If you’re keen to promote your photography business, you may have considered reaching out to journalists.

After all, getting featured in the media is a great way to raise your profile, as you’ll know if you’ve read some of my other articles about PR.

However, as a photographer, you might think that you should be submitting your photography in order to secure those valuable mentions in the media. Or that you need news about your photography business to share.

And that these are the only ways for your photography business to get a mention in the press.

But today I want to share with you that there is another way…

You can get media coverage using personal stories

Yep, leveraging your personal stories and experiences can be a simple but very effective way of building awareness of you and your photography business.

How to get media coverage in newspapers

Many journalists and media outlets do in fact rely on people like you to contribute to the articles, features and news items they produce.

And this is true whether it’s for print, online or broadcast media – TV and radio.

Which means there are lots of potential opportunities out there for you to get featured in the media!

What you need to know about getting yourself mentioned in the press

As well as ‘news’, the media are interested in personal stories, interesting anecdotes and content that adds value to their target audience.

So putting yourself forward as a case study is a great way of potentially getting a mention in the press.

Secure press coverage by telling your personal story

But, something to realise is this:

To be featured in the media you need to have an interesting, relevant story to tell. The story or the anecdotes you can share are what’s important here.

Getting a promotional plug for your photography business may well be the goal, but first and foremost you need to add value to the journalist.

Then, if you are picked to be included, there may well be an opportunity to subtly mention the work you do, or to get a plug for your photography business if it’s intrinsic to the story.

Examples of personal stories featured in the media

As a PR consultant, I have placed many articles in the press on behalf of my photography clients that have been based around personal stories.

Client featured in The Daily Telegraph

For example, I recently worked with Armands Sprogis of A-Fotografy, an Edinburgh-based baby and family photographer, and secured him a significant mention in The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

His experience of family-living in Edinburgh was the story of interest in this example and it was included in a feature about Britain’s best places to raise a family.

As a result of sharing his experience and reasons for living in Edinburgh with his wife and three children, I was able to get him and his photography featured on the cover of the Telegraph Property supplement.

He also got a plug of his photography business in the article, and in the online version of the article too.

The Daily Telegraph is Britain’s best-selling quality daily newspaper with a circulation of almost half a million, so this was a great platform for Armands and was a completely free opportunity.

Client featured in Woman & Home magazine

Another example of a high-profile piece of press coverage I’ve achived for a client off the back of a personal story is that of Karen Wiltshire, a Dorset-based newborn and family portrait photographer, who was featured in Woman & Home magazine.

Before becoming a professional photographer, Karen worked as a manager in the print industry for over 20 years. When she was made redundant from her job, she used this opportunity to pursue her passion for photography and to completely change careers.

The story of her redundancy, and subsequent success as a professional newborn photographer, was a great one to share with the media.

After a successful pitch, Karen was interviewed, photographed and included in the Woman & Home article about women who have achieved great things after redundancy.

The article led to greater awareness of Karen and her photography on a national level, and even many months after the article was published she still had people mentioning that they saw her in Woman & Home magazine.

She was also later featured in Fabulous magazine, the Sun newspaper supplement, with a similar story.

I’ve been featured in Mother and Baby magazine

Another example is when I was featured on the website of Mother and Baby – the UK’s leading pregnancy and parenting magazine.

I learnt that the magazine was looking for case studies of women who had experienced gestational diabetes.

Since I had the condition during my twin pregnancy and felt that I had something relevant and interesting to share on this topic, I pitched details of my story to the journalist writing the piece. It led to this article which included my tips for other women with gestational diabetes.

I’ve also been mentioned in other articles as a result of sharing my personal stories and experiences, including on the Huffington Post, and on smallbusiness.co.uk and others.

The media don’t exist to promote your business

I have many more examples of clients having been featured in the press as a result of personal stories, but I hope that by sharing some of them here, you can see how subjects unrelated to your photography can actually become your way into the media.

How to approach the media

In this article, I talk about three ways to secure free publicity for your photography business, so if you’re wondering how to go about pitching to the media be sure to have a read of that as well.

In conculsion, I encourage you to think about what personal stories or experiences you could share with the media and put yourself forward.

If you’d like help with deciding what are the newsworthy stories in your business, or with the pitching to the media, then please get in touch.

I offer PR Clinics which are one-hour long consultancy sessions that are ideal if you are looking for one-off help from a PR expert. My PR Clinics are easy to book online. 

Here’s to seeing you in the media spotlight.

Good luck!