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Georgina Edwards is an award-winning baby, family and pet photographer based in Tunbridge Wells.

Families in and around West Kent and East Sussex choose Georgina for her natural and vibrant family photography. She also works with local businesses providing contemporary headshot and personal branding photography.

Client Case Study: Georgina Edwards Photography

Georgina joined the Content Confidence Accelerator; my signature group coaching programme for photographers, and we worked together for a period of 8 weeks in early 2021.

Georgina Edwards testimonial of the Content Confidence Accelerator

How I’ve helped Georgina learn to love marketing

The problem

At the end of 2020, despite her best efforts with marketing, Georgina was struggling to attract a steady flow of photography clients.

She felt that marketing her photography business was an uphill battle. The lack of results from her marketing was affecting her confidence and she was starting to lose her love for the business.

Speaking of how she felt at that time, Georgina said, “I started working with Zoe when I was feeling extremely unconfident. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when it came to marketing. I felt completely lost, flailing around the dark without any coherent strategy or even an understanding of the need for one. I thought marketing was scary and unrewarding.

Attracting clients to my photography business had become more and more of a struggle. I was getting very frustrated about getting very little back for my efforts, and I was really just panic posting and flinging any old thing out there!

The solution

Georgina came across my group programme for photographers, the Content Confidence Accelerator, via my ‘PR-Savvy Photographers’ Facebook group.

She recognised that it offered her the opportunity to truly focus on her marketing strategy and get my help, support and guidance at a fraction of the price of working with me 1-2-1.

Over eight weeks, the programme covered:

  • Content Auditing – reviewing existing content and setting goals to guide future content activities
  • Mindset & Messaging – getting clarity on the message that will attract dream photography clients
  • Content Strategy – looking at how content can support the sales process, help your audience and build your brand
  • Content Planning – crafting an organisational system that makes content creation easier and feel more manageable
  • Content Creation – developing an SEO strategy and creating content that attracts ideal clients and could rank well in Google
  • Content Repurposing – looking at how to better leverage existing resources to amplify your message
  • Processes for staying consistently confident

The programme included video tutorials, 8 x weekly online coaching calls in a small group setting and 7 x weekly accountability/’work along with me’ sessions.

Georgina was very keen to learn and was a committed student of the programme. She worked hard throughout and I loved that she made time to put everything she was learning into practice.

The Content Confidence Accelerator

The result

After completing the Content Confidence Accelerator programme, in just 8 weeks Georgina’s approach to marketing was transformed!

Having come to understand how content can play such an important and strategic role in her marketing, she’s now prioritising it, has a strategy as well as a plan to follow. This has helped to make marketing easier for her and it is now no longer something that she dreads.

She was also so inspired mid-programme, she decided to develop a brand new website! She enhanced the website copy to more clearly position herself and articulate how she helps her clients, and she’s populated it with many new blog articles that are helpful and reassuring to her potential clients.

Her approach to content had changed radically in just a couple of months!

It’s great to see Georgina now regularly creating blog, social media and email marketing content, and to see her confidence grow as she implements strategies and tactics that were introduced to her during the Content Confidence Accelerator programme.

She’s doing so well! She’s been experiencing better results in terms of engagement from her social followers and attracting more enquiries and sales than before – a brilliant outcome after lockdown which was, naturally, a very challenging year for her!

Testimonial from Georgina of Georgina Edwards Photography

“The Content Confidence Accelerator is a brilliant programme! I’ve absolutely loved it!

Now, having finished the programme, I feel super confident and prepared to head into the future with the ammunition I need to make my business work! Marketing no longer feels like a chore!

It’s an amazing feeling to know that that I can now take what I’ve learnt from Zoe and market my business more effectively and knowledgeably into the future.

I now realise that with a strategy, marketing CAN be really rewarding! I finally understand what I can do to attract my ideal clients. I feel much more positive and like I have really got to grips with what I need to do going forward to make my marketing work.

Overall, the programme exceeded my expectations and has left me with everything that Zoe said I would gain from it – the confidence (and more)!

It was fabulous working with Zoe. Her friendly and welcoming approach has been so welcome, and I am actually sad that it’s over!

The eight weekly training modules were structured in a way that was manageable and the content was fascinating! Even the modules where I struggled a bit, Zoe’s clear explanations and guidance made it easy to get to grips with.

I also really enjoyed the weekly group coaching sessions and the opportunity to be on this journey with other photographers.

I highly recommend the Content Confidence Accelerator programme to any photographer who is struggling with their marketing. It could just be the breakthrough you need!”

Join the programme!

Like Georgina, other photographers have participated in the programme with great results, including Giles Christopher Photography and Celf Calon Photography.

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