You’re regularly creating content in the form of blogs, emails, and social media posts. But are you confident that everything you write is grammatically correct?

While photography is one of your strengths, writing may not be. In which case, you’ll be pleased to hear that in this article I’m sharing with you details of a free grammar checker tool. A tool that will help you create error-free copy and help you feel more confident about your writing.

That tool is Grammarly.

Make spelling and grammar mistakes a thing of the past

Grammarly: The ‘world’s most accurate’ online grammar checker tool

Grammarly is a free writing app (although there is a Premium option available too). It can check anything you write for up to 250 types of potential mistakes.

It reviews your copy and identifies grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and lots of other things besides. So, I highly recommend that you use it to help you create and publish high-quality copy, free from mistakes that may make a bad impression of you and your brand.

The folks at Grammarly claim that it’s “the world’s most accurate online grammar checker” and that it is used by literally millions of people. From personal experience, I can tell you that it’s great and something that I use regularly in my business as a sensor-check when I’m publishing content for my own business or when writing content for photography clients.

It isn’t foolproof though – things can slip through the net. But, hey, it’s a free grammar checker tool. It’s pretty decent considering it won’t cost you a penny to use. Just be aware that it won’t always spot everything.

Grammar checker tool

Why you need to use a grammar checker tool

Whether writing for personal or work reasons, it may not concern you too much if you publish something and then later discover that you put a comma or punctuation mark in the wrong place.

But, even if you don’t think it matters too much, spelling and grammar IS important.  Clear, easy to read, accurate and well-written copy is what you should always be striving for when you create anything on behalf of your business, regardless of the purpose of your writing or the channel that you are writing on.

The truth is, people make an assumption about you and your business based on the quality of your writing. Mistakes make your writing look sloppy. Readers may wrongly assume that you aren’t detail-focused, or that you don’t care about producing high-quality work.

So, since you have worked so hard to build your business and your reputation, don’t let something minor like spelling and grammar let you down. Especially when there are free grammar checker tools like Grammarly available.

Make your writing mistake free with Grammarly

Check out the grammar checker tool for yourself!

Grammar checker tools such as Grammarly make even the most simple mistakes a thing of the past. The app is really simple to use, and there’s a free browser extension for Chrome. So, once downloaded onto your computer, Grammarly can check literally everything you write.

I’m sharing this with you today purely because I find using Grammarly really useful and think you will too. You can sign up for a free account here.

Try it out for size and do let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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