Do you need help creating a blog content plan sorted for your photography business? If so, I can help. This is the work I love to do!

I help photographers to plan and create engaging marketing content

One of my core services (besides sourcing free media publicity opportunities) involves helping my photography clients to plan, create and promote blog content that helps them to market their business.

Photographers like you can hire me and I can then literally take away all the hassle involved in having to plan content and write blogs. This means that you can focus on other aspects of your photography business and spend more of your time doing the creative work you love.

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Is it time to outsource content planning?

Blogging presents huge opportunities for your photography business, but staring at a blank screen and not feeling confident about the blog content you create is not fun. Plus, if not done well, your blogs may not actually be helping attract potential clients and generate enquiries and sales anyway.

I specialise in helping professional photographers do this important work. So, if this is something you are struggling with, I have a solution for you.

Introducing my ‘Content Planning Kickstarter’

My ‘Content Planning Kickstarter’ (£249) is my content planning service that’s been designed for photographers who want help with creating a six-month marketing content plan.

It’s a middle ground between the 60-minute one-off consultancy ‘Clinics’ that I offer (£100) and my fully bespoke 1-2-1 done-for-you PR and content marketing consultancy.

As a stand-alone service, there is no on-going commitment if you book a Content Planning Kickstarter which makes it ideal if you’re keen to DIY your content as much as possible. But if you’d also be interested in outsourcing blog writing too, that’s also an option (Please contact me for more details about my consultancy support packages).

My Content Planning Kickstarter is the only service I provide which involves a combination of consultancy and ‘done-for-you’ support, and it’s currently one of the most affordable ways to work with me 1-2-1.

Why outsource your photography content planning?

Let’s face it, you can buy beautifully designed content planners, read all the how-to articles or watch free tutorials about content planning all day long. But if you don’t feel passionate about this part of your business or don’t have or take the time to implement what you learn, then there’s a big risk that you’ll procrastinate on this and won’t ever get round to creating a content plan or blogging regularly.

As you may already know from experience, without a plan it’s harder to develop a habit of consistently creating content to promote your photography business since you don’t know what to create and when.

So, if you feel that you are fully-sold on the importance of creating more regular content but are just struggling to get started, then outsourcing this to me could be the ‘kick-start’ you need to get going.

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Is a ‘Content Planning Kickstarter’ right for you?

My Content Planning Kickstarter service is an ideal solution if you’re keen to DIY your marketing content but need a strategic plan to follow. It’s a bespoke blog content planning service specifically for professional photographers.

Have you experienced these common blogging challenges?

If you’ve ever struggled with your photography blog, chances are that you’ll be familiar with some of these common blogging challenges. If so, perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing?

1. You don’t have the time to blog

Yes, I know, content creation takes time! Blogging can literally take hours, and not everyone has the time or the patience for that! There are only so many hours in each day and your to-do list extends far beyond blogging for your business.

2. Blogging doesn’t play to your strengths

You might also feel that you are not good at blogging or that you don’t know enough about blogging to do it well. (If only I had a pound for every time a photographer told me they can’t write!).

If that’s the case, there’s no problem in admitting that! Even though I believe everyone is capable of writing a blog, I realise that consistently creating blogs isn’t something that all people find easy.

How to promote your blog

3. You’re unsure how to optimise your blogs for search engines

Blogging isn’t just about the writing side of things either. There’s also the issue of SEO and the need to optimise your blog for search engines so that it gets found when people search relevant keywords and phrases into Google.

If you know only the very basics of SEO copywriting, then you’ll probably struggle to get your blog articles ranking well. I help my photography clients to boost their rankings in search engines so that their content gets found more easily and by more people.

4. You’re not promoting your content

You also need to share your blog content on other channels (for example, on social media and via email) to get it seen. Slicing and dicing it up in creative ways is another way to leverage the potential of each blog. You’ll have probably heard about the benefits of repurposing content, but perhaps don’t know where to start?

These and other common blogging challenges could be holding you back, and if so, it could prove far more time- and cost-efficient to outsource blog planning and blog writing to someone who truly loves to do this work (me!) rather than to struggle on alone.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Content Planning Kickstarter

How does it work?

A Content Planning Kickstarter session is exactly that – a kickstart to sorting a content plan for your photography business.

  1. You can easily pay for and schedule in your Content Planning Kickstarter session online by selecting a time slot from the available options in my calendar here.
  2. Once you’ve booked and paid, I’ll send you a questionnaire for you to complete and return back to me ahead of the call (please send back at least 48 hours prior)
  3. Then, I’ll contact you at the agreed time and we’ll have a 60-minute strategy call. (I use Zoom and a recording will be supplied to you afterwards).
  4. After that, I’ll develop a content plan for you and will send you the document (PDF) by email within seven days. You’ll then have a content plan to follow and will be able to get started creating your content, safe in the knowledge that you have a content plan sorted for the six months ahead.
  5. Should you need any further support with content creation or content planning for the remainder of the year, I would be pleased to help! I offer on-going content support packages.

So, when you book a Content Kickstarter session, you’ll get…

  • A blog strategy call with me for up to 60-minutes
  • A bespoke content plan for your photography business mapped out with suggested content ideas – enough for the next six months. Think of it as a schedule of content ideas that are strategically focused, with content titles mapped out month by month for you to refer back to.
  • Keyword research is done for you to identify multiple keyword phrases to include in each of the 24 blog ideas I’ll suggest
  • Compelling headline suggestions for you to choose from for each of the blog post ideas

You’ll benefit from…

  • personalised help and guidance with your content planning
  • much-needed clarity and focus on what marketing content to create to promote your photography business
  • content ideas – we’ll brainstorm together and identify gaps and opportunities in your existing content – based on what we discuss as being the sales and marketing priorities in your business and your ideal client profile.
  • recommendations of tips and tools to make content creation quicker and easier
  • expert guidance on how to write, format and repurpose your blog content for maximum impact
  • and, the expert help you need to feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm for marketing your photography business!

With a content plan, you’ll know what content to produce each month so there will be no more panic-posting or those blank starting-at-the-screen moments. (NB, Content ideas will be presented as suggested/working titles. No content creation is included in the package).

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I have a podcast/YouTube channel rather than a blog. Is a Content Planning Kickstarter still relevant to me?

Yes, whether your main content channel is your blog, YouTube channel or podcast, a Content Planning Kickstarter session is suitable to you.

Please note, the plan is only for ONE channel – a blog or a podcast, for example. If you’d like a plan for multiple content channels then please let me know in advance and I can quote accordingly.

How many content ideas will you give me?

With knowledge of your business goals, your services and your ideal client profile, blog ideas will not be in short supply! I will develop plenty of content ideas for you but, at the minimum, enough to fill a six-month content calendar based on up to four main pieces of content per month (i.e. 24 content ideas).

If you create content less frequently – perhaps fortnightly or monthly – then you’ll have plenty of ideas included in the plan to use in future months.

How to get the most from your Content Kickstarter session

  1. Use our time together wisely

Other than the 60-minute consultancy call, there is no further phone or email support included in the Content Kickstarter package, unless you choose to upgrade your package. So, consider in advance what it is that you’re unsure about in relation to content planning, and ask away during the call.

  1. Come prepared

Also, come prepared with an understanding of what services or products you will be promoting in the next six months as this will be critical to the development of the content plan. Your content plan should always reflect your sales and marketing objectives rather than just be a list of content ideas that are not strategically linked to the services and products that you want to sell.

  1. Be open to new ideas

The whole point of hiring me to help you with your content plan is to do things differently, so be open to new content ideas. I won’t be recommending that you blog only about your recent photo sessions and may well suggest things that you haven’t ever done or have even considered doing before.

The content ideas I will be proposing will be based on a content marketing approach that puts the customer first. The ideas I suggest will be centred around providing value to your target audience, and using content to educate, inform and inspire your readers/listeners.

  1. Be prepared to be flexible and to implement the plan!

I’ll propose a six-month content plan for you, but things may need to change. The content plan I will create is intended to be a flexible, working document and is not something to be considered set in stone. It’s a suggested content plan and is intended to help rid you of the paralysis that you are currently feeling about content creation.

The tips and advice I share will be focused on helping you create content more regularly and with a more strategic focus than ever before, but it’ll be down to you to implement the plan (unless you choose to outsource blog writing to me) and make the most of it once you have it.

Due to the bespoke nature of the work involved, no refunds will be given for any reason.

Book your Content Planning Kickstarter today!

If you’re interested in getting your content plan created so you can finally stop procrastinating and get creating compelling content to promote your photography business, book yours today. Should you have any questions about the service, please just get in touch.