’ve worked together on an on-going basis with me providing ‘done-for-you’ content creation and marketing support to help promote the great work they’re busy doing behind the scenes.

How I’ve helped the Giles Christopher Photography team

The problem

Marketing and self-promotion did not come naturally to either Giles or Abi of Giles Christopher Photography. They felt they needed help to get focused on marketing and to establish a plan.

They also wanted to develop a more confident approach to marketing, and to actually enjoy creating marketing content rather than dreading it.

Giles Christopher photography team


The solution

They heard about my group programme for photographers, the Content Confidence Accelerator, via my ‘PR-Savvy Photographers’ Facebook group.

They understood that it would help them to banish the overwhelm and to devise a considered, strategic content marketing strategy that they can stick to, and that sells their service and attracts clients.

The programme covered:

  • Content Auditing – reviewing existing content and setting goals to guide future content activities
  • Mindset & Messaging – getting clarity on the message that will attract dream photography clients
  • Content Strategy – looking at how content can support the sales process, help your audience and build your brand
  • Content Planning – crafting an organisational system that makes content creation easier and feel more manageable
  • Content Creation – developing an SEO strategy and creating content that attracts ideal clients and could rank well in Google
  • Content Repurposing – looking at how to better leverage existing resources to amplify your message
  • Processes for staying consistently confident

The programme included video tutorials, weekly coaching calls in a small group setting and weekly accountability sessions.

Giles and Abi attended them all – I was thrilled to see them so active within the group programme, and so keen to learn!

The Content Confidence Accelerator Programme


The result

After completing the Content Confidence Accelerator programme, the Giles Christopher Photography team have made great leaps in their content marketing! They have come to understand the importance of content and have implemented their new-found knowledge with great results!

They have optimised the copy on their website, adding more keyword-rich copy that helps to clarify who and how they help their clients.

They have also created a variety of blog articles that are helping them to rank well, even on the first page of search engine results for keyword phrases they are targeting, for the very first time!  As a result, they are attracting clients who “found them on Google” and are busier than ever!

Content Confidence Accelerator testimonial

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Testimonial from Abigail of Giles Christopher Photography

“Working with Zoe has opened up a whole new mindset re content creation!

When I first heard about this programme, I didn’t have any hesitation saying YES PLEASE! Marketing always seemed to be a black art. I’ve been very sporadic with it.

This programme broke things down into healthy, achievable sections, giving me the tools, confidence and templates to make sense of scheduling, setting targets and goals, and being able to understand and use measured results to my advantage.

I feel more confident about what I am creating now. Before it would just be 30 mins of procrastinating, and nothing to show! Now it’s a few hours each week = a handful of blog and social media posts. Stuff that just didn’t come naturally, now makes sense and is achievable….with a plan.

The coaching exceeded expectations with all the tools, templates, tips, bonus material and general rules of engagement to follow, and has actually got me excited about moving forward and trying things out!

The constant, genuine LIGHT BULB moments surprised me. The coaching was at the right pace and at a level to not scare or patronise.

I definitely feel more confident I have a new, positive approach to creating content. That’s a HUGE win!

Zoe was there for us at each step and took on board our queries. We couldn’t have asked for more!

It was an excellent programme! 5 stars!”

Join the programme!

Like Giles and Abi, other photographers have participated in the programme with great results, including Georgina Edwards Photography and Celf Calon Photography

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