Testimonials from Professional Photographers

“Zoe has transformed my business from a local, largely unknown, small business to being recognised on a national level.

She has been a fantastic asset, improving my PR beyond my expectations. We began working together in 2013 and I can only praise the continued service I have received since then.”

“Zoe is experienced, professional and enthusiastic, and has delivered great results. It’s a pleasure to work with her.”
Graeme Purdy, Purdy Photography
Graeme Purdy Photography logo
“I cannot recommend Zoe enough. She is absolutely amazing at what she does, is very knowledgable and she’s always happy to give advice and help. She’s also very honest and if something won’t work, she will tell you.

She is one of the best investments I have made in my photography business!”

“I didn’t realise the value of PR until I worked with Zoe. But now, I understand that PR is a really important part of brand awareness.

If you need to build visibility of your photography business and you’re unsure about how to go about it, or if you don’t have the time or don’t know who to contact, then Zoe is for you. She has all the contacts at her fingertips and knows how to approach different kinds of media that would suit your photography brand.

Working with Zoe has resulted in me securing valuable editorials in newspapers and magazines and connected me with journalists on relevant publications. It’s also given me the confidence to continue promoting my photography in the media.“

Joanne Temple, Frank & Bloom
Frank and Bloom Photography
“Zoe is excellent at what she does and is worth every penny. She helps me create regular content for my website- more than I could ever do!

Her ongoing help allows me to focus on the aspects of my business I enjoy most. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Frances Stephenson, Frances Stephenson Photography
Frances Stephenson Photography logo
“I love having Zoe as part of my team. She provides invaluable support, lightens my workload and helps to organise my marketing content – which is something I was finding hard to fit in.

Her help with developing a content strategy and her on-going support with blog writing and email marketing campaigns has been brilliant. She manages to get inside my head and put my words onto paper – something that I’ve previously struggled with.

As well as that, she’s a really nice person! Punctual and professional – she always delivers her promises. I’d highly recommend Zoe if you’re looking for help with your marketing content.”

Teresa Walton-Smith, Teresa Walton Photography
“I would highly recommend Zoe. She provides excellent communication and out of the box thinking.

She has helped me to get clarity on my ideal client profiles, written engaging copy for my website, developed a content plan for my blog and secured an opportunity for my photography to be featured in The Telegraph newspaper.“

Armands Sprogis, A-Fotografy
“Zoe has taken the stress of blogging away completely! The detail that Zoe has gone into when helping me with my ideal client profile is amazing, and she’s developed ideas for my blog content and social media that I would never have thought up on my own!

She certainly manages to put all the things I want to say into words. I’ve started to notice that my blogs are ranking now too, with the keywords we’ve chosen, giving me extra exposure on Google. I am so pleased that I chose to work with Zoe.”

Sarah Osborne, Angel Eyes Photography
Angel Eyes Photography logo
“Zoe helps me to create quality content for my blog – something I have always struggled with. She’s also helped me improve how I communicate with clients and to get more consistent with my marketing.”
Georgina Spedding, Bundles of Joy by Georgina
Bundles of Joy Photography logo
“Working with Zoe is brilliant because she makes everything so simple for me! She’s literally taken away all the pain I previously felt about having to blog! Now, I can focus on the other aspects of my photography business, knowing that the blog content creation is being done well and being done consistently.

If you need help with blogging for your photography business, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zoe. It’s fabulous to have her as part of my team.”

“Zoe has been the push I needed to refine and focus my photography business marketing plan.

Working with Zoe is refreshing! She provides the support to drive things further, helps me attract more clients and improve their experience of working with me.”

“Zoe has done several PR jobs for me and I have been more than impressed with her results. She has secured me articles in photography, pet and lifestyle magazines and she is very easy to work with.

She offers lots of useful advice and does not make false promises. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mel Taylor Photography logo
“I was surprised at how much work Zoe put into my campaign; she went above and beyond my expectations.

I would happily recommend Zoe to anyone who is needing help with their PR.”

Rob Mank Photography logo
“Zoe was highly recommended by other portrait photographers I knew and quickly developed an understanding of our business and brand.

It really makes a difference to us having Zoe on hand to help us put into words what we do and how we are different.”