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Since I’m currently finalising my content plan for the first quarter of 2021, I looked at my Google Analytics data to see which of my photography marketing blogs had been the most popular.

Pro Tip – Reflecting on popular articles is a great way to gauge which topics are of most interest to your audience, and helps you plan future content!

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These are the articles which have received the most overall visits and what photographers are checking out on my site.

If you missed any of them first time around, consider this your chance to catch up!

The articles are listed below in the order of popularity, with the most popular first. 

  1. 33 social media content ideas for photographers

    Constantly coming up with fresh photography content ideas can be a challenge, particularly when you’re marketing your photography business on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

    But if you’re feeling the pressure of having to create lots of content for your social media marketing to keep all of those platforms active, don’t worry. Help is here! This article lists 33 ideas (more than enough for a calendar month) and includes a free downloadable checklist.

  2. How and why to set strategic goals for your photography business

    The start of a new year, quarter or month are all great times to set new goals for your photography business. But there is an art to goal setting.

    In this blog, I explain why it’s important to set goals for your photography business and share goal setting tips.

  3.  How to write a press release for your photography business

    Getting featured in the media is a great way to increase the visibility of you and your photography. So, if you have a story that you think will interest the media. go for it is my advice in this article. After all, what have you got to lose?

  4. How to attract more of your ideal photography clients

    If you want to attract more of your ideal photography clients, then it’s time to review your marketing. Knowing how to reach and attract more of the right calibre clients to your photography business is a common challenge, but it’s entirely possible to win more business from the right people and in doing so, to build a thriving photography business that you love.

    There are a few basic principles about marketing that you need to understand though, and I cover those off in this article.

    Most popular marketing blogs for photographers

  5. Why your photography business needs a content marketing and PR strategy

    In this article, I share my thoughts on why marketing and PR is essential for photographers.

  6. How to write an effective call to action

    If you recognise the importance of well-crafted marketing copy and you’re keen to learn how to write effective ‘call to action’ phrases, this one is worth a read.

  7. Content planning tips for photographers

    If you haven’t ever created a marketing content plan for your photography business before, but you know you want to become more organised, this one is for you.

  8. How to get publicity for your photography business during times of crisis 

    During times of crisis, such as the current Covid-19 pandemic, marketing your photography business remains important. In fact, it’s arguably even more important than ever.

    This article tells you how to leverage the power of media publicity to get noticed and attract photography clients.

  9. How to promote your photography blog

    Blogging is a great way to promote your photography business. But in itself, it’s not enough to attract swathes of your perfect clients. As well as creating the content, you need to be ‘marketing’ that content, regularly! (It’s called ‘content marketing’ after all!) In this article, I tell you how to do it well.

Marketing blogs for photographers: Which helped you the most?

Which of these articles have you found most useful? I’d love to know! Also, what content would you like me to create in 2021? Comment below to let me know what you’re stuck on and I’ll do my best to help!

P.S. If you need help with developing a content marketing strategy for your photography business, contact me to see how I can help.

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